Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022 tech reading

Hi there, Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)! Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to HackerNews, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit - my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ann,cloudFluent Bit V2.0: Unifying Open Standards For Logs, Metrics & Traces - Eduardo Silva & Anurag Gupta - YouTube
ann,k8s,javaEclipse JKube 1.10.0 is now available! - Marc Nuri
ci-cd500,000 files and counting - Git tooling for monorepos at Canva - Git Merge 2022 - YouTube
ci-cdDynamically Testing Individual Microservice Releases In Production - Matt Turner, Tetrate - YouTube
ci-cdExperimenting with CUE and Carvel to Enable GitOps for Your... - Dmitriy Kalinin & Shatarupa Nandi - YouTube
ci-cdHow Lyft Used Envoy to Rethink Microservice Development - Matt Grossman, Lyft - YouTube
cloudCloudEvents And Beyond! - Doug Davis, Microsoft - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS IAM Roles, a tale of unnecessary complexity |
cloud,securityAWS Permission Boundaries for Dummies | FireMon
cloud,securityGeorge Kurtz, CrowdStrike | CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2022 - YouTube
data"Disaster Recovery Options running Apache Kafka in Kubernetes" by Geetha Anne (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
data"KalDB: A cloud native log search platform" by Suman Karumuri (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
dataReducing memory usage in Dask workloads by 80%
dataSQLite: Past, Present, and Future
dataStreaming Graphs, Because We Can't Afford to Query Any More - Ryan Wright, thatDot - YouTube
golang,systemGopherCon 2022: Madhav Jivrajani - Control Theory and Concurrent Garbage Collection Deep Dive - YouTube
inspireWhat makes a “good college” – and why it matters | Cecilia M. Orphan | TEDxMileHigh - YouTube
javaAfraid of Java cold starts in Serverless? Fear not, Java is super fast! - YouTube
javaClean Code with Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching by José Paumard - YouTube
javaDissecting Memory Sessions
javaEvolving JUnit 5 - Speaker Deck
javaFast and Simple SPSC Queue
javaGame of Loom: implementation patterns and performance implications playing with virtual threads - YouTube
javaGenerational Shenandoah: Better latency with smaller heaps by Kelvin Nilsen - YouTube
javaGraphQL for Java Developers | Kito Mann (EN) - YouTube
javaHelidon Nima - Loom based microservices framework - YouTube
javaHelidon – your next microservices framework± | Dmitry Alexandrov (EN) - YouTube
javaHow to write greener Java applications
javaImproving Developer Productivity at Disney with Serverless and Open Source | AWS Open Source Blog
javaInside Java | JavaOne 2022 Technical Keynote - YouTube
javaIntelliJ IDEA Conf 2022 | JavaFX for Mobile Development - YouTube
javaJava 17 to 20 Pattern Matching Full tutorial with Records, Instanceof and Switch - JEP Café #14 - YouTube
javaJava is Very Fast, If You Don't Create Too Many Objects - YouTube
javaMicroProfile: Current and Future - YouTube
javaOptimizing Java Workloads for Containers | Sundaresan & Stoodley (EN) - YouTube
javaStreamlining large scale Java development using Error Prone by Sander Mak - YouTube
javaThe Next Frontier in Open Source Java Compilers: Just-In-Time Compilation as a Service - YouTube
javaThe Secret Life of Maven central - YouTube
javaThe State of OpenTelemetry for Java Developers by Philipp Krenn - YouTube
java,k8sSecrets of Performance Tuning Java on Kubernetes by Bruno Borges - YouTube
java,k8sdekorateio/dekorate: Tools for generating Kubernetes related manifests.
