Saturday, December 02, 2023

Winter 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Winter is here and so are the holidays. Here's some tech reading (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaEmbedding Vitalik - HackMD
aiHow to build a GPT4All By Andriy Mulyar - YouTube
annFramework Benchmarks Round 22 – TechEmpower
ann,javaHelidon 4 released!. We are happy and proud to announce that… | by Dmitry Aleksandrov | Helidon | Oct, 2023 | Medium
cloud,securityCloud Security Tools from Cloud Pentest Lab | DeRF |Stratus Red Team - YouTube
cloud,securityCloud pentesting lab and walkthrough | cloudfoxable - YouTube
dataApache Cassandra | Apache Cassandra Documentation
dataCommunity Open Hours, Episode 11: Real-time CDC from Postgres with PeerDB - YouTube
dataDruid Deprecation and ClickHouse Adoption at Lyft | by Ritesh Varyani | Nov, 2023 | Lyft Engineering
dataFrom 🐛 to 🦋: Data Pipelines Evolution from Batch to Streaming - YouTube
dataHow RunReveal is using ClickHouse to Build a Ridiculously Fast Threat Detection Pipeline - YouTube
dataReal-time Fraud Detection with Yoda and ClickHouse - Shen Zhu (Instacart) - YouTube
dataSave Money by Uncovering Kafka’s Hidden Cloud Costs - YouTube
dataSpark, Dask, DuckDB, Polars: TPC-H Benchmarks at Scale - YouTube
dataStreaming Caffeine E10: Ozan from Synnada, about Arrow Data Fusion, Rust, Database, SQL, AI - YouTube
dataStreaming Caffeine E6: Apache Flink, Paimon, CDC, Current23. Guest: Giannis from Ververica - YouTube
dataThe birth of chDB - auxten
data,annlibSQL, the fork of SQLite, crosses 5k GitHub stars - Turso Blog
golangAn attempt at visualizing the Go GC
javaA Dev Persepctive on Java Loom - YouTube
javaFeatherweight JSON Logging for the JVM - migration to JDK 21
javaIntelliJ Super Productivity in 45 Minutes By Heinz Kabutz - YouTube
javaJava Virtual Threads — early pitfalls to look out for! | Medium
javaLimits of Loom's performance
javaMaciej Walkowiak | Reified Generics in Java?
java,aiGenerative AI in practice: Concrete LLM use cases in Java, with the PaLM API By Guillaume Laforge - YouTube
java,aiSemantic Kernel: AI orchestration for intelligent apps By Bruno Borges, John Oliver - YouTube
java,annJackson 2.16-rc1 overview. Now that the first release candidate —… | by @cowtowncoder | Oct, 2023 | Medium
java,funQuickly debugging Apache Camel from CLI - YouTube
java,systemDeep dive into CheerpJ 3.0: A WebAssembly Java Virtual Machine for the browser
k8sBest Practices: Improving Batch Scheduling Performance... Vishakha Ramani & Sara Kokkila-Schumacher - YouTube
k8sBeyond the Cluster: Harnessing the Power of Kubernetes Namespaces - Victor Varza & Aneci Adrian - YouTube
k8sDevspace vs Skaffold: Simplify Java Development in the Kubernetes World By Ana Maria Mihalceanu - YouTube
k8sKube-Costbusters: Optimizing Kubernetes Clusters for Efficiency... Rachel Leekin & Antoinette Mills - YouTube
k8sLightning Talk: Scaling Time Series Databases on Kubernetes - Ken Ahrens, Speedscale - YouTube
k8sRapidly Scaling for Breaking News with Karpenter and KEDA - Mel Cone & Deepak Goel - YouTube
k8sRevolutionizing Kube Scalability Testing with KWOK - Wei Huang & Weiwei Yang, Apple - YouTube
k8sScaling Kubernetes Networking to 1k, 5k, ... 100k Nodes!? - Marcel Zięba & Dorde Lapcevic - YouTube
k8sSecrets of Running Etcd - Marek Siarkowicz, Google - YouTube
k8sSelf-service Stream Processing Platform on Kubernetes at Apple - Chenya Zhang, Apple Inc. - YouTube
k8sService Mesh Journey at DoorDash: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Hochuen Wong, DoorDash - YouTube
k8sThe Cluster Killer Bug: Learning API Priority and Fairness the Hard Way - Eddie Zaneski, Independent - YouTube
