Sunday, April 12, 2020

Spring 2020 tech reading

In these strange and scary times, I hope you are all staying safe, indoors. Here's some tech reading to help you take your mind off the world's suffering. As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources.

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data10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL - Rick Branson - Medium
dataApache Pulsar 101: architecture, concepts & benchmarks by Quentin Adam & Steven Le Roux - YouTube
dataClickHouse Cost-Efficiency in Action: Analyzing 500 Billion Rows on an Intel NUC — Altinity
dataDr etcd; or; How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Datastore - Nick Young, VMware - YouTube
dataEncryption at Rest in Dgraph and Badger - Dgraph Blog
dataEvent-Driven Java Applications with Redis 5.0 Streams
dataGunnar Morling — Practical change data streaming use cases with Apache Kafka and Debezium - YouTube
dataMatthew Seal: Data and ETL with Notebooks in Papermill | PyData LA 2019 - YouTube
dataNSDI '20 - Building An Elastic Query Engine on Disaggregated Storage - YouTube
dataPowering Pinterest ads analytics with Apache Druid - Pinterest Engineering Blog - Medium
dataRearchitecting CouchDB Secondary Indexes on Top of FoundationDB - Garren Smith, Red Comet Labs - YouTube
dataRunning Cassandra Cluster on Kubernetes in the Cloud presented by IBM | DataStax Accelerate 2019 - YouTube
dataSo You Want to Geo-Partition Your Data... - Deepthi Sigireddi & Jiten Vaidya, Planetscale, Inc. - YouTube
dataStatistical Aspects of Distributed Tracing | Splunk - YouTube
dataStream Processing Meetup: High-performance data replication at Salesforce with Mirus - YouTube
dataWhat does In-Sync Replicas in Apache Kafka Really Mean? - CloudKarafka, Apache Kafka Message streaming as a Service
data[Uber Seattle] When Apache Pulsar Meets Apache Flink - YouTube
funA good Hacker News comment on tech interviews.
funAn Illustrated Guide to Some Useful Command Line Tools - by Wesley Moore
funGOTO 2019 • Moving Fast At Scale • Randy Shoup - YouTube
funGOTO 2019 • Think like a Hacker • Matt Brunt - YouTube
funHow a Web Request Works, Down to the Atom - YouTube
funMy tools are going Rusty
funThe Art of Code Comments - Sarah Drasner | JSConf Hawaii 2020 - YouTube
fun,docker(20) Julia Evans on Twitter: "containers aren't magic" / Twitter
fun,leadership,managerWhat Makes Developers Unhappy - YouTube
golangamos - I want off Mr. Golang's Wild Ride
golangsimdjson-go: Parsing gigabyes of JSON per second in Go
javaA first look into ZGC
javaAndrei Pangin - Memory Footprint of a Java Process on Vimeo
javaBlackAlps 2019: Fuzzing Java Code With The Help Of JQF - Tobias Ospelt - YouTube
javaBuild Great Native CLI Apps in Java with Graalvm and Picocli
javaBuild Images with Confidence and Ease with Cloud Native Buildpacks - YouTube
javaBurr Sutter — Java scaled to zero - YouTube
javaCharlie Gracie: Current state of JVM Escape Analysis and downstream optimizations - YouTube
javaClaes Redestad: Heap Archiving - YouTube
javaCronScheduler: a reliable Java scheduler for external interactions
javaJVM Garbage Collectors Benchmarks Report 19.12 – Ionuț Baloșin
javaJava 14 Arrives with a Host of New Features | Java Magazine
javaKubernetes Native Spring apps on Quarkus by Georgios Andrianakis - YouTube
javaLocal development with Testcontainers · A guy with 'Ego' in his name
javaModern garbage collection: Part 2 - Mike’s blog
javaObservable microservices with MicroProfile OpenTracing and looking beyond to OpenTelemetry - YouTube
javaPrinciples to Handle Thousands of Connections in Java Using Netty - DZone Performance
javaQuarkus - Getting started with Reactive
javaQuarkus and Eclipse OpenJ9: Exceptional Performance across Platforms – Eclipse OpenJ9 Blog