java,rustBase64 Encoding Performance: Java vs Rust | by Dmitry Komanov | Oct, 2022 | Medium
java,systemA fairy tale of zlib/zip compression in OpenJDK - YouTube
java,systemSeeing through hardware counters: a journey to threefold performance increase | by Netflix Technology Blog | Nov, 2022 | Netflix TechBlog
java,systemongoing by Tim Bray · Hello, Ruler
java,wasmThe JVM Meets WASI: Writing Cloud-Friendly Wasm Apps Using Java and Friends - Joel Dice - YouTube
jvmFrom zero to 10 million lines of Kotlin - Engineering at Meta
k8s73,000 Pods a Day, Lessons From Misadventures In Multi-Tenant - Shane Corbett & Wil Reed - YouTube
k8sBeyond Kubebuilder - Generating Entire Kubernetes Controller Implementat... Amine Hilaly & Jay Pipes - YouTube
k8sChaos Engineering For Hybrid Targets With LitmusChaos - Uma Mukkara, Karthik S & Prithvi Raj - YouTube
k8sCilium Updates, News And Roadmap- Thomas Graf, Bill Mulligan Liz Rice, Purvi Desai, Chandan Aggarwal - YouTube
k8sGateway API: Building a k8s API with CRDs - YouTube
k8sI have a plan! Exploring the OPA Intermediate Representation (IR) format | by Anders Eknert | Oct, 2022 | Open Policy Agent
k8sOPA - Peter O'Neill, Styra - YouTube
k8sTurn Me On With Cloud-Native Feature Flags! - Alex Jones, Canonical - YouTube
k8sUsing Prometheus to Avoid Disasters with Kubernetes CPU Limits | Containers
k8s,cloudKubernetes to Cloud Attack Vectors: Demos Inside - Danny Hershko Shemesh & Alon Schindel, Wiz - YouTube
perfCloud Performance Root Cause Analysis at Netflix • Brendan Gregg • YOW! 2018 - YouTube
python20% Faster Python with a Single GC Tweak • Michael Kennedy
rpcFeature Work In GRPC; XDS And Not - Eric Anderson & Kevin Nilson, Google - YouTube
rustConfessions of a Rusty Java developer by Alex Snaps - YouTube
rustRust Easy! Modern Cross-platform Command Line Tools to Supercharge Your Terminal | Technorage
securityComparing Semgrep and CodeQL · Doyensec's Blog
securityRestructuring the Kubernetes Threat Matrix and Evaluating Attack Detection by Falco | Mercari Engineering
system"Hodor: Detecting and Addressing Overload in LinkedIn Microservices" by Bryan Barkley - YouTube
system"Resillient Microservices without the Chaos" by Christopher Meiklejohn (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
systemGit Internals: a Database Perspective - Git Merge 2022 - YouTube
system,dataLessons learned from 10 years of DynamoDB - Amazon Science
wasmBring Your Own Bytecode to the Logging Party - Guba Sándor & Dudas Adam, Cisco - YouTube

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Fall 2022 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to HackerNews, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit - my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
businessLive from SaaStr Annual 2022: Founder Confidential with HubSpot's Founders and SaaStr's CEO - YouTube
ci-cd,java,k8sFrom PR to Artifactory in 60 Secs! Adobe Service Runtime Java Libraries Release Pi... Anirudh Mathad - YouTube
ci-cd,k8sArgo Rollouts at Scale: How We Brought Automated Rollback to 2100+ Micro-serv... Joseph Pallamidessi - YouTube
ci-cd,k8sHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger Pipelines @ Adobe - Larisa Andreea Danaila & Ionut Maxim Margelatu - YouTube
ci-cd,k8sLarge Scale Batch Processing with Argo Work... Rakesh Subramanian Suresh & Saravanan Balasubramanian - YouTube
cloud,securityAzure Security Best practices - Part 1 - YouTube
cloud,securityThe Many Ways to Manage Access to an EC2 Instance
cloud,securityYou Need To Learn These New Cloud Security Tools Right Now! - YouTube
dataA Database Without Dynamic Memory Allocation | TigerBeetle
dataDiving into Delta Lake 2.0 - YouTube
dataDuckDB - Querying Postgres Tables Directly From DuckDB
dataDynamic workflow orchestration with Apache Airflow and CrateDB by Marija Selakovic - YouTube
dataEvaluating Distributed Databases for Large-Scale Social Network Apps: TAO, TAO Bench, and TiDB - YouTube
dataPinot's new multi-stage query engine (Rong Rong, StarTree, Siddharth Teotia, LinkedIn) RTA Summit 22 - YouTube
dataRedpanda vs Apache Kafka: A performance comparison (2022 update)
ebpfBTFGen: one Step Closer to Truly Portable eBPF Programs -Mauricio Vásquez Bernal Rafael David Tinoco - YouTube
ebpfFalco's Discovery of the Modern eBPF World - Andrea Terzolo & Jason Dellaluce - YouTube
funNew little song: "The Re-Org Rag (I'm My Own VP)"