k8sUnder the Hood: Exploring Istio's Lock Contention and Its Impact o... Raghav Grover & Timothy Ehlers - YouTube
k8s,javaDebugging in the Cloud, Mastered Locally with JKube remote dev By Sun Tan - YouTube
observabilityPromCon 2023 - Finding useless and resource-hungry Prometheus metrics - YouTube
observabilitySREcon23 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Journey from Fluent Bit, Fluentd and Prometheus to Open... - YouTube
python,rustP99 CONF 2023 | Making Python 100x Faster with Less Than 100 Lines of Rust by Ohad Ravid - YouTube
rustA fresh look on incremental zero copy serialization · udoprog
rustObject Soup is Made of Indexes
rustP99 CONF 2023 | Ingesting in Rust by Armin Ronacher - YouTube
rustWhy Rust in Production? | Corrode Rust Consulting
rustWhy Rust? — Rerun
rust,systemRust std fs slower than Python!? No, it's hardware!
security,k8sAttack Path Analysis for Better Kubernetes Security - YouTube
system"New algorithms for collaborative text editing" by Martin Kleppmann (Strange Loop 2023) - YouTube
systemA Size for Every Stream: The Expert's Guide to Sizing Kafka Streams
systemDatalake Rock Paper Scissors: Iceberg + Flink or Iceberg + Spark? - YouTube
systemDurable Execution: Justifying the Bubble
systemExploring why native executables produced with Mandrel 23.0 are bigger than those produced with Mandrel 22.3 - Quarkus
systemHow Open Source Projects are Using Kani to Write Better Software in Rust | AWS Open Source Blog
systemIntroducing Oxia: A Scalable Zookeeper Alternative - YouTube
systemKora - Serverless Kafka - ASDS Chapter 2 — Jack Vanlightly
systemKora: Cloud Native Platform for Kafka - YouTube
systemMeta's SEV Culture: How Today's SEVs Create Tomorrow's Reliability | Joe Gasperetti & Nick Egebo - YouTube
systemMy browser WASM’t prepared for this. Using DuckDB, Apache Arrow and Web Workers in real life
systemNeon - Serverless PostgreSQL - ASDS Chapter 3 — Jack Vanlightly
systemP99 CONF 2023 | Architecting a Distributed Message Queuing System in C++ by Vitaly Dzhitenov - YouTube
systemP99 CONF 2023 | Square's Lessons Learned from Implementing a Key-Value Store by Omar Elgabry - YouTube
systemPost Mortem on Cloudflare Control Plane and Analytics Outage
systemResolving a year-long ClickHouse lock contention
systemRobinhood’s Kafkaproxy: Decoupling Kafka Consumer Logic from Application Business Logic - YouTube
systemSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Cache Me If You Can: How Grafana Labs Scaled Up Their... - YouTube
systemSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/Africa - Monoceros: Faster and Predictable Services through In-pod... - YouTube
systemStreaming from Apache Iceberg - Building Low-Latency and Cost-Effective Data Pipelines
system,javaVector Similarity Computations FMA-style — Elastic Search Labs

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Halloween 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Happy Halloween! Here's some tech reading (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,javaOrchestrate your AI with Semantic Kernel | Soham Dasgupta | Devoxx Ukraine 2023 - YouTube
apiREST next level : Crafting domain driven web APIs By Julien Topçu - YouTube
data5 Hard Problems in Vector Search, and How Cassandra Solves Them - The New Stack
dataMeetup: Pinot Table Joins at Uber Scale (Ankit Sultana, Uber) | San Francisco 2023 - YouTube
dataWhat polars does for you — Ritchie Vink - YouTube
data,systemchDB - A Rocket Engine on a Bicycle
fun(5) Simon on X: "Just another Friday in the life of a developer" / X
fun(5) Tomasz Łakomy on X: "How tech debt is born:" / X
grpcOur Journey Connecting Millions of Containers with gRPC... - Antoine Tollenaere & Sergey Matyukevich - YouTube
