Thursday, May 09, 2024

Late Spring 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some (more, bonus!) tech reading for Spring (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaDeep Learning with Modern Java Code | Podcast with Adam Bien
dataBuilding a Unified Feature Platform with DuckDB and Arrow - YouTube
dataProcessing Trillions of Records at Okta with Mini Serverless Databases - YouTube
dataWhat does it take to build a Postgres specialized data movement tool? - YouTube
ebpf,javaHello eBPF: XDP-based Packet Filter (9) - Mostly nerdlessMostly nerdless
funInterview with Senior JS Developer 2024 [NEW] - YouTube
funInterview with Senior Rust Developer in 2023 - YouTube
javaHow IntelliJ IDEA Performance Improved: Past, Present, and Future - YouTube
javaJava 23: Restoring the Balance with Primitive Patterns - Inside Java Newscast #66 - YouTube
javaJava in 2024 - Constant Change, Delivered | Keynote - YouTube
javaLeverage Information Chunking to scale your Java library package design | Oracle Developers
javaLucene Speed: How Vectorization and FFI/madvise Make Lucene Faster — Elastic Search Labs
javaMeta String: A 37.5% space efficient string encoding than UTF-8 in Fury serialization | Apache Fury (incubating)
javaStream Gatherers in practice Part 2
java,mlMaking Elasticsearch and Lucene the best vector database: up to 8x faster and 32x efficient — Elastic Search Labs
java,systemAbout Marginalia Search @
java,systemDude, where’s my memory?! | With Enthusiasm
java,systemGOTO 2016 • Humio: A Fast & Efficient way to Understand Log Data • Kresten Krab Thorup - YouTube
java,systemSearching 1.5TB/sec: Systems Engineering Before Algorithms | Scalyr
java,systemThe Technical Evolution of - YouTube
k8sKubernetes - Utilising tmpfs volumes · reecetech
k8s,relnoteWhat's New in Kubernetes  1.30? – Sysdig
lua,rust Piccolo - A Stackless Lua Interpreter
miscA Plan Is Not a Strategy - YouTube
miscCrowdStrike’s George Kurtz on building a generational company | S2E5 • Spotlight On
miscEp7. The Great IPO Debate...| BG2Pod with Brad Gerstner and Bill Gurley | Podcast
miscHow to Build a $20 Billion Semiconductor Fab
miscOfficial response to the ridiculous CVE-2024-23080 opened against Joda-Time by an AI bot
miscTrade-Offs in Building a Software Company from Startup to Scale Up • Geeta Schmidt • YOW! 2022 - YouTube
miscUnapologetically Technical Ep.10 Michael Drogalis - ShadowTraffic - YouTube
miscUnapologetically Technical Ep.9 Gunnar Morling - Billion Row Challenge - YouTube
miscYou're an Operator and Maybe Don't Even Know It - Kellblog
relnote,systemGRPC benchmark - Apr 2024
rustFivefold Slower Compared to Go? Optimizing Rust's Protobuf Decoding Performance | Greptime
rustLeaving Rust gamedev after 3 years
rustZed Decoded: Rope & SumTree
scala,systemSupporting high-performance response streaming in Shardcake
securityElia Zaitsev, CrowdStrike | RSA Conference 2024 - YouTube
securityJay Chaudhry, Zscaler | RSA Conference 2024 - YouTube
systemBreaking the Rules - Building a Rate Limiter with ClickHouse - Brad Lhotsky (Craigslist) - YouTube
systemHow Meilisearch Updates a Millions Vector Embeddings Database in Under a Minute
systemHow We Tracked Down a Linux Kernel Bug with Fallout | Datastax
systemIntroducing Confluent Cloud Freight Clusters
systemTaming TimeSeries Data with QuestDB - Javier Ramirez - YouTube
systemTiered Storage Won’t Fix Kafka - WarpStream - Stream More, Manage Less
systemUnapologetically Technical Ep.7 Stephane Derosiaux - Conduktor - YouTube
ui37signals Dev — Modern CSS patterns in Campfire

Until next time!