Sunday, July 07, 2024

Trip to Oregon

Here's a summary of our trip to Oregon. (Or ask your favorite AI "Give me a 7 day itinerary for family with kids to Oregon")

Day 1 - Start:

  • Fly from San Francisco, CA to Redmond, OR.
  • Rent a car and drive from Redmond to Bend, OR.
  • Visit Lava Lands Visitor Center.
  • Explore Breweries in Bend.
  • Stay at hotel in Bend, OR.


Day 2 - Bend, OR:

  • Park & Float Tumalo Creek.
  • Explore Food Trucks in Bend.
  • Bike along the Deschutes river.


Day 3 - Bend, OR:

  • Hiking near Dillon Falls.
  • Ski lift to Mt. Bachelor.
  • Explore Breweries in Bend.


Day 4 - Mt Hood, OR:

  • Drive to Smith Rock State Park.
  • Drive to Mt. Hood.
  • Drive to Troutdale, OR.
  • Stay at hotel in Troutdale, OR.
  • Explore Food Trucks in Troutdale.


Day 5 - Portland area, OR:

  • Drive to Canon Beach, OR.


Day 6 - Portland area, OR:

  • Explore Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
  • Explore Food Trucks in Troutdale.


Day 7 - Return:

  • Explore Portland (The Grotto and Rocky Butte Natural Area).
  • Return rental car at Portland, OR.
  • Fly from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Summer 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for Summer (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,funllama.ttf - font file which is also a large language model and an inference engine
ai,java,mlJoel Knighton – Under the hood of vector search with JVector - YouTube
ai,java,mlRunning Uncensored and Open Source LLMs on Your Local Machine - YouTube
ai,mlAI in electronics: Quilter’s journey in PCB design - YouTube
ai,mlDatadog on LLMs: From Chatbots to Autonomous Agents - YouTube
ai,mlJo Kristian Bergum on X: "..retrieval is search.."
ai,mlMingshi Liu, Owais Kazi – Elevating AI Applications with OpenSearch's Flow Framework and RAG Tool - YouTube
ai,mlPerplexity CTO Denis Yarats on AI-powered search - YouTube
ai,mlShort Musings on AI Engineering and "Failed AI Projects"
ai,mlTeo Narboneta Zosa, Chingis Oinar – Robust AI Search Ranking for Radical C2C Marketplace Growth - YouTube
ai,mlTransforming Search with Perplexity AI’s CTO Denis Yarats - YouTube
ai,ml,sqlSpringAI, llama3 and pgvector: bRAGging rights! - DEV Community
ai,ml,sreScaling Meta’s Infra with GenAI: Journey to faster and smarter Incident Response - YouTube
cloud,securityfwd:cloudsec 2024 North America - Day 1, Breakout 1 - YouTube
cloud,systemNormalization of CSP audit logs with open standards. How to search everywhere at once. - YouTube
data186: Data Fusion and The Future Of Specialized Databases with Andrew Lamb of InfluxData - The Data Stack Show
dataBegun, The Catalog Wars Have - by Chris Riccomini
dataCommand Line Data Processing: Using DuckDB as a Unix Tool – DuckDB
dataData Productivity at Scale - YouTube
dataHow to Get the Most out of Postgres Memory Settings | Tembo
dataSanjeev Mohan, SanjMo & Tony Baer, dbInsight | Databricks Data + AI Summit 2024 - YouTube
dataTrino Engineering @ Microsoft - YouTube
data,relnoteMukul Karnik & Hariharan Gandhi – Delivering the next wave of innovation with OpenSearch - YouTube
data,systemAccelerate performance at scale: Best practices for Trino with Amazon S3 - YouTube