java"Turning GraalVM from Research to Product" by Thomas Wuerthinger (Strange Loop 2023) - YouTube
java10 Incredible Things you can do with Micronaut & GraalVM By Graeme Rocher - YouTube
javaA Classfile API for the JDK - YouTube
javaC2 might slow down your builds | Mostly nerdless
javaComparing Native Java REST API Frameworks - Philadelphia JUG 2023 - Speaker Deck
javaFake it until you `make it` API integration testing with WireMock and Testcontainers By Oleg (2x) - YouTube
javaGame of Loom 2: life and deadlock of a virtual thread By Mario Fusco - YouTube
javaGraalVM for JDK 21 is here!. Today we are releasing GraalVM for JDK… | by Alina Yurenko | graalvm | Sep, 2023 | Medium
javaHunting down code hotspots with JDK Flight Recorder | BellSoft Java
javaIntroducing the oracle java platform extension for visual studio code –
javaJDK 21 Release Notes - Inside Java Newscast #55 - YouTube
javaJava 21 By Brian Goetz - YouTube
javaJava 21 Tool Enhancements: Better Across the Board #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava Language update By Brian Goetz - YouTube
javaJava at AWS: Lessons Learned from Upgrading and Modernizing a Massive JVM Codebase By Yishai Galat - YouTube
javaJava's G1 Garbage Collector - YouTube
javaJava's Hidden Gems: Tools and Libraries | Johan Janssen (EN) - YouTube
javaJava21 Brings Full Pattern Matching #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaLiberty InstantOn provides rapid startup of Spring Boot 3.2 applications
javaMicronaut Framework, Tests, and Test Resources with Sergio Del Amo - YouTube
javaMinborg's Java Pot: Java Records are "Trusted" and Consequently Faster
javaNetty, the IO framework that propels them all By Stephane LANDELLE - YouTube
javaPerformance and Scale Domain Oriented Objects vs Tabular Data Structures By Rustam Mehmandarov, - YouTube
javaRelease your creations into the world with JReleaser! By Tom Cools, Maarten Mulders - YouTube
javaSpeeding up Jenkins, Gradle, and Maven with a Build Cache By Justin Reock - YouTube
javaSpring Framework 6: Strategic Themes By Juergen Hoeller, Sébastien Deleuze - YouTube
javaSpring Framework 6: Strategic Themes By Juergen Hoeller, Sébastien Deleuze - YouTube
javaTradeoffs, Bad Science, and Polar Bears – The World of Java Optimisation By Holly Cummins - YouTube
javaWith Java 21, Your Code Runs Even Faster But How is that Possible? By Per Minborg - YouTube
javaWrite your own Java Profiler in 240 lines of pure Java By Johannes Bechberger - YouTube
javagRPC Supercharged with Armeria By Trustin Lee - YouTube
java,aiDiscovering LangChain4J, the Generative AI orchestration library for Java developers
java,aiIntegrate your Quarkus application with GPT4All | Red Hat Developer
java,aiJava Meets AI: A Hands On Guide to Building LLM Powered Applications with LangChain4j By Lize Raes - YouTube
java,aiLessons learned using Machine Learning in Java By Jago de Vreede - YouTube
java,aiRealtime Java and AI ep10 - JVector and Cassandra - YouTube
java,aiReleased: JVector 1.0
java,aiUsing a Vector Database Doesn't Have to Suck - YouTube
java,dockerDockerfiles, Buildpacks, Jib and more what's the best way to run your Java code in Containers? - YouTube
java,funHow sand and Java are used to create the world’s most powerful chips By Johan Janssen - YouTube
java,securitySecuring Your Java Containers by Breaking In By Brian Vermeer - YouTube
java,systemHow low can you go? Ultra low latency Java in the real world - Daniel Shaya - YouTube
java,systemHow we solved a HotSpot performance puzzle | Red Hat Developer
java,systemJDD 2019: No GC coding techniques for low latency Java, Ivan Zvieriev - YouTube
java,wasmThe JVM vs WebAssembly: An In Depth Comparative Analysis By Shivansh Vij - YouTube
