Friday, February 18, 2022

Early 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Wish you a belated happy new year! Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
apiRapid Application Modernization Example with Kong Konnect - KongHQ
cloud,securityAWS re:Invent 2018: Detecting Credential Compromise in AWS (SEC389) - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS re:Invent 2020: Use Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub to secure multiple accounts - YouTube
dataA Year in Flink: The most important changes of the last versions - Speaker Deck
dataApache Ignite 3.0 Alpha 3 | Overview of MAJOR New Features - YouTube
dataArchitecting Cloud-Native Microservices and APIs for Gigascale - YouTube
dataHow we built our data transformation engine with the Wasm runtime - Redpanda
dataInternal consistency in streaming systems
dataNew MinIO NVMe Benchmark: 2.6Tbps on GET and 1.6Tbps on Write
dataSnowflake & Dask - Miles Adkins, James Bourbeau, Mark Keller | PyData Global 2021 - YouTube
data,cloudObject Compaction in Cloud for High Yield | TEJAS CHOPRA (EN) - YouTube
data,systemEnabling Highly Available Trino Clusters at Goldman Sachs - Goldman Sachs Developer
golang,systemOptimizing GoAWK with a bytecode compiler and virtual machine
java,langChasing the Grail | Dmitry Chuyko (EN) - YouTube
java,langHidden gems in Java 16 and Java 17, from Stream.mapMulti to HexFormat
java,langHow we built a SIMD JIT compiler for SQL in QuestDB | QuestDB: the database for time series
java,langHow we built inter-thread messaging from scratch | QuestDB: the database for time series
java,langPeter Lawrey - Novel uses of Core Java - YouTube
java,langType You An Actor Runtime For Greater Good! (with Java 17, records, switch expressions and JBang)
java,system4K Aliasing | Richard Startin’s Blog
jvm,langFunctional programming in Kotlin with Arrow.kt - YouTube
jvm,langThe Apache Groovy programming language - Groovy 4.0 release notes
k8s,securityWebinar: K8s Audit Logging Deep Dive - YouTube
kotlin,langAre Kotlin Coroutines Enough to Replace RxJava? - JVM Advent
productBuilding a $5.6B company with a Product-led Flywheel with Postman's CEO Abhinav Asthana - YouTube
rust,langScala and Rust interoperability via JNI – Avast Engineering
rust,langWhy is my Rust build so slow?
security"Mindmap" your way into the Cloud: A framework for hunting in AWS and GCP - YouTube
securityOAuth 2.0 Hacking for Beginners with Farah Hawa - YouTube
security,k8sHacker Days: Kubernetes Goat - YouTube
systemHow does Uber scale to millions of concurrent requests? - YouTube
systemHow eBPF will solve Service Mesh - Goodbye Sidecars
systemRoblox Return to Service 10/28-10/31 2021 - Roblox Blog
system,dataHTAP with Azure Cosmos DB: Hybrid Transaction & Analytical Processing (Hari Sudan S) - YouTube
uiPython Dashboarding Shootout and Showdown | PyData Global 2021 - YouTube

Until next time!