data,systemYingjun Wu - S3 as the state store for stream processing systems - YouTube
docker,relnoteWhat's New in Podman 5 - DevConf.CZ 2024 - YouTube
golangGo evolves in the wrong direction | by Aliaksandr Valialkin | Jun, 2024 | Medium
javaDevneuxs 2024 - Spring off the HTTP High Dive into an Optimized Connection Pool - John Coyne - YouTube
javaEfficient containers with Spring Boot 3, Java 21 and CDS by Sébastien Deleuze @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
javaEssential Information on Virtual Threads · SAP/SapMachine Wiki
javaGraphQL Java and Spring: The Latest Features by Rossen Stoyanchev @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
javaRadu Gheorghe, Rafał Kuć – Heap sizing and GC tuning for Solr and friends - YouTube
javaSpring I/O 2024 Keynote - YouTube
javaSpring Tips: Spring Modulith - YouTube
javaThe Future of Java Performance in Serverless: Native Java, CRaC and Project Leydens @ Spring I/O 24 - YouTube
javaThe good, the bad, the native by Gregorio Palamà @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
java,k8sImplementing Kubernetes operators in Java with Micronaut by Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal Arnaiz - YouTube
k8sLars Francke, Jannik Heyl – Lessons learned writing 10+ Kubernetes Operators - YouTube
miscCoatue’s Laffont on AI Darlings and Opportunities in Today’s Markets - YouTube
miscMaking an impact through authenticity and curiosity | Ami Vora (CPO at Faire, ex-WhatsApp, FB, IG) - Lenny's Podcast
miscRedefining the Silicon Valley Startup with HashiCorp Co-Founder Armon Dadgar - YouTube
mlAnsgar Gruene, Dharin Shah, Alexander Butenko – Text to Context: How We Introduced Hybrid Search - YouTube
mlDoug Turnbull, Charles Njoroge – Learning to Rank for Reddit Search: A Project Retro - YouTube
mlIndex 2024 Talk: How DoorDash Personalizes the Shopping Experience - YouTube
mlLuuk Kaandorp, Vincent Peijnenburg - The Power of the Bonus Card: Road to Personalised Search - YouTube
ml,systemCorey J. Nolet, Vivek Narang – cuVS and Lucene: GPU-based Vector Search - YouTube
rustDioxus Labs + “High-level Rust”
securityCisco Secure Firewall: Intelligent Security Powered by Talos - YouTube
securityCisco XDR Detection Analytics and Gen AI - YouTube
securityOverview of Fortinet Universal SASE - YouTube
systemA Cost Analysis of Replication vs S3 Express One Zone in Transactional Data Systems — Jack Vanlightly
systemApache Kafka Done Right - YouTube
systemArkadiusz Trawiński - Log messages processing using NLP tools | PyData London 2024 - YouTube
systemBatch Data & Streaming Data in one Atom (with Jove Zhong) - YouTube
systemHow FourKites runs a scalable and cost-effective log analytics solution to handle petabytes of logs - YouTube
systemIlan Ginzburg – Search in the Cloud: separation of compute and storage - YouTube
systemMemoryDB: Speed, Durability, and Composition. - Marc's Blog
systemMultiple Regions, Single Pane of Glass - WarpStream - Stream More, Manage Less
systemReimplementing Apache Kafka with Golang and S3 - YouTube
systemStefan Sprenger - Taming the cost of Kafka workloads in the cloud - YouTube
zigWhat's Zig got that C, Rust and Go don't have? (with Loris Cro) - YouTube

Until next time!

