Wednesday, December 29, 2021

End of year 2021 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some end-of-the-year tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

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cloudAdelphi: Apache Cassandra Testing Goes Cloud Native | Today
cloudTop Announcements of AWS re:Invent 2021 | AWS News Blog
cloud,securityA Deep Dive into AWS CloudTrail - YouTube
dataDuckDB - DuckDB quacks Arrow: A zero-copy data integration between Apache Arrow and DuckDB
dataGopherCon 2021: Ben Johnson - Building Production Applications Using Go & SQLite - YouTube
dataTech Talk | Diving into Delta-rs: kafka-delta-ingest - YouTube
dataUK COVID-19 dashboard built using Postgres and Citus for millions of users - Microsoft Tech Community
dataUpdates from the New PrestoDB C++ Execution Engine - Deepak Majeti, Ahana & Dave Cohen, Intel - YouTube
dataXStream: Stream Processing Platform at Facebook - YouTube
data,statsDuckDB - Fast Moving Holistic Aggregates
data,systemJack Vanlightly — Distributed systems showdown — TLA + vs real code - YouTube
golangAWKGo, an AWK-to-Go compiler
golang,systemGopherCon 2021: Felix Geisendörfer - Go Profiling and Observability from Scratch - YouTube
java,lang5 Mundane Java Performance Tips | Richard Startin’s Blog
java,langAndrew Dinn — Static Java, GraalVM Native and OpenJDK - YouTube
java,langApache Cassandra 4.0: Taming Tail Latencies with Java 16 ZGC - JAXenter
java,langCheck if your Intellij Idea is using the new G1 GC : java
java,langGC progress from JDK 8 to JDK 17
java,langLights, Camera, Action: GitHub Actions with Java (Part 2) | Today
java,langTo the moon and beyond with Java 17 APIs! | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
java,lang[VDT21] Let's make a contract: the art of designing a Java API by Mario Fusco - YouTube
java,lang[VDT21] Releasing at the speed of light by Andres Almiray - YouTube
java,lang,concurrentCooperative Multithreading · Hazelcast Jet
java,lang,concurrentCoroutines in pure Java. After some experimenting with… | by esoco GmbH | Medium
java,lang,concurrentJaCh — Power of Go Channels in Java | by Sohom Majumdar | ITNEXT
java,lang,concurrentOn parallelism and concurrency –
java,lang,concurrentWisp Documentation · alibaba/dragonwell8 Wiki
java,lang,systemAleksey Shipilev — Workshop: Java Concurrency Stress (JCStress). Part 1 - YouTube
java,lang,systemMaking Cassandra Faster in Cloud-native architecture - Subrata Ashe - YouTube
java,test,lang'Self-Healing Tests' - The holy grail of test automation? by Matthias Zax #AgileIndia 2021 - YouTube
k8sEffortless Profiling on Kubernetes - Eden Federman, Verizon - YouTube
k8s[VDT21] The Automation Challenge: Kubernetes Operators vs Helm Charts by Ana-Maria Mihalceanu - YouTube
k8s,securityState of Kubernetes security report
kotlin,langMigrating From Python to Kotlin for Our Backend Services
kotlin,lang,concurrentConcurrency doesn't have to be hard: Kotlin Coroutines and Channels by Jag Saund, Instagram EN - YouTube
kotlin,lang,concurrentStructured concurrency: will Java Loom beat Kotlin's coroutines? - Xebia
kotlin,lang,concurrentThe Beginner’s Guide to Kotlin Coroutine Internals
kotlin,lang,systemMaria Sokolova — Workshop. Lincheck: Testing concurrency on the JVM (Part 1) - YouTube
lang,javaMSA(Microservices Architecture):Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - 2021 English version - - YouTube
lang,rustRust Linz, November 2021 - Serde Shenanigans by Armin Ronacher - YouTube
lang,rust,javaWriting a concurrent LRU cache : rust
rust,lang"Whoops! I Rewrote it in Rust" by Brian Martin - YouTube
securityAPI Authorization with Open Policy Agent (OPA) - YouTube
securityKyverno in Production (use cases and best practices) - YouTube
securityPrivacy on Beam - E2E Differential Privacy Solution for Apache Beam - Mirac Vuslat Basaran - YouTube
systemCache warming: Leveraging EBS for moving petabytes of data | by Netflix Technology Blog | Nov, 2021 | Medium
systemLalith Suresh — Building scalable and flexible cluster managers using declarative programming - YouTube
system,dataEvolving Transactions in Apache Cassandra - Benedict Elliot Smith - YouTube
system,dataHow Netflix Provisions Optimal Cloud Deployments of Cassandra - Joey Lynch - YouTube
system,golangGopherCon 2021: Madhav Jivrajani - Queues, Fairness, and The Go Scheduler - YouTube
testEradicate Flaky Tests by Anand Bagmar #AppiumConf2021 - YouTube

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some Thanksgiving tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

