Sunday, June 09, 2024

Early Summer 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for Summer (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaQuarkus, Langchain4J & Ollama by SÉBASTIEN BLANC - YouTube
cloudMillion Dollar Lines of Code: an Engineering Perspective on Cloud Cost Optimization - YouTube
cloud,security*AST and *SPM: Acquisition Magnets – High Signal Security – YAIB (Yet Another Infosec blog).
cloud,securityBSidesSF 2023 - To Normalized Logs, and Beyond - Building a Threat Detection... (Levitsky, Maloney) - YouTube
cloud,securityIAM Is The Worst
cloud,securityReal-World Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions Explained for 2024 - YouTube
cloud,securityWorkshop: Point and Shoot to Continuous Auditing in the AWS Cloud | Andrew Krug | WWHF 2023 - YouTube
cloud,systemAWS re:Invent 2023 - Dive deep on Amazon S3 (STG314) - YouTube
dataAnalystANGLE: The Great Iceberg Debate | Data Cloud Summit 24 - YouTube
dataDefinite: How We Migrated Our Data Warehouse from Snowflake to DuckDB
dataHow we added replication to QuestDB, a time-series database - Javier Ramirez - JOTB24 - YouTube
dataNimble and Lance: The Parquet Killers - by Chris Riccomini
javaAll Java 23 Features - Inside Java Newscast #70 - YouTube
javaAn mmap-based hash table optimization
javaExploring ONNX, Embedding Models, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Langchain4j - podcast with adam bien | Podcast on Spotify
javaGeeCON Prague 2023: Štěpán Šindelář - GraalVM Scripting Languages as Maven Dependencies - YouTube
javaGeeCon-2024 - Nitsan Wakart - OOMS I did it again
javaIndexing all of Wikipedia, on a laptop
javaJOX - Virtual-thread-friendly go-like channels for Java, Adam Warski SoftwareMill - YouTube
javaPushing Java to the Limits: Processing a Billion Rows in under 2 Seconds by ROY VAN RIJN - YouTube
javaQuarkus Insights #166: Lies, Damn Lies...and Techempower - YouTube
javaWhy Java's Records Are Better Than Lombok's @Data and Kotlin's Data Classes
java,relnoteApache Lucene Version 9.11.0 is released
java,rustHow We Migrated Our Static Analyzer From Java to Rust | Datadog
k8sA tale of three service meshes - YouTube
miscAli Ghodsi on Databricks' Growth Journey, Lessons in Leadership and What Founders Should Build Today - YouTube
miscBuild Your Startup With AI - The Ben & Marc Show | Podcast on Spotify
miscEp7. The Great IPO Debate, Tesla Robotaxi vs. Uber, & Tech Check | BG2 with Bill Gurley & Brad Gerstner - BG2Pod with Brad Gerstner and Bill Gurley | Podcast on Spotify
miscNick Mehta, CEO Gainsight: My Top 10 Failures as a SaaS CEO & What I've Learned - YouTube
miscRubrik CEO Bipul Sinha | Scaling with Intuition - YouTube
miscThe $9B Startup Going After Snowflake and Databricks | Renen Hallak from VAST Data - The MAD Podcast with Matt Turck | Podcast on Spotify
securityBSidesSF 2023 - Defining a Data Masking Framework at Scale (Sohini Mukherjee, Tim Lam) - YouTube
securityDon’t Security Engineer Asymmetric Workloads
securityMagnets for Needles in Haystacks: Using MITRE ATT&CK w/ Risk-Based Alert | Haylee Mills | WWHF 2023 - YouTube
securityThe State of Cybersecurity – Year in Review - YouTube
systemAWS re:Invent 2022 - Capacity plan optimally in the cloud (NFX304) - YouTube
systemBuilding a Managed Postgres Service in Rust: Part 1 | Tembo
systemHow We Improved the Performance of a Userspace TCP Stack in Go by 5X - Coder
systemHow We Solve Load Balancing Challenges in Apache Kafka | by Agoda Engineering | Agoda Engineering & Design | May, 2024 | Medium
systemKeynote Fifteen years of formal methods at AWS  Marc Brooker, Amazon AWS - YouTube
systemNot Just Scale - Marc's Blog
systemPartial Multi-Tenancy on Kafka Using Strimzi at LittleHorse - Colt McNealy, Founder, LittleHorse - YouTube
systemPractical Insights from Datadog’s Use of TLA+ and Simulations Arun Parthiban, Datadog - YouTube
systemPrestissimo Batch Efficiency at Meta - Amit Dutta, Meta - YouTube
systemReliable Order Processing - City Storage Systems
systemScaling Platform Engineering: Shopify’s Blueprint - YouTube
systemSupport Tiered Storage in Strimzi Operated Kafka - Lixin Yao, Vrishali Bhor & Bo Gao, Apple - YouTube
systemTLA+ @ LinkedIn Ambry and Venice Ankur Agrawal & Zac Policzer, LinkedIn - YouTube
systemWarpStream Unveiled: Cloud-Native Kafka Redefined with Richard Artoul | Ep. 52 | RTA Podcast - YouTube
wasmWebAssembly: A promising technology that is quietly being sabotaged
webWhy, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL

Until next time!