Sunday, June 09, 2024

Early Summer 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for Summer (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaQuarkus, Langchain4J & Ollama by SÉBASTIEN BLANC - YouTube
cloudMillion Dollar Lines of Code: an Engineering Perspective on Cloud Cost Optimization - YouTube
cloud,security*AST and *SPM: Acquisition Magnets – High Signal Security – YAIB (Yet Another Infosec blog).
cloud,securityBSidesSF 2023 - To Normalized Logs, and Beyond - Building a Threat Detection... (Levitsky, Maloney) - YouTube
cloud,securityIAM Is The Worst
cloud,securityReal-World Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions Explained for 2024 - YouTube
cloud,securityWorkshop: Point and Shoot to Continuous Auditing in the AWS Cloud | Andrew Krug | WWHF 2023 - YouTube
cloud,systemAWS re:Invent 2023 - Dive deep on Amazon S3 (STG314) - YouTube
dataAnalystANGLE: The Great Iceberg Debate | Data Cloud Summit 24 - YouTube
dataDefinite: How We Migrated Our Data Warehouse from Snowflake to DuckDB
dataHow we added replication to QuestDB, a time-series database - Javier Ramirez - JOTB24 - YouTube
dataNimble and Lance: The Parquet Killers - by Chris Riccomini
javaAll Java 23 Features - Inside Java Newscast #70 - YouTube
javaAn mmap-based hash table optimization
javaExploring ONNX, Embedding Models, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Langchain4j - podcast with adam bien | Podcast on Spotify
javaGeeCON Prague 2023: Štěpán Šindelář - GraalVM Scripting Languages as Maven Dependencies - YouTube
javaGeeCon-2024 - Nitsan Wakart - OOMS I did it again
javaIndexing all of Wikipedia, on a laptop
javaJOX - Virtual-thread-friendly go-like channels for Java, Adam Warski SoftwareMill - YouTube
javaPushing Java to the Limits: Processing a Billion Rows in under 2 Seconds by ROY VAN RIJN - YouTube
javaQuarkus Insights #166: Lies, Damn Lies...and Techempower - YouTube
javaWhy Java's Records Are Better Than Lombok's @Data and Kotlin's Data Classes
java,relnoteApache Lucene Version 9.11.0 is released
java,rustHow We Migrated Our Static Analyzer From Java to Rust | Datadog
k8sA tale of three service meshes - YouTube
miscAli Ghodsi on Databricks' Growth Journey, Lessons in Leadership and What Founders Should Build Today - YouTube
miscBuild Your Startup With AI - The Ben & Marc Show | Podcast on Spotify
miscEp7. The Great IPO Debate, Tesla Robotaxi vs. Uber, & Tech Check | BG2 with Bill Gurley & Brad Gerstner - BG2Pod with Brad Gerstner and Bill Gurley | Podcast on Spotify
miscNick Mehta, CEO Gainsight: My Top 10 Failures as a SaaS CEO & What I've Learned - YouTube
miscRubrik CEO Bipul Sinha | Scaling with Intuition - YouTube
miscThe $9B Startup Going After Snowflake and Databricks | Renen Hallak from VAST Data - The MAD Podcast with Matt Turck | Podcast on Spotify
securityBSidesSF 2023 - Defining a Data Masking Framework at Scale (Sohini Mukherjee, Tim Lam) - YouTube
securityDon’t Security Engineer Asymmetric Workloads
securityMagnets for Needles in Haystacks: Using MITRE ATT&CK w/ Risk-Based Alert | Haylee Mills | WWHF 2023 - YouTube
securityThe State of Cybersecurity – Year in Review - YouTube
systemAWS re:Invent 2022 - Capacity plan optimally in the cloud (NFX304) - YouTube
systemBuilding a Managed Postgres Service in Rust: Part 1 | Tembo
systemHow We Improved the Performance of a Userspace TCP Stack in Go by 5X - Coder
systemHow We Solve Load Balancing Challenges in Apache Kafka | by Agoda Engineering | Agoda Engineering & Design | May, 2024 | Medium
systemKeynote Fifteen years of formal methods at AWS  Marc Brooker, Amazon AWS - YouTube
systemNot Just Scale - Marc's Blog
systemPartial Multi-Tenancy on Kafka Using Strimzi at LittleHorse - Colt McNealy, Founder, LittleHorse - YouTube
systemPractical Insights from Datadog’s Use of TLA+ and Simulations Arun Parthiban, Datadog - YouTube
systemPrestissimo Batch Efficiency at Meta - Amit Dutta, Meta - YouTube
systemReliable Order Processing - City Storage Systems
systemScaling Platform Engineering: Shopify’s Blueprint - YouTube
systemSupport Tiered Storage in Strimzi Operated Kafka - Lixin Yao, Vrishali Bhor & Bo Gao, Apple - YouTube
systemTLA+ @ LinkedIn Ambry and Venice Ankur Agrawal & Zac Policzer, LinkedIn - YouTube
systemWarpStream Unveiled: Cloud-Native Kafka Redefined with Richard Artoul | Ep. 52 | RTA Podcast - YouTube
wasmWebAssembly: A promising technology that is quietly being sabotaged
webWhy, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL

Until next time!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Late Spring 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some (more, bonus!) tech reading for Spring (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaDeep Learning with Modern Java Code | Podcast with Adam Bien
dataBuilding a Unified Feature Platform with DuckDB and Arrow - YouTube
dataProcessing Trillions of Records at Okta with Mini Serverless Databases - YouTube
dataWhat does it take to build a Postgres specialized data movement tool? - YouTube
ebpf,javaHello eBPF: XDP-based Packet Filter (9) - Mostly nerdlessMostly nerdless
funInterview with Senior JS Developer 2024 [NEW] - YouTube
funInterview with Senior Rust Developer in 2023 - YouTube
javaHow IntelliJ IDEA Performance Improved: Past, Present, and Future - YouTube
javaJava 23: Restoring the Balance with Primitive Patterns - Inside Java Newscast #66 - YouTube
javaJava in 2024 - Constant Change, Delivered | Keynote - YouTube
javaLeverage Information Chunking to scale your Java library package design | Oracle Developers
javaLucene Speed: How Vectorization and FFI/madvise Make Lucene Faster — Elastic Search Labs
javaMeta String: A 37.5% space efficient string encoding than UTF-8 in Fury serialization | Apache Fury (incubating)
javaStream Gatherers in practice Part 2
java,mlMaking Elasticsearch and Lucene the best vector database: up to 8x faster and 32x efficient — Elastic Search Labs
java,systemAbout Marginalia Search @
java,systemDude, where’s my memory?! | With Enthusiasm
java,systemGOTO 2016 • Humio: A Fast & Efficient way to Understand Log Data • Kresten Krab Thorup - YouTube
java,systemSearching 1.5TB/sec: Systems Engineering Before Algorithms | Scalyr
java,systemThe Technical Evolution of - YouTube
k8sKubernetes - Utilising tmpfs volumes · reecetech
k8s,relnoteWhat's New in Kubernetes  1.30? – Sysdig
lua,rust Piccolo - A Stackless Lua Interpreter
miscA Plan Is Not a Strategy - YouTube
miscCrowdStrike’s George Kurtz on building a generational company | S2E5 • Spotlight On
miscEp7. The Great IPO Debate...| BG2Pod with Brad Gerstner and Bill Gurley | Podcast
miscHow to Build a $20 Billion Semiconductor Fab
miscOfficial response to the ridiculous CVE-2024-23080 opened against Joda-Time by an AI bot
miscTrade-Offs in Building a Software Company from Startup to Scale Up • Geeta Schmidt • YOW! 2022 - YouTube
miscUnapologetically Technical Ep.10 Michael Drogalis - ShadowTraffic - YouTube
miscUnapologetically Technical Ep.9 Gunnar Morling - Billion Row Challenge - YouTube
miscYou're an Operator and Maybe Don't Even Know It - Kellblog
relnote,systemGRPC benchmark - Apr 2024
rustFivefold Slower Compared to Go? Optimizing Rust's Protobuf Decoding Performance | Greptime
rustLeaving Rust gamedev after 3 years
rustZed Decoded: Rope & SumTree
scala,systemSupporting high-performance response streaming in Shardcake
securityElia Zaitsev, CrowdStrike | RSA Conference 2024 - YouTube
securityJay Chaudhry, Zscaler | RSA Conference 2024 - YouTube
systemBreaking the Rules - Building a Rate Limiter with ClickHouse - Brad Lhotsky (Craigslist) - YouTube
systemHow Meilisearch Updates a Millions Vector Embeddings Database in Under a Minute
systemHow We Tracked Down a Linux Kernel Bug with Fallout | Datastax
systemIntroducing Confluent Cloud Freight Clusters
systemTaming TimeSeries Data with QuestDB - Javier Ramirez - YouTube
systemTiered Storage Won’t Fix Kafka - WarpStream - Stream More, Manage Less
systemUnapologetically Technical Ep.7 Stephane Derosiaux - Conduktor - YouTube
ui37signals Dev — Modern CSS patterns in Campfire

Until next time!

