Saturday, December 03, 2011

Some interesting talks from Camelone, Eurocon, HadoopWorld, distributed joins and more

Apache Camel, if you haven't used or even heard about this lovely little integration framework then I highly recommend watching this video by one of its founders. It's best described as a mini-ESB, an implementation of the Enterprise Application Integration Patterns (EAI) with API/programmatic access, a zillion connectors and a delight to use.

Also worth watching is the EAI intro video by Gregor Hohpe at Camelone 2011.

Some interesting HadoopWorld 2011 slides:

 Apache Eurocon 2011 slides, worth reading - Lucene at Twitter.
Joins - the Achilles heel of NoSql, distributed systems. Possible, but difficult and not always feasible. Yet, several solutions are available being offered in addition to the big data warehouse vendors and do-it-yourselfers.
More lessons on IO - Disk I/O abstraction layer X-rays.

You thought System.nanoTime() was fast than using System.currentTimeMills() for profiling? Well.. it's all relative.

The old JCache API seems to have been revived - JSR107: The new Caching Standard. It's also going to be a part of the next JEE spec. More signs of commoditization - a good sign of progress.

Until next time!