golangCausal's 1000x Spreadsheet; Performance beyond profiling - Angad Nadkarni - YouTube
javaA 1.5MB Java Container App? Yes you can! by Shaun Smith - YouTube
javaDatabase Hacking 101: Building fast bulk import in Java + C by Vlad Ilyushchenko - YouTube
javaFOSDEM 2022 - An Infallible Process to Fix Production Java Apps
javaGoogle's Journey from Java to Kotlin for Server Side Programming by James Ward , Brad Hawkes , John - YouTube
javaGreat Time at JavaZone 2022 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
javaHelidon Níma — Helidon on Virtual Threads | by Tomas Langer | Helidon | Sep, 2022 | Medium
javaJava 19 Overview - YouTube
javaJava Next - From Amber to Loom, from Panama to Valhalla | Nicolai Parlog (EN) - YouTube
javaJava™ 18 & 19 What's new and noteworthy? by Piotr Przybyl - YouTube
javaLightning Fast Java Application Startup Using Checkpoint/Restore with Eclipse OpenJ9 - YouTube
javaLoom in the Java Ecosystem - Inside Java Newscast #34 - YouTube
javaMoving Java Forward with Java 19 - YouTube
javaNo more Xmx! Adaptable Heap Sizing for Containerized Java Applications by Jonathan Joo - YouTube
javaOptimizing Apache JVMs for Apache Kafka - YouTube
javaPicnic loves Error Prone: producing high-quality and consistent Java code | by Rick Ossendrijver | Oct, 2022 | Picnic Engineering
javaQuarkus Insights #101: Quarkiverse Extension Spotlight: Quarkus Loom spotlight - YouTube
javaThe Age of Virtual Threads by Ron Pressler And Alan Bateman - YouTube
javaVirtual Threads: New Foundations for High-Scale Java Applications
javaWhy don't you create your next application without a database? by Rudy De Busscher - YouTube
javaWrite You An Actor System For Great Good! with JBang, JDK 19, records, pattern matching and virtual - YouTube
javathread-ring with VThreads
java,annJavalin 5.0 stable is ready! - Javalin - A lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework
java,dataWarp 36 Java In Memory Data Processing Cluster | Markus Kett (EN) - YouTube
java,k8sBootiful Kubernetes Operators - Tiffany Jernigan & Josh Long, VMware - YouTube
java,k8sQuarkus Insights #102: Quarkiverse Extension Spotlight: Operator SDK - YouTube
java,k8sServerless Integration with Camel Quarkus by Kevin Dubois - YouTube
java,rustJava and Rust by Yishai Galatzer - YouTube
java,testFairies, Fakers and Factories: boost you tests with better test data by Jaap Coomans - YouTube
jvmIntegration test variants
jvmPlugin and Play with Kotlin by Simone de Gijt - YouTube
jvm,dataFOSDEM 2022 - Code-first process modeling and analysis with kalasim
k8s99% to 99.9% SLO: High Performance Kubernetes Control Plane at Pinterest - Pinterest Tech Stack
k8sHelm vs Kustomize: the frenemies that soothe Kubernetes by Ana Maria Mihalceanu - YouTube
k8sLet's kustomize our manifests with style! by Kevin Davin - YouTube
k8sRemove your CPU Limits | by Shon Lev-Ran | Directeam
k8s,ebpfeBPF and Cilium at Google - Purvi Desai - YouTube
k8s,security7 tools to help you secure your Kubernetes cluster by Alain Regnier - YouTube
k8s,securityKubernetes Security Guardrails - YouTube
k8s,securityThe Practice of Securing Kubernetes by Ben Hirschberg - YouTube
k8s,securitygVisor+Falco-Strengthen K8s & container security without losing visibility - YouTube
lifeAmanda Adams, CrowdStrike | CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2022 - YouTube
productivityHow I Have Time For Everything (From A Principal At Amazon) - YouTube
python"Python Performance Matters" by Emery Berger (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
securityAdam Meyers, CrowdStrike | CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2022 - YouTube
securityCyber Security Career Pathways | Marco Lancini's Blog
securityExploring Runtime Security and Forensic using eBPF - Carolina Valencia, Aqua Security - YouTube
systemDatadog on gRPC - YouTube
systemKeynote: Quorum Queues: A Retrospective | Karl Nilsson | RabbitMQ Summit 2022 - YouTube
systemgRPC Cornerstone: HTTP2… or HTTP3? by Mykyta Protsenko , Alex Borysov - YouTube
system,golangeBPF Superpowers for Go programmers - Liz Rice - YouTube
test,chaosHow did we organize our last ManoMano GameDay? | by Antoine Choimet | ManoMano Tech Team | Sep, 2022 | Medium | ManoMano Tech Team
uiModern frontends with Thymeleaf and htmx by Wim Deblauwe - YouTube

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Friday, September 09, 2022