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Spring break 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for your Spring break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
1brc,javaOne Billion Rows Challenge - Jaromír Hamala (QuestDB) - BrnoJUG 2024-03-20 - YouTube
ai,fun,javaBuilding AI-Ready Platforms -Symphony for Developer and Platform Engineer -Thomas Vitale & Lize Raes - YouTube
cloud,securityIntroducing TrailDiscover: Simplifying Access to Security Insights about CloudTrail Events | by Adan | Mar, 2024 | Medium
data213 Scaling Heights Mastering Postgres Database Vertical Scalability with Kubernetes Storage Magic - YouTube
dataA Graph Database That You Can Embed - KuzuDB - YouTube
dataFlink's SQL Engine: Let's Open the Engine Room! with Timo Walther
dataPrefect and ClickHouse: Real-time event driven orchestration - YouTube
dataRamp and ClickHouse: Adopting ClickHouse for real-time OLAP Platform - YouTube
data,k8sWe Tested and Compared 6 Database Operators. The Results are In ! - YouTube
data,relnoteDifferential Storage: A Key Building Block For A DuckDB-Based Data Warehouse
data,relnoteIterating terabyte-sized ClickHouse tables in production
data,sqlHow Figma's Databases Team Lived to Tell the Scale | Figma Blog
data,system(Tigerbeetle) Redesigning OLTP for a New Order of Magnitude - InfoQ
ebpf,javaJVM & TLS: eBPF's Out-of-Comfort Zone - Valeri Pliskin, Datadog - YouTube
golang,systemBuilding a Highly Concurrent Cache in Go: A Hitchhiker's Guide - Speaker Deck
golang,systemMeasuring your system’s performance using software (Go edition) – Daniel Lemire's blog
javaA Better JNI: Project Panama - YouTube
javaDigging Inside the JVM | LinkedIn
javaHello, Java 22!
javaHow fast is Java 22?
javaJava 22 Is Here, And It's Ready To Rock
javaJava 22 and IntelliJ IDEA | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog
javaThe Arrival of Java 22
javaThe unknowns of JUnit 5 (Mike Kowalski) - YouTube
javaWhat’s New in Java 22 in 2 Minutes... More or Less - Sip of Java - YouTube
java,pythonWhat’s new in Truffle 24.0 and Graal Languages | by Alina Yurenko | graalvm | Mar, 2024 | Medium
java,relnoteCommonhaus Foundation: Now Open! · commonhaus/foundation · Discussion #123
java,relnoteJDK Mission Control 9.0.0 Released! – Marcus Hirt
java,systemMaximizing Performance and Efficiency in Financial Trading Systems through Vertical Scalability and Effective Testing - InfoQ
java,systemThe Journey to a Million Ops / Sec / Node in Venice - InfoQ
k8sConnecting Millions of Containers Spanning Dozens of Clusters - YouTube
k8sWhat's New in Operator Framework? - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM & Varsha Narsing, Red Hat - YouTube
k8s,systemZonal Outage Operational Stories - Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra & Shyam Jeedigunta, Amazon Web Services - YouTube
miscJackson moving into CommonHaus Foundation | by @cowtowncoder | Apr, 2024 | Medium
miscStartup Lessons from 25 Years and Five Startups - Tim Enwall, Fermyon Technologies, Inc. - YouTube
observabilityTelemetry Showdown: Fluent Bit Vs. OpenTelemetry Collector - a Comprehensive... - Henrik Rexed - YouTube
observability,systemHow we Built a 19 PiB Logging Platform with ClickHouse and Saved Millions
rustThe State of Async Rust: Runtimes | corrode Rust Consulting
securityEverything I know about the XZ backdoor
securityThe XZ backdoor CVE-2024-3094 | Snyk
securityWhy Email Breaches Still Happen? - YouTube
securityoss-security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise
systemBeyond Tiered Storage: Serverless Kafka with No Local Disks with Richard Artoul
systemBuilding a custom code search index in Go for | Ben E. C. Boyter
systemEtcd 3.6 and Beyond - Wenjia Zhang, Marek Siarkowicz & Siyuan Zhang, Benjamin Wang - YouTube
systemRelational Data at the Edge: How Cloudflare Operates Distributed PostgreSQL Clusters - InfoQ
systemThe Party Must Go on - Resume Pods After Spot Instance Shut Down - Muvaffak Onuş, QA Wolf - YouTube
testThe trap of testing simple orchestration | Mike my bytes
testTidy First? Kent Beck on Refactoring - YouTube
wasmFast and Efficient Log Processing with Wasm and eBPF - Michael Yuan, Second State - YouTube
zigZig And Rust

