Saturday, July 17, 2021

Summer 2021 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
cloudCloud Report | AWS Performance | Azure Performance | GCP Performance - YouTube
cloudCommon failure modes for Kubernetes across cloud providers
containerCompiling Containers - Dockerfiles, LLVM and BuildKit - Docker Blog
dataDistributed Tests on Pulsar with Fallout - Pulsar Summit NA 2021 - YouTube
dataHow to implement a database job queue using SKIP LOCKED | Vlad Mihalcea
dataJim Tommaney - Databricks - DuckDB: Embedded Analytics with Parallel/Vector/Columnar Performance - YouTube
dataKafka Connect Build: Declarative management of connector plugins in Kafka Connect - YouTube
dataVladimir Ozerov - Querify Labs - Building Cost-Based Query Optimizers With Apache Calcite - YouTube
fun,langA poor Java developer between a Kotlin fan and a Scala one
k8sDid we market Knative wrong?
k8sSponsored Session: Mirantis - Introducing K0s 0.13 and kosctl - YouTube
kotlin,langHow we use Kotlin for backend services at Zalando
langCameron Purdy Explains Ecstasy - A New Cloud Native Environment
langJava 17: Features and Development - Inside Java Newscast #6 - YouTube
langNetworking i/o with virtual threads - under the hood –
lang,javaBlockHound: how it works
lang,javaMemory Tuning a High Throughput Microservice | by Viswanath Kuchibhotla | Jun, 2021 | Flipkart Tech Blog
lang,javaReactive isn't Complicated with Vert.x and the new Mutiny APIs - YouTube
lang,java,dataSven Ruppert — Hidden pearls for high-performance-persistence in Java - YouTube
lang,java,k8sPatch Kubernetes resources in Java using Fabric8 Kubernetes Client | by Rohan Kumar | May, 2021 | ITNEXT
lang,java,perfOpenJDK and the Future of Production Profiling – Marcus Hirt
lang,k8sMicronaut under the Microscope: Kubernetes - YouTube
lang,k8s,javaGetting started with Java Serverless Functions using Quarkus and AWS Lambda - DZone Java
lang,k8s,javaWrite a kubectl plugin in Java with jbang and fabric8 - DEV Community
lang,rustWhy the future of the cloud will be built on Rust - Oliver Gould, Buoyant - YouTube
systemBuilding Large Scale Distributed Systems: An Interview with Tudor Bosman - YouTube
systemHigh Throughput with Low Resource Usage: A Logging Journey - Eduardo Silva, Calyptia - YouTube
systemKubernetes Challenge Solved by N26 Engineering Team — N26 Europe
systemPreparing to Issue 200 Million Certificates in 24 Hours - Let's Encrypt
systemSteps I took to troubleshoot a full disk

Until next time!