Late Summer 2022 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ann,jvmGradle 7.5 Release Highlights - YouTube
cloud,dataBeam Summit 2022 - Palo Alto Network's massive-scale deployment of Beam - YouTube
cloud,security"Access Undenied: Automatically discovering reasons for Access Denied messages in IAM" - Noam Dahan - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS re:Inforce 2022 - AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) deep dive (IAM301) - YouTube
cloud,securityAbusing the Replicator: Silently Exfiltrating Data with the AWS S3 Replication Service - Kat Traxler - YouTube
cloud,securityCloud lateral movement: Breaking in through a vulnerable container | Sysdig
cloud,securityIncident Response in AWS - Chris Farris
cloud,securityLeveraging Azure Resource Graph for Good and for Evil - Darwin Salazar - YouTube
cloud,securityStop Guessing and Start Proving: Demystifying AWS Zelkova - Kaushik Devireddy - YouTube
cloud,securityThe True Power of AWS Tags - Yoav Yanilov & Itamar Bareket - YouTube
dataBeam Summit 2022 - Beam as a High-Performance Compute Grid - YouTube
dataBeam Summit 2022 - From script slums to beam skyscrapers - YouTube
dataCassandra-backed Streaming Graph with Quine | Apache Cassandra World Party 2022 - YouTube
dataClient Optimization: How Tencent Maintains Apache Pulsar Clusters with over 100 Billion Messages Daily - StreamNative
dataETL Extract Trino Load A Case for Trino as a Batch Processing Engine - YouTube
dataGit for Data Lakes—How lakeFS Scales Data Versioning to Billions of Objects - YouTube
dataIntroducing a Query Acceleration Path for Analytics in SQLite3 - YouTube
dataNotes on the SQLite DuckDB paper
dataTrino, the Swiss Army Knife for the Analytics Platform - YouTube
data,annWhere's this journey taking us, What's next for Cassandra… | Apache Cassandra World Party 2022 - YouTube
funChelsea Troy — A Framework for Addressing Technical Debt - YouTube
fun,systemRubyConf 2021 - Some Assembly Required by Aaron Patterson - YouTube
javaConcurrent Marking in G1
javaData-Oriented Programming - Inside Java Newscast #29 - YouTube
javaJava 19 in Action - Inside Java Newscast #33 - YouTube
javaJava 8 to 18: Most important changes in the Java Platform - YouTube
javaLocal Class Improvements - YouTube
javaPanama: Not-so-Foreign Memory. Using MemorySegment as a high-performance ByteBuffer replacement.
javaPerformance Tuning of the Hazelcast SQL Engine | Hazelcast
jvmGroovy: Solving cryptarithmetic puzzles with Groovy and constraint programming using Choco, JaCoP, and OR-Tools
jvm,annHelidon 3.0 is released. After two years of development, the… | by Dmitry Kornilov | Helidon | Jul, 2022 | Medium
jvm,annMicronaut Framework 3.6.0 Released! - Micronaut Framework
jvm,ann,dataTrino | A decade of query engine innovation
k8sGetting Started With Ephemeral Containers MetalBear
k8s,annKubernetes v1.25: Combiner | Kubernetes
k8s,funKubernetes - Seinfeld
lifeA space industry expert on how women are discouraged from pursuing STEM
lifeRubyConf 2021 - Reframing Shame & Embracing Mistakes by Jameson Hampton - YouTube
securityApidays Apisecure 2022 - Top 10 API Vulnerabilities found In The Wild By Sella Rafaeli. - YouTube
securityApidays HongKong 2022 - Attack API Architecture By Alvin Tam. - YouTube
securityApidays HongKong 2022 - Offensive API Penetration Testing By Sunny Singh. - YouTube
securityApidays HongKong 2022 - The truth about anomaly detection in API security by Rob Dickinson. - YouTube
securityApidays NewYork 2022 - Sherlock Holmes and the Cryptic Case of API Security By Brenton House. - YouTube
securityBSidesSF 2020 - Graph Based Detection and Response with Grapl (Colin O'Brien) - YouTube
security,cloudA Tacky Graph and Listless Defenders: Looking Beneath the Attack Surface - Jasmine Henry - YouTube
security,cloudAWS re:Inforce 2022 - Using graphs for security operations insights (sponsored by Wiz) (DEM224-S) - YouTube
security,cloudDismantling the Beast: Formally Proving Access at Scale in AWS - Nick Jones & Mohit Gupta - YouTube
security,cloudEverything you never wanted to know about flow logs - Daniel Wyleczuk-Stern - YouTube
systemHow we clone a running VM in 2 seconds - CodeSandbox Blog
systemServing Netflix Video Traffic at 400Gb/s and Beyond

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Saturday, August 06, 2022

Summer 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
architecture[VDBUH22] Philipp Krenn - The State of OpenTelemetry - YouTube