Until next time!

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Early Spring 2024 tech reading

Hello and welcome back. Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
1brc,dataMoving a Billion Postgres Rows on a $100 Budget
1brc,golangOne Billion Rows Challenge in Golang
1brc,java1BRC merykitty’s Magic SWAR: 8 Lines of Code Explained in 3,000 Words
1brc,javaFinding Semicolons: Examples From 1BRC Submissions
1brc,javaThe Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) - Step-by-step from 71s to 1.7s
api,javaThe road to generated SDKs with Kiota using Quarkus - Quarkus
dataFOSDEM 2024 - Kùzu: A Graph Database Management System for Python Graph Data Science
dataIntroducing DoorDash’s In-House Search Engine - DoorDash Engineering Blog
dataOptimizing SQLite for servers
dataState of the Duck (DuckCon #4, Amsterdam, 2024) - YouTube
data,perfCassandra Performance Tuning Like You've Been Doing It For Ten Years | Apache Cassandra® Town Hall - YouTube
data,relnoteClickHouse Release 24.1
data,relnoteWhat happened in Lucene land in 2023? — Elastic Search Labs
data,relnotepg_analytics: Transforming Postgres into a Fast OLAP Database - ParadeDB
data,systemGeek Narrator | Timeplus Proton Internals: How we implement the streaming sql engine in C++ - YouTube
data,systemRestate - making distributed systems simple with Stephan Ewen - YouTube
ebpf,javaHello eBPF: Tail calls and your first eBPF application (4) - Mostly nerdlessMostly nerdless
golangThe need for speed: optimizing Kyverno’s performance | CNCF
javaAchieving over 500 GFLOPS for Matrix Multiplication with Java and @tornadovm when running on a laptop
javaBending pause times to your will with Generational ZGC | by Netflix Technology Blog | Mar, 2024 | Netflix TechBlog
javaFOSDEM 2024 - Virtual Thread’s Next Steps
javaFuture-proofing JVM profiling by Richard Startin and Jaroslav Bachorík - YouTube
javaHow Netflix Really Uses Java - InfoQ
javaJava 22 Release Notes Review! - YouTube
javaJox 0.1: virtual-thread friendly channels for Java
javaModern Java in Action by Nicolai Parlog - YouTube
javaNetflix's Paul Bakker and Kavitha Srinivasan on scaling Java and Spring Boot - YouTube
javaReceiver parameters for methods in Java
javaThe Hidden Dynamic Life of Java by Nataliia Dziubenko - YouTube
java,relnoteOpenRewrite plugin on IntelliJ - YouTube
java,systemFOSDEM 2024 - Zeroing and the semantic gap between host and guest
java,wasmFOSDEM 2024 - The JVM vs. WebAssembly: An In-Depth Comparative Analysis
java,wasmWebAssembly from the inside out by Edoardo Vacchi - YouTube
misc(Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup · Jack's home on the web
rustFOSDEM 2024 - A Deep Dive into Tower
rustRustConf 2023 - Profiling async applications in Rust - YouTube
rustThe notion of async being useless : r/rust
systemHow Netflix Ensures Highly-Reliable Online Stateful Systems - YouTube
systemHunting a NUMA Performance Bug - ScyllaDB
systemKafka tiered storage deep dive | Red Hat Developer
systemManaging 238M Memberships at Netflix - YouTube
systemThis sneaky 1-line change sped up subprocess#communicate 1000x+ | Matt Stuchlik
systemUnlocking Kafka's Potential: Tackling Tail Latency with eBPF ·

