Friday, June 26, 2020

Summer 2020 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for your Summer "break" (a.k.a reading while you shelter-in-place). As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources.

Tag(s)                  Link
dataBlazin’ Fast PromQL - Tom Wilkie, Grafana Labs - YouTube
dataCockroach Labs Live: The architecture of a Distributed SQL Database - 2020 Update - YouTube
dataD. Richard Hipp - SQLite [The Databaseology Lectures - CMU Fall 2015] - YouTube
dataDuckDB – The SQLite for Analytics (Mark Raasveldt, CWI) - YouTube
dataFollow-up: Evaluating CockroachDB vs YugabyteDB Webinar - The Distributed SQL Blog
dataIntroducing Apache Spark 3.0 - The Databricks Blog
dataIntroducing ClickHouse -- The Fastest Data Warehouse You've Never Heard Of (Robert Hodges, Altinity) - YouTube
dataJeff Carpenter and Kat Erickson - Hardware, Performance and more
dataLauren Foutz - BerkeleyDB [The Databaseology Lectures - CMU Fall 2015] - YouTube
dataStrategies Used at Box to Protect #MySQL at Scale - Priyanka Reddy - #Percona Live Online 2020 - YouTube
dataStreaming databases in realtime with MySQL, Debezium, and Kafka
dataWhat is Distributed SQL? - The Distributed SQL Blog
dataWhy (and how) StreamSQL moved from Apache Kafka to Apache Pulsar
data,k8sRedis Day Bengaluru 2020: Deploying Redis as a Sidecar in Kubernetes - YouTube
docker,systemStartup Containers in Lightning Speed with Lazy Image Distribution on Containerd
funHow Engineers and Managers Communicate: A Video Parody - YouTube
fun,dataAhana gets seed funding, and a tale of two Prestos | ZDNet
fun,leaderEdmond Lau: "The Effective Engineer" | Talks at Google - YouTube
fun,system[Update: New Explanation, Google Response] This wallpaper triggers a rare bug causing Android devices to bootloop
javaA IO thread and a worker thread walk into a bar: a microbenchmark story
javaDeveloping a language for JSON processing : Lars Marius Garshol on Vimeo
javaImproving G1 out-of-the-box performance
javaJava: What's New In Java In 2020 - YouTube
javaLeverage Information Chunking to scale your Java library package design
javaMicronaut Launch
javaPerformance of Modern Java on Data-Heavy Workloads, Part 1 · Hazelcast Jet
javaSREcon17 Americas - Java Hates Linux. Deal with It. - YouTube
javaUnderstand the Trade-offs of Using Compilers for Java Applications - YouTube
javaWhat's new in Spring Boot 2.3 (Java 14, OCI images, etc.) | rieckpil
javaZGC | What's new in JDK 14
javaZip lookups - a word from the sponsor | Claes Redestad’s blog
javajavaBin Online : Building a DSL with GraalVM - Maarten Mulders - YouTube
java,dockerdocker - Dockerfile ONBUILD instruction - Stack Overflow
k8sA Generic Sidecar Injector for Kubernetes - Salesforce Engineering
k8sBuilding Native Kubernetes Integrations with Operators - Nick Schuch (PreviousNext) - YouTube
k8sBuilding the Cloud Native Kernel: Kubernetes Release Engineering - Tim Pepper & Stephen Augustus - YouTube
k8sCloud Native Tools for Developers with Alex Ellis and Alistair Hey - YouTube
k8sFairwinds Polaris 1.0 - Best Practices for Kubernetes Workloads
k8sInjecting Vault Secrets Into Kubernetes Pods via a Sidecar
k8sVirtual What? Virtual Kubelet vs. Virtual Node - Scott Coulton (Microsoft) - YouTube
k8sWebinar: Calico Networking with eBPF - YouTube
k8s,dataComparison of #Kubernetes Operators for #MySQL - Mykola Marzhan - #Percona Live Online 2020 - YouTube
k8s,funContainer technologies at Coinbase - The Coinbase Blog
k8s,javaHow to Work with Various Kubernetes Objects to Host a Spring Boot App - YouTube
miscCI/CD tool adoption
opsFluxCD, ArgoCD or Jenkins X: Which Is the Right GitOps Tool for You?
ops,problem-solve,blameless,sreWhat is SRE? And how can my organization adopt SRE?
rustA Tiny, Static, Full-Text Search Engine using Rust and WebAssembly | Matthias Endler
rustDart Meets Rust: a match made in heaven ✨ - DEV
rustKat Marchán on Twitter: "For those curious, this is my current collection of cross-platform Rust utilities that I'm slowly replacing my coreutils with (and I also use on Windows!)
rustRust for Java Devs
rustWhy does musl make my Rust code so slow?
rust,k8sDeis Labs - Kubernetes: A Rusty Friendship
rust,k8sIntroducing Krustlet, the WebAssembly Kubelet
systemGetting storage engines ready for fast storage devices — The MongoDB Engineering Journal
systemHow We Test Vector | Vector
systemIntel + ARM Performance Characteristics for S3 Compatible Object Storage
systemKeynote: The Rise of DevSecOps - Yvonne Wassenaar, Chief Executive Officer, Puppet - YouTube
systemMonitorama BAL 2019 - Riley Berton & Theo Schlossnagle - What’s Your Service’s Batting Average on Vimeo
systemSELinux, Seccomp, Sysdig Falco, and you: A technical discussion
systemTesting sync at Dropbox - Dropbox
systemWhat A VPN REALLY Is - Deep Dive - YouTube
system,funContainers from first principles | Farid Zakaria’s Blog
unix,funTurn your fzf into a live REPL :: — Pawel Duda's personal site
wasmLevel up command-line playgrounds with WebAssembly |

Until next time!