dataAlessandro Benedetti – Neural Search Comes to Apache Solr: Approximate Nearest Neighbor, BERT & more - YouTube
dataAmrit Sarkar – Kafka Monitoring: What Matters! - YouTube
dataBPF origin story and the future of telemetry analytics - YouTube
dataBuilding web-scale observability at Slack, Pinterest & Twitter - YouTube
dataCitus 11: A look at the Elicorn's Horn | Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2022 - YouTube
dataETL - Extract Trino Load - A Case for Trino as a Batch Processing Engine - YouTube
dataFast results using Iceberg and Trino - YouTube
dataHakan Lofcali – Cloud-native ETL with Java Quarkus, Kubernetes, and Jib Container Builder - YouTube
dataJo Kristian Bergum – AI-powered Semantic Search; A story of broken promises? - YouTube
dataLet's Optimize Relational Database Access | foojay
dataNon-relational Postgres - Bruce Momjian | Percona Live 2022 - YouTube
dataPetros Angelatos – Change data capture with Debezium…and without - YouTube
dataRadical Speed on the Lakehouse: Photon Under the Hood - YouTube
dataRethinking Orchestration as Reconciliation: Software-Defined Assets in Dagster - YouTube
dataRichard Goodman – Using Solr unconventionally to serve 26bn+ documents - YouTube
dataSF Big Analytics_20220505: How can StarRocks outperform ClickHouse, Apache Druid and Trino - YouTube
dataSFBigAnalytics_20220607: Zookeeper vs Raft: Stateful Distributed Coordination with High Availability - YouTube
dataScaling AI Workloads with the Ray Ecosystem - YouTube
dataSnap: Developing Faster, Cheaper, and Highly Scalable Solutions at Scale - YouTube
dataState of Trino 2021 - YouTube
dataTimo Walther – Changelog Stream Processing with Apache Flink - YouTube
dataTrino at LinkedIn - YouTube
dataUmesh Dangat – NrtSearch: Yelp’s fast, scalable, and cost-effective open source search engine - YouTube
dataWho Viewed My LinkedIn Profile? Apache Pinot vs Druid & Real-Time Analytics | Kishore G., StarTree - YouTube
data,javaOpenSearch 2.0 and beyond with Eli - YouTube
data,systemBonsaiDb performance update: A deep-dive on file synchronization
data,systemDurability and Redo Logging
ebpf,systemMonitoring Kafka without instrumentation with eBPF - Antón Rodríguez - YouTube
fun"With" for records -- Brian Goetz : java
funBreaking Analysis: Tech Spending Intentions are Holding Despite Macro Concerns - YouTube
fun[VDBUH22] Nathaniel Schutta - Fallacies of Software Development - YouTube
fun,systemHow socat and UNIX Pipes Can Help Data Integration - YouTube
javaHearts of Darkness: A Spring DevOps Apocalypse by Joris Kuipers @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaJava Asynchronous Programming Full Tutorial with Loom and Structured Concurrency - JEP Café #13 - YouTube
javaJobRunr - Easy Distributed Job Scheduling by Ronald Dehuysser @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaLaunching 10 millions virtual threads with Loom - JEP Café #12 - YouTube
javaMajor migrations made easy by Tim te Beek @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaProject Panama for Newbies (Part 1) | Foojay Today
javaSpring Cloud Gateway: Resilience, Security, and Observability by Thomas Vitale @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
java[VDBUH22] Ixchel Ruiz - Releasing Fast, Easy and Consistently - YouTube
java,k8sBootiful Kubernetes Operators by Cora Iberkleid and Josh Long @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
java,k8sCloud Tool Time - Eclipse Che and DevWorkspace Engine - YouTube
java,k8sFabric8 Kubernetes Client 6.0.0-RC1 is now available! - Marc Nuri
java,k8sSprint 218 - Fabric8 Kubernetes Client JUnit 5 Extension - YouTube
java,langComparing Native Java REST API Frameworks - YouTube
java,systemArtificial Intelligence planning with OptaPlanner | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
java,systemSIMD accelerated sorting in Java - how it works and why it was 3x faster · James Baker
java,systemUwe Schindler – The future of Lucene's MMapDirectory: Why use it & what's coming with Java19 & later - YouTube
java,uiModern frontends using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf with htmx by Wim Deblauwe @ Spring I/O - YouTube
java,uiQuinoa: A modern Quarkus UI with no hassles | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
jvmImprove performance of floating-point number parsing (Schubfach) · Issue #577 · FasterXML/jackson-core
jvmJava at Speed - YouTube
