Friday, January 24, 2020

New year 2020 tech reading

Hi there! Happy new year and here's some tech reading for the new year (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

dataBixby, Samsung's Voice Assistant From Keyword to Intention Recognition - Miren Urteaga Aldalur - YouTube
dataEric Dill: Is Spark still relevant? Multi-node CPU and single-node GPU workloads.. | PyData NYC 2019 - YouTube
dataFlink’s New Batch Architecture - Till Rohrmann & Ma Guowei - YouTube
dataHelp, my Kafka is broken! - Confluent
dataMachine Learning using Kubeflow and Kubernetes by Arun Gupta - YouTube
dataOptimal Shard Placement in a Petabyte Scale Elasticsearch Cluster - Meltwater Engineering Blog
dataPostgreSQL at low level: stay curious! · Erthalion's blog
dataStatic Membership: Rebalance Strategy Designed for the Cloud - Confluent
dataVideo Analytics for Football games by Sven Degroote - YouTube
dataZeotap: Moving to Scylla - A Graph of Billions Scale - YouTube
data,queuePostgres Job Queues & Failure By MVCC — Brandur Leach
data,queueWhat is SKIP LOCKED for in PostgreSQL 9.5? - 2ndQuadrant | PostgreSQL
docker,java,k8sSpeedy build for your java application images with JIB! by Mohammed Aboullaite - YouTube
funConversational Transformation - Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel - YouTube
funDevoxx 2019 keynote by Venkat Subramaniam - YouTube
funEating a Bureaucracy One Bite at a Time with DevOps - Mark Schwartz - YouTube
funFrom MaxScore to Block-Max WAND: The Story of How Lucene Significantly Improved Query Evaluation Performance
funGOTO 2019 • Prioritizing Technical Debt as if Time and Money Matters • Adam Tornhill - YouTube
funRubyConf 2019 - Creating AR Apps with RubyMotion by Lori Olson - YouTube
funTop Tips for Terrible Tech Talks by Chet Haase - YouTube
fun,javaAlways Be Running - Long Running and Fault Tolerant Java Services - YouTube
golangHow we optimized our DNS server using go tools - Arash Cordi - Medium
golangWhy are my Go executable files so large? | Cockroach Labs
javaA New Age of JVM Garbage Collectors - Alexander Yakushev - YouTube
javaAndres Almiray - Gradle Ex Machina - YouTube
javaBeyond ByteBuffers by Brian Goetz - YouTube
javaGOTO 2019 • Disrupting QA – Emerging Trends in Code Quality Automation • Stephen Magill - YouTube
javaGeeCON Prague 2019: Dmitry Kornilov - Building cloud-native microservices with project Helidon - YouTube
javaMemory footprint of a Java process by Andrei Pangin - YouTube
javaMicronaut Deep Dive by Graeme Rocher - YouTube
javaModern web with Web Components and Java by Leif Åstrand - YouTube
javaRecords Come to Java
javaS├ębastien Blanc — Building an effective identity and access management architecture with Keycloak - YouTube
java,k8sFrom Containers to Kubernetes Operators // Philipp Krenn |
java,k8sPractical Way to Build Kubernetes Native Java Controller - Zibo He & Min Jin, Ant Financial - YouTube
java,k8sWriting a Kubernetes Operator in Java by Fabian Stäber - YouTube
k8sBuilding in compliance in your CI/CD pipeline with conftest ·
k8sGOTO 2019 • Why I love Kubernetes Failure Stories and You Should Too • Henning Jacobs - YouTube
k8sInject secrets directly into Pods from Vault revisited · Banzai Cloud
k8sK3s Under the Hood: Building a Product-grade Lightweight Kubernetes Distro - Darren Shepherd - YouTube
k8sLightning Talk: Boosting Your kubectl Productivity - Mauricio Salatino, LearnK8s - YouTube
k8sLightning Talk: Is Your Kubernetes Cluster's DNS Working? - Jonathan Perry, Flowmill - YouTube
k8sMaking kubectl plugins mainstream - Speaker Deck
rustAn unholy fusion of Rust and C++ in physx-rs (Stockholm Rust Meetup, October 2019) - YouTube
rustHow To Write Fast Rust Code
rustParsing logs 230x faster with Rust
rustSmoke-testing Rust HTTP clients - Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff - Medium
rustThe Talk You've Been Await-ing for - YouTube
rust,systemA Little Story About the `yes` Unix Command | Matthias Endler
systemIntelligent DNS based load balancing at Dropbox | Dropbox Tech Blog
systemLISA19 - Creating a Distributed Round Robin Scheduler with Etcd - YouTube
systemParsing JSON Really Quickly: Lessons Learned - YouTube
systemSignal >> Blog >> Technology Preview for secure value recovery
systemThe $10m engineering problem · Segment Blog
systemThe Fascinating World of Linux System Calls | Sysdig

Until next time!