Saturday, July 08, 2023

Summer 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading as you prepare for your Summer break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
cloudHow Canva saves millions annually in Amazon S3 costs
dataAsset-Based Data Orchestration (from DATA + AI Summit 2023) - YouTube
dataBerlin Buzzwords 2023: The Debate Returns (with more vectors): Which Search Engine? - YouTube
dataBuilding Better Analytics Pipelines - YouTube
dataCDC Stream Processing with Apache Flink - YouTube
dataCassandra@Scale: A Deep Dive into Apache Cassandra 4.0 | Dinesh Joshi - YouTube
dataChange Data Streaming Patterns With Debezium & Apache Flink | Decodable - YouTube
dataExploring the Trends of Data Streaming: My Takeaways from Kafka Summit London 2023 | by Yingjun Wu | May, 2023 | Medium
dataHow Amazon RDS Replication Works and Why the FAA's Database Problem Won't Happen in AWS | OtterTune
dataJoins 13 Ways
dataLakehouse at Fortune 1 Scale. Walmart systems produce one of the… | by Samuel Guleff | Walmart Global Tech Blog | May, 2023 | Medium
dataOlena Kutsenko - ClickHouse: what is behind the fastest columnar database - YouTube
dataTabular at Trino Fest - CDC patterns in Apache Iceberg - YouTube
dataThe Part of PostgreSQL We Hate the Most | OtterTune
funBoost your productivity by engineering your engineering tools! by Martin Kanters and Guus de Wit - YouTube
fun,systemSoftwareMill Kafka Visualization
fun,webRapid server side full stack web development with ViewComponents and htmx by Thomas Schuehly - YouTube
javaA New GraalVM Release and New Free License! | by Alina Yurenko | graalvm | Jun, 2023 | Medium
javaAll That is in Java 21?! ­čś▒ - Inside Java Newscast #50 - YouTube
javaCracking the scalability wall by Francesco Nigro & Sanne Grinovero - YouTube
javaDesign Patterns Revisited in Modern Java by Venkat Subramaniam - YouTube
javaDoing cool data science in Java: how 4 DataFrame libraries (and duckdb) stack up | by Mathijs Vogelzang | Medium
javaPreparing web applications for Loom by Mark Thomas @ Spring I/O 2023 - YouTube
javaRobert Metzger - Tiny Flink — Minimizing the memory footprint of Apache Flink - YouTube
javaSpring I/O 2023 - Keynote - YouTube
javaThe Next Frontier in Open Source Java Compilers: Just-in-Time Compilation as a Service- Rich Hagarty - YouTube
javaUwe Schindler - What's coming next with Apache Lucene? - YouTube
javaVirtual Threads and Structured Concurrency in Java 21 With Loom - YouTube
java[VDBUH2023] - Ionu╚Ť Balo╚Öin & Florin Bl─ânaru - JVM Performance Comparison - YouTube
java,perfglowroot/glowroot: Easy to use, very low overhead, Java APM
java,securityFine-grained authorization for Quarkus microservices | Red Hat Developer
java,securitySecuring Cloud Native Microservices with Role-Based Access Control using Keycloak | Cloud Native Computing Foundation
k8sHouston Putman - Rethinking Autoscaling for Apache Solr using Kubernetes - YouTube
k8sIs CUE The Perfect Language For Kubernetes Manifests (Helm Templates Replacement)? - YouTube
k8sKubernetes Was Never Designed for Batch Jobs | by Meadowrun | Better Programming
k8sWG Batch: What’s New and What Is Next? - Swati Sehgal, Red Hat & Aldo Culquicondor, Google - YouTube
k8s,systemKubernetes Probes: How to Avoid Shooting Yourself in the Foot by Colin Breck - J On The Beach 2023 - YouTube
k8s,testRam Mohan Rao Chukka - Who broke the build? Using Kuttl to test and Release faster - YouTube
kotlinGeeCON 2022: Marcin Moskała - Efficient Kotlin - YouTube
rust,funWriting Python like it’s Rust | Kobzol’s blog
securityAuthorization in Software: S2 E1 - The Cedar Language & Policy Based Authorization with Emina Torlak - YouTube
securityOpen-Source Access Control with OpenFGA
systemA Kafka Client’s Request: There and Back Again by Danica Fine - YouTube
systemA kernel? In a Container? Explain Yourself! - DevConf.CZ 2023 - YouTube
systemCreating chaos in containers by Maish Saidel-Keesing - YouTube
systemWaterpark: Transforming Healthcare with Distributed Actors - Elixir23 - Bryan Hunter - YouTube
systemHAProxy Exceeds 2 Million RPS on a Single Arm Instance
systemHow Miro leverages Open Policy Agent to implement authorization-as-a-service | by Peter Brindisi | Miro Engineering | May, 2023 | Medium
systemHow a Single Line of Code Made a 24-core Server Slower Than a Laptop | Piotr Kołaczkowski
systemJavier Ramirez - Ingesting over 4 million rows a second on a single instance - YouTube
systemLars Albertsson - How to not kill people - YouTube
systemOn the Hunt for Etcd Data Inconsistencies - Marek Siarkowicz, Google - YouTube
systemOxia: Scaling Pulsar's Metadata to 100x - YouTube
systemScalable Data Transportation & Ingestion with MemQ | Ambud Sharma - YouTube
systemSteve Loughran - Hadoop Vectored IO: your data just got faster! - YouTube
systemSuman Karumuri - Kaldb: serverless lucene at petabyte scale - YouTube
systemUnlocking the Power of JunoDB: PayPal’s Key-Value Store Goes Open-Source | by Yaping Shi | The PayPal Technology Blog | May, 2023 | Medium
system,golangOptimizing the Optimizer: the Time-Series Benchmark Suite | QuestDB

Until next time!