Until next time!

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Late Winter 2024 tech reading

Hello and welcome back. Here's some tech reading for your Winter break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
dataF2023 #24 - SingleStore Database Overview (CMU Intro to Database Systems) - YouTube
dataHow Netflix Delivers Key-Value and Time-Series Storage at Any Scale - Joseph Lynch & Vidhya Arvind - YouTube
dataScaling search to 0 with AWS Lambda | Quickwit
dataUUID Benchmark War | Ardent Performance Computing
designPipeline-oriented programming - Scott Wlaschin - NDC Porto 2023 - YouTube
golangDebugging the Golang Profile-guided optimization issue
golang,systemScaling Golang to 192 Cores with Heavy I/O · Jaz's Blog
java#1BRC Timeline | tivrfoa blog
java1BRC—The Results Are In! - Gunnar Morling
javaData Oriented Programming in Java 21 by Nicolai Parlog - YouTube
javaData Oriented Programming in Java 21, Solving the Countdown game - JEP Cafe #22 - YouTube
javaEclipse Serializer – Biggest Security Flaw of Java Is Eliminated | Florian Habermann (EN) - YouTube
javaFOSDEM 2024 - Ruby on the Modern JVM: Fibers, FFI, and More
javaForeign Function & Memory API - A (Quick) Peek Under the Hood - YouTube
javaGo-like selects using jox channels in Java
javaGunnar Morling on the 1BRC (live from Voxxed Days CERN) - YouTube
javaJVM Performance Comparison for JDK 21 – Ionut Balosin
javaJava's Plans for 2024 - Inside Java Newscast #61 - YouTube
javaML in Java, YES it's possible! by Mohammed Aboullaite - YouTube
javaPerformance and Scale - Domain-Oriented Objects vs Tabular Data Structures - YouTube
javaPractical Performance Analysis - YouTube
javaThe Panama Dojo: Black Belt Programming with Java 21 and the FFM API By Per Minborg - YouTube
javaThe TornadoVM Programming Model Explained - YouTube
java,systemDown the Rabbit Hole · brettwooldridge/HikariCP Wiki
miscA reasonable configuration language
miscMeet Your New BFF: Backend to Frontend without the Duct Tape by Noam Honig - YouTube
miscSafe and reliable production changes for fast moving teams; and how Rivian recently got this wrong
mlNeedle in a 930M Member Haystack: People Search AI @LinkedIn - YouTube
open sourceFOSDEM 2024 - Maintaining Go as a day job - a year later
pythonRye Grows With UV | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
rustAllocation-free decoding with traits and high-ranked trait bounds - Ferrous Systems
rustRust Tooling: 8 tools that will increase your productivity
rustThe bane of my existence: Supporting both async and sync code in Rust | NullDeref
rust,pythonuv: Python packaging in Rust
securityThanksgiving 2023 security incident
security,cloudBeginner's Guide to AWS CloudTrail for Security - Full Course - YouTube
security,cloudBuild an Effective AWS Cloud Security Program in 2024 - YouTube
security,cloudConditional Love for AWS Metadata Enumeration
security,cloudEvading Logging in the Cloud: Bypassing AWS CloudTrail - YouTube
security,cloudIdentifying and Reducing Permission Explosion in AWS: A Graph-Based and Analytical Approach - YouTube
security,cloudScaling Identity & Access in Multi-Account Enterprises: Complexities & Strategies for Effective IAM - YouTube
security,cloudSecure your SaaS applications like this! - YouTube
security,cloudTales from the cloud trenches: Amazon ECS is the new EC2 for crypto mining | Datadog Security Labs
security,k8s,cloudDetective Controls in K8s Environments – Wrangling Security Data Out Of Your Clusters - YouTube
systemAn overview of Cloudflare's logging pipeline
systemDonal McBreen - Solid Cache: A disk backed Rails cache - Rails World 2023 - YouTube
systemExperiment with S3-FIFO eviction policy · Issue #29 · Yiling-J/theine-go
systemOut Of Memory Shenanigans | Epsio
systemReducing Logging Cost by Two Orders of Magnitude using CLP | Uber Blog
systemReducing Logging Cost by Two Orders of Magnitude using CLP | Uber Blog
systemThe bitdrift ring buffer: time travel, science fiction no more - bitdrift Blog
systemconnect() - why are you so slow?