jvm,langLoom and Thread Fairness - Gunnar Morling
jvm,langProperty-based testing in Kotlin and Java with jqwik - YouTube
jvm,langRoman Kennke — Project Lilliput: Shrinking object headers in the Hotspot JVM - YouTube
jvm,langThe Diabolical Developer's Guide to JVM Ergonomics in Containers by Martijn Verburg - YouTube
jvm,langThe future of Java | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
k8sExtending applications on Kubernetes with multi-container pods
k8sNoaa Barki – What we learned from reading 100+ Kubernetes Post-Mortems - YouTube
k8sObserving Fastly’s Network at Scale Thanks to K8s and the Stri... Fernando Crespo & Daniel Caballero - YouTube
k8sThe CRDs that Broke the Camel's Back - Alper Rifat Ulucinar, Upbound - YouTube
k8s,jvmFantastic Java Apps and how to kubify them with Dekorate | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
k8s,securityHow to Improve the Security of Your Applications with Kubernetes Security Scanners | by Que Sengmany | Medium
k8s,securityKomrade: an Open-Source Security Chaos Engineering (SCE) Tool for... Aaron Rinehart & Matas Kulkovas - YouTube
k8s,securityPolicyReport CRD: Manage Admission Control, Runtime, and Scan Reports! - YouTube
k8s,securitySecure access to GKE workloads with Workload Identity - YouTube
k8s,securityThreat Hunting at Scale: Auditing Thousands of Clusters With Falco + F... Furkan Türkal & Emin Aktaş - YouTube
k8s,securityThreat Modelling Kubernetes: A Lightspeed Introduction - Lewis Denham-Parry, Control Plane - YouTube
lang,jvmIntegrating Loom in Quarkus | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
lang,jvmJava on CRaC: Superfast JVM Application Startup by Simon Ritter - YouTube
lang,jvmJulien Ponge — "Simply reactive" with Vert.x, Mutiny, Hibernate Reactive and Quarkus - YouTube
lang,jvmMoving to Java 17 in production by Andrzej Grzesik - YouTube
lang,jvmTake a walk on the client side | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
security5 Open Source Security Tools All Developers Should Know About - Ran Regenstreif, Jit - YouTube
securityFalco to Pluginfinity and Beyond - Leonardo Grasso & Jason Dellaluce, Sysdig - YouTube
securitySLSA • SBOM + SLSA: Accelerating SBOM success with the help of SLSA
securitySteve Poole — Practical steps for creating safer software (Code included) - YouTube
securityThomas Fricke – Optimizing Containers for Security and Scaling - YouTube
securityVault Updates & Future Direction [Abridged] 2022 - YouTube
security,cloudAzure Security Fundamentals - Level 200 - YouTube
security,jvmImplement defence in depth for your Java API:s by Tobias Ahnoff and Erica Löfström - YouTube
security,k8sHarbor, Cosign, and Kyverno for Software Supply Chain Security in Kubernetes | nirmata
sreHow to sleep better at night and survive on-call with Robusta Automations by Natan Yellin - YouTube
systemDragonfly Cache Design · These are the wrong sort of bees
systemHow fast are Linux pipes anyway?
systemLinux Kernel vs DPDK: HTTP Performance Showdown |
systemNomad: Past, Present, and Future - YouTube
systemSave by using Anything Other than a NAT Gateway
system,jvmTuning Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform for Graviton2 using Amazon Corretto | AWS Developer Tools Blog
test,chaosBPMN meets Chaos Engineering | Zeebe Chaos
wasm,systemMD DevDays: WebAssembly, the container killer? - YouTube

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Late Spring 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
dataComparison of Data Lake Table Formats (Iceberg, Hudi and Delta Lake) | Dremio
dataData modeling, the secret sauce of building & managing a large scale data warehouse | Citus Con 2022 - YouTube
dataKeynote: Trino as Data Lakehouse - YouTube
dataKubeflow for Machine Learning • Holden Karau & Adi Polak • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
dataQuery Optimization and Acceleration at Dremio (Steven Phillips + Vivekanand Vellanki) - YouTube
dataQuestDB: Fast Open Source Time Series Database (Vlad Ilyushchenko) - YouTube
dataVelox: An Open-source Unified Execution Engine (Deepak Majeti) - YouTube
dataWebex: Real-Time Observability & Analytics with Apache Pinot (Hosted by StarTree) - YouTube
data,systemQueues in PostgreSQL | Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2022 - YouTube
data,systemYellowbrick: An Elastic Data Warehouse on Kubernetes (Mark Cusack) - YouTube
funWhat to focus on during a code review?
