Sunday, March 12, 2023

Spring 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading as you welcome the Spring season (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
architectureEconomies of Speed • Dave Farley • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
architectureI Made Everything Loosely Coupled. Does My App Fall Apart? • Gregor Hohpe • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
architectureTypes Of Technical Debt And How To Manage Them - YouTube
dataApache Iceberg: An Architectural Look Under the Covers - YouTube
dataColin McCabe Updates on Apache Kafka KRaft Mode
dataExploring the TPC-DS Benchmark Queries with Malloy
dataHigh-speed Database Throughput Using Apache Arrow Flight SQL - P99 CONF
dataLightweight Compression in DuckDB - DuckDB
dataPostgreSQL Unlogged Tables - Look Ma, No WAL!
dataSanket Verma - The Beauty of Zarr | PyData Global 2022 - YouTube
dataShredding Deeply Nested JSON, One Vector at a Time - DuckDB
dataUnderstanding Probabilistic Data Structures with 112,092 UFO Sightings by Guy Royse - YouTube
datapandas 2.0 and the Arrow revolution (part I)
data,systemBuilding Efficient Multi-Threaded Filters for Faster SQL Queries - YouTube
data,systemValidating Apache Pulsar’s Behavior Under Failure Conditions - Pulsar Summit SF 2022 - YouTube
go,systemTaming Go's Memory Usage — and Avoiding a Rust Rewrite - YouTube
inspireSaving the Planet, One Byte at a Time by Sofia Larsson - YouTube
inspireUnderstanding the role of a principal engineer - YouTube
javaAccelerating vector operations on the JVM using the new jdk.incubator.vector module - Alex Klibisz
javaCloud-Native Dev Tools: Bringing the cloud back to earth by Grace Jansen - YouTube
javaFirefox Profiler beyond the web | Mostly nerdless
javaForeign Function and Memory API by Per Minborg - YouTube
javaGeeCON Prague 2022: Jaroslav Tulach - Admire Kotlin. Adhere to Java - YouTube
javaHow to Run a Java Application with CRaC in a Docker Container
javaHow to fast generate your API Test with OpenAPI Tools and Rest-Assured by Elias Nogueira - YouTube
javaHow to write fast Java code – thinking about memory by Anders Peterson - YouTube
javaJParse: The most efficient JSON parser for the JVM yet! | LinkedIn
javaJava Matrix Benchmark – oj! Algorithms
javaLP, QP & MIP on the JVM – oj! Algorithms
javaLeveraging the Modern JVM: How JVM Languages Benefit from Loom, Panama, and More by Charles Nutter - YouTube
javaPerformance Testing Java Applications by Pratik Patel - YouTube
javaWelcome to the Jungle - A safari through the JVM landscape by Gerrit Grunwald - YouTube
javaWhat good are Record Patterns in Java? An example based on Spark's Catalyst Optimizer and it's Tree Rewriting Rules
javaZGC - Java’s Highly Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector - YouTube
java,webDynamite Duo: GWT Boot and Spring Boot | by Dr. Lofi Dewanto | Geek Culture | Feb, 2023 | Medium
k8sFinOps Observability: Monitoring Kubernetes Cost with OpenCost - YouTube
k8s,observabilityWhy Kubernetes Freedom Requires Chaos Engineering to Shine in Production - YouTube
k8s,securityOWASP Kubernetes Top 10 – Sysdig
k8s,securityTutorial: Hands-on Hacking Kubernetes and Ways to Prevent It - Eric Smalling, Snyk - YouTube
kotlin,concurrentThe resulting LPRQ (P = Portable) algorithm elegantly simulates CAS2 via a sequence of Compare-and-Set instructions
life,inspireI'm just trying to keep my head above water - Chris Klug - NDC Oslo 2022 - YouTube
mlElasticON EMEA: The Search for Relevance with Vector Search - YouTube
rustConfessions of a Rusty Java developer by Alex Snaps - YouTube
rust,systemFOSDEM 2023 - Building an actor library for Quickwit's indexing pipeline.
securityHow We Extended Teleport Seamlessly to Our 100's of Clusters - YouTube
securityLateral movement detection with LATMA (LATeral Movement Analyzer) | Gal Sadeh (Silverfort) - YouTube
securityManaging Dropwizard with Teleport - YouTube
systemA New IO Scheduler Algorithm for Mixed Workloads - YouTube
systemOptimizing Servers for High-Throughput and Low-Latency at Dropbox - YouTube
systemP99 Pursuit: 8 Years of Battling P99 Latency - YouTube
systemSquare Engineering's "Fail Fast, Retry Soon" Performance Optimization Technique - YouTube
systemThe technology behind GitHub’s new code search | The GitHub Blog
systemWhy User-Mode Threads Are Good for Performance - YouTube
systemWish you were here: stories of building a remote development IDE - Matt Ellis - NDC Sydney 2022 - YouTube
systemcachegrand: A Take on High Performance Caching - YouTube
zigWhen Zig is safer and faster than Rust

Until next time!