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chaos,k8s,systemDatadog on Chaos Engineering - YouTube
dataAriel Weisberg - 5 Ways Facebook’s Ludicrous Usage Drives Presto Innovation - Percona Live 2021 - YouTube
dataCLoki: Like Loki but for ClickHouse! (SF Bay Area ClickHouse Meetup 26 October) - YouTube
dataHow Apache Ozone Builds Up High Availablity With Raft Protocol - YouTube
dataWhy you shouldn't use GraphQL - LogRocket Blog (Be sure to read the comments)
funType of headaches @memenetes
funkris nóva on Twitter: "principal engineers should be on call there - i said it"
java,build,langFaster Maven builds in Docker
java,build,langWhat I wish I knew about Maven years ago
java,langChristine Flood — CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges - YouTube
java,langConquering large scale visualization challenges with JavaFx and ELK - YouTube
java,langExecutable JavaDoc Code Snippets - Gunnar Morling
java,langFaster Charset Encoding | Claes Redestad’s blog
java,langFaster Maven builds
java,langGraalVM Native Image: Large-scale static analysis for Java - YouTube
java,langIgor Braga, Jonathan Oommen — GC optimizations you never knew existed - YouTube
java,langInstant On Java Cloud Applications with Checkpoint and Restore - YouTube
java,langJean Bempel — Real World JFR: Experiences building and deploying a continuous profiler at scale - YouTube
java,langKelvin Nilsen — Adding generational support to Shenandoah GC - YouTube
java,langMaven, my life is short!
java,langMicro frontends using WebComponents and MicroProfile GraphQL - YouTube
java,langProfile your Java apps in production on Red Hat OpenShift with Cryostat | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
java,langTesting Kamelets - Verify event sources and sinks with YAKS - Christoph Deppisch - YouTube
java,langThe future of Lucene's MMapDirectory - Uwe Schindler - YouTube
java,langTo Java 17 and Beyond! - YouTube
java,langZGC | What's new in JDK 17
k8s,chaos,systemPravega Fault Injection Testing with LitmusChaos - YouTube
k8s,securityUsing Kubernetes Configuration Provider to load data from Secrets and Config Maps
lang"Outperforming Imperative with Pure Functional Languages" by Richard Feldman - YouTube
langWhy Eclipse Theia - Marc Dumais - YouTube
rust,lang"Streaming video analysis in Rust using Pravega" by Tom Kaitchuck - YouTube
securityCloud Security Tooling for the Sole Practitioner - YouTube
system"Finding bugs without running or even looking at code" by Jay Parlar - YouTube
systemLarge-Scale Practice of Persistent Memory in Alibaba Cloud - Junbao Kan & Qingcan Wang, Alibaba - YouTube
systemLoad Shedding for Evil Wizards - Tony Allen, Unaffiliated - YouTube
systemThe architecture evolution of Apache DolphinScheduler - Lidong Dai - YouTube
systemUsing TLA+ for fun and profit in the development of Elasticsearch - Yannick Welsch - YouTube
system,chaosFault Tree Analysis Applied to Apache Flink - YouTube
web,langDiagram editors with Eclipse GLSP - 1.0 - YouTube

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Late Summer 2021 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some late summer tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

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dataDavid Zhao - zettadb - Performance Comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL Based on Kernel Level Analysis - YouTube
dataCloud Database Architecture | CockroachDB vs. Amazon Aurora | Aurora Database Architecture - YouTube
dataDuckDB - Fastest table sort in the West - Redesigning DuckDB's sort
dataETL Confessions - YouTube
dataHosting SQLite databases on Github Pages - (or any static file hoster) - phiresky's blog
dataHow Citus Distributes PostgreSQL - YouTube
dataObservability for Data Pipelines With OpenLineage - YouTube
dataPGX: Build Postgres Extensions with Rust - YouTube
fun,langTechnology Radar | An opinionated guide to technology frontiers | Thoughtworks
fun,langZalando Tech Radar
java,lang"When moving from JDK 8 to 11, Netty PoolArena switches from using a private DirectByteBuffer constructor and it's own memory limit, to using allocateDirect and facing the JVM wide direct memory limit. Why is that a problem? 1/n" / Twitter
java,langAmazon Corretto, A Journey into Latency Reduction - YouTube
java,langAutomated Refactoring for Java-Based Applications - YouTube
java,langCalling a rust library with the Panama FFI | Jorn Vernee
java,langImplementing Microservicilities with Quarkus and MicroProfile
java,langIntroducing JfrUnit 1.0.0.Alpha1 - Gunnar Morling
java,langPerformance deficits in Apache Cassandra | Literate Java
java,langProject Loom: Modern Scalable Concurrency for the Java Platform — Ron Pressler - YouTube
java,langReleasing At The Speed of Light - Andres Almiray - YouTube
java,langRipe for the picking: 11 essential Java features to help modernize your code
lang,funStack Overflow Developer Survey 2021
lang,funThe RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: June 2021 – tecosystems
lang,javaAMA About the Java Language — Brian Goetz and Nicolai Parlog - YouTube
lang,javaGetting Started with the JHipster Micronaut Blueprint - YouTube
lang,javaGraalVM 21.2 with lots of native image usability improvements. | graalvm
lang,javaJourney to the Centre of the JVM — Daniel Spiewak - YouTube
lang,javaStatic methods within lambdas - Javalin - A lightweight Java and Kotlin web framework
lang,rustRust - Writing Parsers With nom Parser Combinator Framework
systemGigabytes in milliseconds: Bringing container support to AWS Lambda without adding latency - YouTube
systemSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Advanced Napkin Math: Estimating System... - YouTube
systemThe Riot Games API: Fulfilling Zuul's Destiny | Riot Games Technology
systemUnder the Hood of a Shard-per-Core Architecture - YouTube
system,javaSeptember 8, 2021 | Today a Raft Follower, Tomorrow a Raft Leader - MicroRaft
tool,k8sKubernetes Essential Tools: 2021. Review of the best tools for Kubernetes | by Javier Ramos | Jul, 2021 | ITNEXT

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