Sunday, December 13, 2020

Xmas 2020 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for your X'mas break (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources). Happy Holidays!

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cloudThe Google Disease Afflicting AWS - Last Week in AWS
dataA Production Quality Sketching Library for the Analysis of Big Data
dataA Deep Dive into Spark SQL's Catalyst Optimizer (Cheng Lian + Maryann Xue, DataBricks) - YouTube
dataAnnouncing InfluxDB IOx - The Future Core of InfluxDB Built with Rust and Arrow | InfluxData
dataApache Pulsar @Splunk
dataAutomatic Clustering at Snowflake
dataDatadog on Kafka - YouTube
dataFrom "Secondary Storage" To Just "Storage": A Tale of Lambdas, LZ4, and Garbage Collection - Honeycomb
dataMigrating from Druid to Next Gen OLAP on ClickHouse: eBay's Experience - YouTube
dataMoving from Lambda and Kappa Architectures to Kappa+ at Uber - Roshan Naik - YouTube
dataQuery Optimization at Snowflake (Jiaqi Yan, SnowflakeDB) - YouTube
dataReal-Time Metrics at Fortnite Scale - Ricky Saltzer - YouTube
dataTempo: A game of trade-offs
datasled and rio modern database engineering with io_uring - YouTube
data,statsHow to measure anything - Doug Hubbard - YouTube
funI Just Hit $100k/yr On GitHub Sponsors! (How I Did It) | Caleb Porzio
funJessica Kerr - Keynote: The Origins of Opera & the Future of Programming - YouTube
funWhy JSON isn't a Good Configuration Language - Lucidchart
generalBlack Hat USA 2018 Mental Health Hacks Fighting Burnout, Depression and Suicide in the Hacker Commun - YouTube
generalBurnout - When Your Mind is Tired - Jan Altenberg, Continental Automotive GmbH - YouTube
generalDevelopers And Depression | Greg Baugues | Talks at Google - YouTube
generalFOSDEM 2020 - Recognising Burnout
generalFeeling good | David Burns | TEDxReno - YouTube
generalGOTO 2019 • Depression and Burnout: the Hardest Refactor I’ve ever done • Jérôme Petazzoni - YouTube
generalLISA14 - Burnout and Ops - YouTube
golangGo Systems Conf SF 2020 - YouTube
golangManual Memory Management in Go using jemalloc - Dgraph Blog
javaContinuous Monitoring With JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) - YouTube
javaFast, standalone CLI applications with GraalVM Native Image | graalvm
javaFix Memory Issues in Your Java Apps | by Chi Wang | Oct, 2020 | Salesforce Engineering
javaGarbage? Blog - Metaspace in OpenJDK 16
javaJamie Coleman — Microservices made easy with MicroProfile, OpenJ9, Open Liberty and OpenShift - YouTube
javaProject Loom: Scalable, Harmonious Concurrency for the Java Platform - YouTube
javaSailing Java 15 - Piotr Przybył - YouTube
javaTaming Metaspace: a look at the machinery, and a proposal for a better one | FOSDEM 2020 - YouTube
javaTrustin Lee — Armeria: A microservice framework well-suited everywhere - YouTube
javaTrustin Lee — Writing a Java library with better experience - YouTube
javaWhat's New in IntelliJ IDEA - 2020.3
javaWhy I Wrote A Logging Library · Terse Systems
javafoojay – a place for friends of OpenJDK
java,systemJiří Holuša — Intel Optane DC and Java: Lessons learned in practice - YouTube
k8sA Walk Through the Kubernetes UI Landscape - Joaquim Rocha, Kinvolk & Henning Jacobs, Zalando SE - YouTube
k8sDatadog on Kubernetes Monitoring - YouTube
k8sDebugging apps running in Kubernetes An overview of the tooling available - YouTube
k8sEphemeral Environments For Developers In Kubernetes - YouTube
k8sFive Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred K8s CLI’s - Phillip Wittrock & Gabbi Fisher, Apple - YouTube
k8sIn Search Of A `kubectl blame` Command - Nick Santos, Tilt - YouTube
k8sKubernetes Network Models (why is this so dang hard?) - Speaker Deck
k8sOpen Policy Agent: Unit Testing Gatekeeper Policies | Dustin Specker
k8sScaling Fleet and Kubernetes to a Million Clusters
k8sValidating Kubernetes YAML for best practice and policies
k8sWebinar: Kubernetes and Networks: Why is This So Dang Hard? - YouTube
k8siptables: How Kubernetes Services Direct Traffic to Pods | Dustin Specker
meshDo I Need an API Gateway if I Use a Service Mesh? – Software Blog
meshGetting started with a service mesh starts with a Gateway | by Christian Posta | ITNEXT
meshIstio as an Example of When Not to Do Microservices – Software Blog
meshUsing NATS to Implement Service Mesh Functionality, Part 4: Load Balancing and Routing Control | by Dale Bingham | Medium
observability,rustProduction-Grade Logging in Rust Applications | by Ecky Putrady | Better Programming | Nov, 2020 | Medium
rustFor Complex Applications, Rust is as Productive as Kotlin
rustOptimizing Benchpress
rust,golangRust vs Go — Bitfield Consulting
rust,k8sKubelet Deep Dive: Writing a Kubelet in Rust - Kevin Flansburg, Moose Consulting - YouTube
stats,dataAndrey Akinshin - Performance Testing - Dotnetos Conference 2019 - YouTube
stats,dataStatistical Paradoxes & Logical Fallacies: Don't Believe the Lies your Data Tells
systemAutomate your workflows with Kotlin Forget everything about bash and perl! - YouTube
systemCooperative Multithreading · Hazelcast Jet
systemDesigning an ultra low-overhead multithreading runtime for Nim Exposing fine-grained parallelism fo… - YouTube
systemHow io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux - ScyllaDB
systemIntroducing Big Memory Computing, MemVerge, and Memory Machine Software - YouTube
systemJsonptr: Using Wuffs’ Memory-Safe, Zero-Allocation JSON Decoder |
systemMonitor Kafka Consumer Group Latency with Kafka Lag Exporter | @lightbend
systemQueryable Logging with Blacklite · Terse Systems
systemSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Fault Tree Analysis Applied to Apache Kafka - YouTube
systemSloc Cloc and Code - What happened on the way to faster Cloc | Ben E. C. Boyter
systemTokio - Making the Tokio scheduler 10x faster
systemTokio - Reducing tail latencies with automatic cooperative task yielding

Until next time!