Until next time!

Saturday, January 06, 2024

New year 2024 tech reading

Hi there! Wish you a Happy New Year! Here's some tech reading (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
cloudHow fast is CloudTrail today? Investigating CloudTrail delays using Athena
cloudThe Big Cloud Exit FAQ
cloudre:Invent 2023 recap - Chris Farris
dataAWS re:Invent 2023 - Netflix’s journey to an Apache Iceberg–only data lake (NFX306) - YouTube
dataBuild a BLAZINGLY FAST key-value store with Rust | Tung Le Vo
dataClickHouse is in the house | by Zeev Feldbeine | Vimeo Engineering Blog
dataClickhouse - Everything you should know about materialized views
dataHow we built vector search in the cloud. - YouTube
dataIntro to Proton: A Single Binary for Streaming and Historical Analysis - YouTube
dataIntroducing pgroll: zero-downtime, reversible, schema migrations for Postgres
dataIntroduction to Apache Doris: A Next Generation Real-Time Data Warehouse - YouTube
dataSpirit | More Resilient MySQL Schema Changes at Scale
dataStreaming Machine Learning with Flink, Pulsar & Iceberg - Pulsar Summit NA 2023 - YouTube
dataTransitioning to Trino - Lyft at Trino Summit 2023 - YouTube
dataTrying chDB, an embeddable ClickHouse engine
dataUnderstanding Parquet, Iceberg and Data Lakehouses at Broad
dataYeeting over 30k messages per second on Postgres with Tembo MQ | Tembo
dataclickhouse-local vs DuckDB on Two Billion Rows of Costs
data,systemInherent race in cache invalidation - Starburst at Trino Summit 2023 - YouTube
data,systemSome highlights from "Achieving scale with Amazon Aurora Limitless Database" with David Wein and Christopher Heim
javaAnnouncing jox: Fast and Scalable Channels in Java
javaAnother VS Code Extension For Java ? - YouTube
javaBenchmark JDBC connectors and Java 21 virtual threads | MariaDB
javaCarl's Blog: Accidental Class Loading in Java
javaDemystifying Virtual Thread Performance: Unveiling the Truth Beyond the Buzz - DZone
javaFrom C to Java Code using Panama | Mostly nerdless
javaGetting Started with Generational ZGC - YouTube
javaHello eBPF: Developing eBPF Apps in Java (1) - Mostly nerdlessMostly nerdless
javaHow Project Valhalla And JSpecify Can Kill NPEs - YouTube
javaJDK 21: The GCs keep getting better
javaJVM Anatomy 101 - YouTube
javaJava 22 Unpacking - Inside Java Newscast #59 - YouTube
javaJava Scoped Values: Better ThreadLocals ·
javaJava, null, and JSpecify - YouTube
javaJupyter Notebooks and Java? - JVM Advent
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