funA list of new(ish) command line tools
funArista's Software Quality Journey with Ken Duda - YouTube
funMonorepo Explained
funTwilio's Jeff Lawson on Building Software with Superpowers - YouTube
funWorkday's Aneel Bhusri on Engineering Values - YouTube
fun,systemServiceMesh evolution towards Sidecarless with eBPF / Twitter
gitopsPrometheus Data analysis and Event Notifications for Progressive Delivery - Ravi Hari, Intuit - YouTube
golang,systemContinuous Go Profiling & Observability - YouTube
javaBayesian Optimization and Java Performance in Kubernetes - YouTube
java,langGo's Concurrency Examples in Java 19
java,securitySecurity Since Java 8 - YouTube
jvm,lang1,000,000 Concurrent Connections
jvm,lang2022-04 DevoxxFR - The new Elasticsearch Java Client - Google Slides
jvm,lang70 Billion Events per Day – Adobe & Kotlin - YouTube
jvm,langBenchmarking Ropes: 81,000 times faster than java.lang.String - The Blog
jvm,langContinuous Performance Regression Testing with JfrUnit - YouTube
jvm,langJDK 8 to JDK 18 in Garbage Collection: 10 Releases, 2000+ Enhancements - YouTube
jvm,langJava 17: What’s new in OpenJDK's container awareness | Red Hat Developer
jvm,langJava Language Futures: Spring 2022 Edition - YouTube
jvm,langJava into Containers, A Match Made in Heaven? - YouTube
jvm,langReal world HTTP performance benchmarking, lessons learned – Julien Viet - YouTube
jvm,langThese 10 New Features Make Groovy 4.0 AWESOME! 🤯 - YouTube
k8sAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Security Explained - YouTube
k8sDebugging at Scale in Production: Deep into your Containers with kubectl debug, KoolKits and CO - YouTube
k8sEvent-driven Autoscaling on Kubernetes: Use case 2 - KEDA with Kafka - YouTube
k8sProfiling a Pod in Kubernetes with Kube-flame - YouTube
k8sSingle-node Kubernetes Clusters Using K3s with Benefits of GitOps • Lasse Højgaard • GOTO 2021 - YouTube
k8s,lambdaConnecting the World to Knative with Kamelets - Roland Huß, Red Hat - YouTube
k8s,lambdaData Processing at Scale with Knative and Benthos - Mihai Todor & Murugappan Sevugan Chetty, Box - YouTube
k8s,securityHow to Become Cloud Native Security Engineer - YouTube
k8s,securityKubeClarity : Bringing Clarity to Your Kubernetes Artifacts Security - YouTube
k8s,securityLightning Talk: What Have We Learned from Scanning Over 10K Unique Clusters with Ku... Shauli Rozen - YouTube
k8s,security[VDZ22] How to take ownership of an entire Kubernetes cluster by Jakob Beckmann - YouTube
lang,javaJIT Compilation with Graal (Journey of a Java Program) - Swapnil Gaikwad - YouTube
lang,java,datajOOQ, I am Your Father: Lukas Eder on Java, DBs, and SQL - YouTube
lang,rustRust for the Kubernetes Ecosystem - Deepu K Sasidharan - Rust Linz, April 2022 - YouTube
productivityImproving eBay's Development Velocity - YouTube
security,cloudAWS re:Invent 2020: Untangling multi-account management with ConsoleMe - YouTube
systemCilium Service Mesh - Thomas Graf, Isovalent - YouTube
systemDistributed transaction patterns for microservices compared | Red Hat Developer
systemEvaluating Graviton 2 for data-intensive applications: an Arm vs Intel comparison - Redpanda | The modern streaming data platform for (all) developers
systemLightning Talk: Clearing the confusion about eBPF and service mesh - Yuval Kohavi, - YouTube
systemScaling Kafka at Honeycomb - Honeycomb
systemThe Apache Kafka Control Plane – ZooKeeper vs. KRaft - YouTube
systemWalmart Open Source and Edge Computing - Ravi Peddinti, Walmart - YouTube
system,securityeCHO Episode 46: Security Observability with eBPF - YouTube

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Sunday, April 03, 2022

Spring 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
dataDain co-creator of Trino & Presto - YouTube
dataHash, displace, and compress: Perfect hashing with Java | andreinc
dataOpen-source Change Data Capture With Debezium (Gunnar Morling) - YouTube
dataPragmatic Event Sourcing with Pure Functions - Johan Haleby - EventSourcing 2021 - YouTube
dataReinventing Amazon Redshift (Ippokratis Pandis) - YouTube
dataThe Unbundling of Airflow
dataUsing Apache Pulsar as a Modern, Scalable, High Performing JMS Platform - YouTube
dataUsing mcrouter to make memcached highly available in Kubernetes – Flant blog
data,k8sA Tale of Two Distributed Systems: Kubernetes and YugabyteDB - YouTube
data,systemAvoiding Data Hotspots at Scale - YouTube
envThe life cycle of a t-shirt - Angel Chang - YouTube
fun11 CLI tools every developer should know | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
jvm,langJDK 18 Security Enhancements