javaRoaringBitmap Performance Tricks | Richard Startin’s Blog
javaSebastian Daschner — Striving towards more productive development workflows - YouTube
javaSmoothieMap 2: the lowest memory hash table - Roman Leventov - Medium
javaThe Cost of TLS in Java and Solutions
javaThomas Wuerthinger — Maximizing performance with GraalVM - YouTube
javaTiebreaker regarding Java HashMap, TreeNode and TieBreakOrder - Development notes by Yaroslav Yermilov
javaTricks of the Trade: Tuning JVM Memory for Large-scale Services | Uber Engineering Blog
javaTurning Dropwizard Performance up to Eleven
javaUnleashing the scripting powers of Java - @maxandersen
javaWhy libraries like Guava need more than POMs
java,k8sLessons Learned Implementing Microservices in Kubernetes
java,securityJWT: The Complete Guide to JSON Web Tokens
java,securitySecure Server-to-Server Communication with Spring Boot and OAuth 2.0 | Okta Developer
java,testingJQF: Coverage-Guided Property-Based Testing in Java - jqf-issta19.pdf
javascriptdotJS 2019 - Vladimir Agafonkin - Fast by default: algorithmic performance optimization in practice - YouTube
k8sHow Fluentd collects Kubernetes metadata
k8sPromCon EU 2019: Fun and Profit with Alertmanager - YouTube
k8sResiliency Patterns in Kubernetes - Ravi Hari & Lakshminarayanan S, Intuit - YouTube
k8sRunning kubectl Commands From Within a Pod – Thomas Stringer – Software Engineer
k8sUseful Interactive Terminal and Graphical UI Tools for Kubernetes
k8sVault '20 - Understanding Kubernetes Storage: Getting in Deep by Writing a CSI Driver - YouTube
rustConsidering Rust - YouTube
rustPolonius: Either Borrower or Lender Be, but Responsibly - Niko Matsakis - YouTube
rustRust Async and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
rustSpecs and Legion, two very different approaches to ECS
rustThe Rust Compilation Model Calamity | TiDB
rustWhy Discord is switching from Go to Rust - Discord Blog
systemAWS re:Invent 2019: Firecracker open-source innovation (OPN402) - YouTube
systemAndrew Newdigate - Dealing with Metrics at Scale at GitLab - YouTube
systemBeating Textbook Algorithms in String Search - Wix Engineering - Medium
systemBeyond Getting Started: Using OpenTelemetry to Its Full Potential - Sergey Kanzhelev & Morgan McLean - (a.k.a stuff that AppDynamics has been doing for 10+ years)
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - Building a Service Mesh at Criteo with Consul and HAProxy by Pierre Souchay - YouTube
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - HAProxy Load Balancing at Vimeo by Andrew Rodland - YouTube
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - How Built Its CDN with HAProxy by Antonin Mellier and Nicolas Besin - YouTube
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - Inside the GitHub Load Balancer with Joe Williams - YouTube
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - Inspect, Control, Report: HAProxy as the SRE's Door Man by Daniel Schneller - YouTube
systemHAProxyConf 2019 - Moving Yammer to the Cloud with Tobias Haag - YouTube
systemIs lock-free logging safe?
systemJepsen: etcd 3.4.3
systemJessica Tai - How to Tame Your Microservices: Evolving Airbnb’s Architecture - YouTube
systemKafka Needs No Keeper - YouTube
systemPromCon EU 2019: Practical Capacity Planning Using Prometheus - YouTube
systemQueues Don't Fix Overload
systemRunning Massively Parallel Deep-learning Inference Pipelines on Kub... Suneeta Mall & Martin Abeleda - YouTube
systemWhat’s New in Linkerd 2.7 - YouTube
systemdistri Unix package manager - Zürich Go Meetup - YouTube
testingFuzzFactory: Domain-Specific Fuzzing with Waypoints - YouTube
testingPact tests: how we split up the monolithic deploy by Phil Hardwick - YouTube

Until next time! Ashwin Jayaprakash.