Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022 tech reading

Hi there, Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)! Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to HackerNews, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit - my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ann,cloudFluent Bit V2.0: Unifying Open Standards For Logs, Metrics & Traces - Eduardo Silva & Anurag Gupta - YouTube
ann,k8s,javaEclipse JKube 1.10.0 is now available! - Marc Nuri
ci-cd500,000 files and counting - Git tooling for monorepos at Canva - Git Merge 2022 - YouTube
ci-cdDynamically Testing Individual Microservice Releases In Production - Matt Turner, Tetrate - YouTube
ci-cdExperimenting with CUE and Carvel to Enable GitOps for Your... - Dmitriy Kalinin & Shatarupa Nandi - YouTube
ci-cdHow Lyft Used Envoy to Rethink Microservice Development - Matt Grossman, Lyft - YouTube
cloudCloudEvents And Beyond! - Doug Davis, Microsoft - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS IAM Roles, a tale of unnecessary complexity |
cloud,securityAWS Permission Boundaries for Dummies | FireMon
cloud,securityGeorge Kurtz, CrowdStrike | CrowdStrike Fal.Con 2022 - YouTube
data"Disaster Recovery Options running Apache Kafka in Kubernetes" by Geetha Anne (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
data"KalDB: A cloud native log search platform" by Suman Karumuri (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
dataReducing memory usage in Dask workloads by 80%
dataSQLite: Past, Present, and Future
dataStreaming Graphs, Because We Can't Afford to Query Any More - Ryan Wright, thatDot - YouTube
golang,systemGopherCon 2022: Madhav Jivrajani - Control Theory and Concurrent Garbage Collection Deep Dive - YouTube
inspireWhat makes a “good college” – and why it matters | Cecilia M. Orphan | TEDxMileHigh - YouTube
javaAfraid of Java cold starts in Serverless? Fear not, Java is super fast! - YouTube
javaClean Code with Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching by José Paumard - YouTube
javaDissecting Memory Sessions
javaEvolving JUnit 5 - Speaker Deck
javaFast and Simple SPSC Queue
javaGame of Loom: implementation patterns and performance implications playing with virtual threads - YouTube
javaGenerational Shenandoah: Better latency with smaller heaps by Kelvin Nilsen - YouTube
javaGraphQL for Java Developers | Kito Mann (EN) - YouTube
javaHelidon Nima - Loom based microservices framework - YouTube
javaHelidon – your next microservices framework± | Dmitry Alexandrov (EN) - YouTube
javaHow to write greener Java applications
javaImproving Developer Productivity at Disney with Serverless and Open Source | AWS Open Source Blog
javaInside Java | JavaOne 2022 Technical Keynote - YouTube
javaIntelliJ IDEA Conf 2022 | JavaFX for Mobile Development - YouTube
javaJava 17 to 20 Pattern Matching Full tutorial with Records, Instanceof and Switch - JEP Café #14 - YouTube
javaJava is Very Fast, If You Don't Create Too Many Objects - YouTube
javaMicroProfile: Current and Future - YouTube
javaOptimizing Java Workloads for Containers | Sundaresan & Stoodley (EN) - YouTube
javaStreamlining large scale Java development using Error Prone by Sander Mak - YouTube
javaThe Next Frontier in Open Source Java Compilers: Just-In-Time Compilation as a Service - YouTube
javaThe Secret Life of Maven central - YouTube
javaThe State of OpenTelemetry for Java Developers by Philipp Krenn - YouTube
java,k8sSecrets of Performance Tuning Java on Kubernetes by Bruno Borges - YouTube
java,k8sdekorateio/dekorate: Tools for generating Kubernetes related manifests.
java,rustBase64 Encoding Performance: Java vs Rust | by Dmitry Komanov | Oct, 2022 | Medium
java,systemA fairy tale of zlib/zip compression in OpenJDK - YouTube
java,systemSeeing through hardware counters: a journey to threefold performance increase | by Netflix Technology Blog | Nov, 2022 | Netflix TechBlog
java,systemongoing by Tim Bray · Hello, Ruler
java,wasmThe JVM Meets WASI: Writing Cloud-Friendly Wasm Apps Using Java and Friends - Joel Dice - YouTube
jvmFrom zero to 10 million lines of Kotlin - Engineering at Meta
k8s73,000 Pods a Day, Lessons From Misadventures In Multi-Tenant - Shane Corbett & Wil Reed - YouTube
k8sBeyond Kubebuilder - Generating Entire Kubernetes Controller Implementat... Amine Hilaly & Jay Pipes - YouTube
k8sChaos Engineering For Hybrid Targets With LitmusChaos - Uma Mukkara, Karthik S & Prithvi Raj - YouTube
k8sCilium Updates, News And Roadmap- Thomas Graf, Bill Mulligan Liz Rice, Purvi Desai, Chandan Aggarwal - YouTube
k8sGateway API: Building a k8s API with CRDs - YouTube
k8sI have a plan! Exploring the OPA Intermediate Representation (IR) format | by Anders Eknert | Oct, 2022 | Open Policy Agent
k8sOPA - Peter O'Neill, Styra - YouTube
k8sTurn Me On With Cloud-Native Feature Flags! - Alex Jones, Canonical - YouTube
k8sUsing Prometheus to Avoid Disasters with Kubernetes CPU Limits | Containers
k8s,cloudKubernetes to Cloud Attack Vectors: Demos Inside - Danny Hershko Shemesh & Alon Schindel, Wiz - YouTube
perfCloud Performance Root Cause Analysis at Netflix • Brendan Gregg • YOW! 2018 - YouTube
python20% Faster Python with a Single GC Tweak • Michael Kennedy
rpcFeature Work In GRPC; XDS And Not - Eric Anderson & Kevin Nilson, Google - YouTube
rustConfessions of a Rusty Java developer by Alex Snaps - YouTube
rustRust Easy! Modern Cross-platform Command Line Tools to Supercharge Your Terminal | Technorage
securityComparing Semgrep and CodeQL · Doyensec's Blog
securityRestructuring the Kubernetes Threat Matrix and Evaluating Attack Detection by Falco | Mercari Engineering
system"Hodor: Detecting and Addressing Overload in LinkedIn Microservices" by Bryan Barkley - YouTube
system"Resillient Microservices without the Chaos" by Christopher Meiklejohn (Strange Loop 2022) - YouTube
systemGit Internals: a Database Perspective - Git Merge 2022 - YouTube
system,dataLessons learned from 10 years of DynamoDB - Amazon Science
wasmBring Your Own Bytecode to the Logging Party - Guba Sándor & Dudas Adam, Cisco - YouTube

Until next time!