Sunday, May 22, 2022

Late Spring 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
dataComparison of Data Lake Table Formats (Iceberg, Hudi and Delta Lake) | Dremio
dataData modeling, the secret sauce of building & managing a large scale data warehouse | Citus Con 2022 - YouTube
dataKeynote: Trino as Data Lakehouse - YouTube
dataKubeflow for Machine Learning • Holden Karau & Adi Polak • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
dataQuery Optimization and Acceleration at Dremio (Steven Phillips + Vivekanand Vellanki) - YouTube
dataQuestDB: Fast Open Source Time Series Database (Vlad Ilyushchenko) - YouTube
dataVelox: An Open-source Unified Execution Engine (Deepak Majeti) - YouTube
dataWebex: Real-Time Observability & Analytics with Apache Pinot (Hosted by StarTree) - YouTube
data,systemQueues in PostgreSQL | Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2022 - YouTube
data,systemYellowbrick: An Elastic Data Warehouse on Kubernetes (Mark Cusack) - YouTube
funWhat to focus on during a code review?
funA list of new(ish) command line tools
funArista's Software Quality Journey with Ken Duda - YouTube
funMonorepo Explained
funTwilio's Jeff Lawson on Building Software with Superpowers - YouTube
funWorkday's Aneel Bhusri on Engineering Values - YouTube
fun,systemServiceMesh evolution towards Sidecarless with eBPF / Twitter
gitopsPrometheus Data analysis and Event Notifications for Progressive Delivery - Ravi Hari, Intuit - YouTube
golang,systemContinuous Go Profiling & Observability - YouTube
javaBayesian Optimization and Java Performance in Kubernetes - YouTube
java,langGo's Concurrency Examples in Java 19
java,securitySecurity Since Java 8 - YouTube
jvm,lang1,000,000 Concurrent Connections
jvm,lang2022-04 DevoxxFR - The new Elasticsearch Java Client - Google Slides
jvm,lang70 Billion Events per Day – Adobe & Kotlin - YouTube
jvm,langBenchmarking Ropes: 81,000 times faster than java.lang.String - The Blog
jvm,langContinuous Performance Regression Testing with JfrUnit - YouTube
jvm,langJDK 8 to JDK 18 in Garbage Collection: 10 Releases, 2000+ Enhancements - YouTube
jvm,langJava 17: What’s new in OpenJDK's container awareness | Red Hat Developer
jvm,langJava Language Futures: Spring 2022 Edition - YouTube
jvm,langJava into Containers, A Match Made in Heaven? - YouTube
jvm,langReal world HTTP performance benchmarking, lessons learned – Julien Viet - YouTube
jvm,langThese 10 New Features Make Groovy 4.0 AWESOME! 🤯 - YouTube
k8sAzure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Security Explained - YouTube
k8sDebugging at Scale in Production: Deep into your Containers with kubectl debug, KoolKits and CO - YouTube
k8sEvent-driven Autoscaling on Kubernetes: Use case 2 - KEDA with Kafka - YouTube
k8sProfiling a Pod in Kubernetes with Kube-flame - YouTube
k8sSingle-node Kubernetes Clusters Using K3s with Benefits of GitOps • Lasse Højgaard • GOTO 2021 - YouTube
k8s,lambdaConnecting the World to Knative with Kamelets - Roland Huß, Red Hat - YouTube
k8s,lambdaData Processing at Scale with Knative and Benthos - Mihai Todor & Murugappan Sevugan Chetty, Box - YouTube
k8s,securityHow to Become Cloud Native Security Engineer - YouTube
k8s,securityKubeClarity : Bringing Clarity to Your Kubernetes Artifacts Security - YouTube
k8s,securityLightning Talk: What Have We Learned from Scanning Over 10K Unique Clusters with Ku... Shauli Rozen - YouTube
k8s,security[VDZ22] How to take ownership of an entire Kubernetes cluster by Jakob Beckmann - YouTube
lang,javaJIT Compilation with Graal (Journey of a Java Program) - Swapnil Gaikwad - YouTube
lang,java,datajOOQ, I am Your Father: Lukas Eder on Java, DBs, and SQL - YouTube
lang,rustRust for the Kubernetes Ecosystem - Deepu K Sasidharan - Rust Linz, April 2022 - YouTube
productivityImproving eBay's Development Velocity - YouTube
security,cloudAWS re:Invent 2020: Untangling multi-account management with ConsoleMe - YouTube
systemCilium Service Mesh - Thomas Graf, Isovalent - YouTube
systemDistributed transaction patterns for microservices compared | Red Hat Developer
systemEvaluating Graviton 2 for data-intensive applications: an Arm vs Intel comparison - Redpanda | The modern streaming data platform for (all) developers
systemLightning Talk: Clearing the confusion about eBPF and service mesh - Yuval Kohavi, - YouTube
systemScaling Kafka at Honeycomb - Honeycomb
systemThe Apache Kafka Control Plane – ZooKeeper vs. KRaft - YouTube
systemWalmart Open Source and Edge Computing - Ravi Peddinti, Walmart - YouTube
system,securityeCHO Episode 46: Security Observability with eBPF - YouTube

Until next time!