jvm,langNew in JDK 18: Reviewing Enhancements in the Latest JDK Release - YouTube
jvm,testProperty-based testing - let your testing library work for you by Magda Stożek #FnConf 2022 - YouTube
lang,javaCloud native Java microservices with GraalVM | Oleg Šelajev (EN) - YouTube
lang,javaG1: To Infinity and Beyond - YouTube
lang,javaGet Lower Latency and Higher Throughput for Java Applications - YouTube
lang,javaHandling exceptions, the functional way | José Luis León (EN) - YouTube
lang,javaJava records & compact constructors
lang,javaThe arrival of java 18! –
lang,java,dataEvaluating Range Predicates | Richard Startin’s Blog
lang,jvmAWS SDK for Kotlin - YouTube
lang,jvmAll About JDK 18 - Inside Java Newscast #21 - YouTube
lang,jvmDifferentiable Programming in Kotlin - YouTube
lang,jvmHands-on intro to CQRS and Event Sourcing with Axon | Steven van Beelen (EN) - YouTube
lang,jvmKotlin DataFrame: Overview of Basic Operations - YouTube
lang,rustDatadog On Rust - YouTube
lang,rustRust Is Safe. But Is It Fast? - YouTube
lang,rustThings I hate about Rust, redux
lang,rustWhoops! I Rewrote It in Rust - YouTube
productLessons Learned Building a $2 Billion Company from Scratch with Neo4j CEO & Co-Founder Emil Eifrem - YouTube
securityThe 2022 API Security Checklist - YouTube
security,k8sRBAC Explained with Examples
security,k8sYour Kubernetes single-pane of glass with Kubescape - YouTube
systemA Practical Guide to Applying Data-Oriented Design
systemExtreme HTTP Performance Tuning: 1.2M API req/s on a 4 vCPU EC2 Instance - YouTube
systemScaling Apache Pulsar to 10 Petabytes/Day - YouTube

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Early 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Wish you a belated happy new year! Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

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apiRapid Application Modernization Example with Kong Konnect - KongHQ
cloud,securityAWS re:Invent 2018: Detecting Credential Compromise in AWS (SEC389) - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS re:Invent 2020: Use Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub to secure multiple accounts - YouTube
dataA Year in Flink: The most important changes of the last versions - Speaker Deck
dataApache Ignite 3.0 Alpha 3 | Overview of MAJOR New Features - YouTube
dataArchitecting Cloud-Native Microservices and APIs for Gigascale - YouTube
dataHow we built our data transformation engine with the Wasm runtime - Redpanda
dataInternal consistency in streaming systems
dataNew MinIO NVMe Benchmark: 2.6Tbps on GET and 1.6Tbps on Write
dataSnowflake & Dask - Miles Adkins, James Bourbeau, Mark Keller | PyData Global 2021 - YouTube
data,cloudObject Compaction in Cloud for High Yield | TEJAS CHOPRA (EN) - YouTube
data,systemEnabling Highly Available Trino Clusters at Goldman Sachs - Goldman Sachs Developer
golang,systemOptimizing GoAWK with a bytecode compiler and virtual machine
java,langChasing the Grail | Dmitry Chuyko (EN) - YouTube
java,langHidden gems in Java 16 and Java 17, from Stream.mapMulti to HexFormat
java,langHow we built a SIMD JIT compiler for SQL in QuestDB | QuestDB: the database for time series
java,langHow we built inter-thread messaging from scratch | QuestDB: the database for time series
java,langPeter Lawrey - Novel uses of Core Java - YouTube
java,langType You An Actor Runtime For Greater Good! (with Java 17, records, switch expressions and JBang)
java,system4K Aliasing | Richard Startin’s Blog
jvm,langFunctional programming in Kotlin with Arrow.kt - YouTube
jvm,langThe Apache Groovy programming language - Groovy 4.0 release notes
k8s,securityWebinar: K8s Audit Logging Deep Dive - YouTube
kotlin,langAre Kotlin Coroutines Enough to Replace RxJava? - JVM Advent
productBuilding a $5.6B company with a Product-led Flywheel with Postman's CEO Abhinav Asthana - YouTube
rust,langScala and Rust interoperability via JNI – Avast Engineering
rust,langWhy is my Rust build so slow?
security"Mindmap" your way into the Cloud: A framework for hunting in AWS and GCP - YouTube
securityOAuth 2.0 Hacking for Beginners with Farah Hawa - YouTube
security,k8sHacker Days: Kubernetes Goat - YouTube
systemHow does Uber scale to millions of concurrent requests? - YouTube
systemHow eBPF will solve Service Mesh - Goodbye Sidecars
systemRoblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
system,dataHTAP with Azure Cosmos DB: Hybrid Transaction & Analytical Processing (Hari Sudan S) - YouTube
uiPython Dashboarding Shootout and Showdown | PyData Global 2021 - YouTube

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