k8sSaving Millions of Dollars by Bin-Packing ClickHouse Pods in AWS EKS
k8s,securitySwimming with the Sharks. IR Kubed. - Nathan Case, Alon Girmonsky - YouTube
pythonIntroducing External Assets and Dagster Pipes -- Dagster Launch Week - Fall 2023 -- Oct 13 2023 - YouTube
rustWhy async Rust? - Without boats, dreams dry up
rust,pythonSponsored Session: Building Python Binding for the Delta Lake Library in Rust - Florian Valeye - YouTube
system"Lessons from building GitHub code search" by Luke Francl (Strange Loop 2023) - YouTube
systemBuilding a Scalable Low Latency Messaging Platform for Equities Trading Business • Alexandra Tessari - YouTube
systemClickHouse Keeper: A ZooKeeper alternative written in C++
systemHierarchical constraint solver - Multi-region clusters with Redpanda - YouTube
system,golangSREcon23 Americas - The Making of an Ultra Low Latency Trading System with Go and Java - YouTube
system,java"A JVM threading model for the containerized times" by Luiz Hespanha and Flavio Brasil - YouTube
system,nativeTrading at light speed: designing low latency systems in C++ - David Gross - Meeting C++ 2022 - YouTube
system,relnoteIntroducing Apache Kafka 3.6
testSpeed Up your API delivery with Microcks By Laurent Broudoux - YouTube

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Fall 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
aiBuilding the Astra Assistant - YouTube
cloud,securityFrom soup to nuts: Building a Detection-as-Code pipeline | by David French (@threatpunter) | threatpunter
dataA super simple and highly customizable Modern Data Stack (MDS) in a box using dlt and MotherDuck | by Rahul Joshi | Aug, 2023 | Medium
dataEmbedded databases (1): The harmony of DuckDB, KùzuDB and LanceDB · The Data Quarry
dataScylla Summit 2022: How ScyllaDB Powers This Next Tech Cycle - YouTube
dataWes McKinney - The Road to Composable Data Systems: Thoughts on the Last 15 Years and the Future
funSize Matters - Lessons Learned from Modernizing Large Java Applications | Ben Wilson (EN) - YouTube
golangStructured Logging for the Standard Library - Jonathan Amsterdam - YouTube
javaContinuations - Under the Covers - YouTube
javaCreate an Eco-Friendly World with Green Software Engineering | Ko Turk & Ionut Balosin (EN) - YouTube
javaFrom CPU to GPU and FPGAs: Supercharging Java Applications with TornadoVM - YouTube
javaGenerational ZGC and Beyond - YouTube
javaHow to monitor Quarkus native executables with JFR | Red Hat Developer
javaJava 21 API New Features #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21 JVM & GC Improvements #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21 new feature: Virtual Threads #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21: So How Should We Construct Strings Now? | by Nataliia Dziubenko | Aug, 2023 | Better Programming
javaJava and GPU … are we nearly there yet? - YouTube
javaMinborg's Java Pot: Java 22: Panama FFM Provides Massive Performance Improvements for Native Strings
javaProject Leyden - Capturing Lightning in a Bottle - YouTube
javaProject Panama - Foreign Function & Memory API - YouTube
javaQuestions regarding Continuations in Java
javaThe Challenges of Introducing Virtual Threads to the Java Platform - Project Loom - YouTube
javaTimefold - How fast is Java 21?
javaUnderstanding Request Latency with Profiling | Richard Startin’s Blog
javaUpgrading from Java 17 to 21 #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaValue Objects in Valhalla - YouTube
java,aiAaron Ploetz and Mary Grygleski's with special guest, Jake Luciani, on our Weekly Chat on Real-time AI and Java
java,golangWelcome to Jacobin JVM | jacobin
java,rustA JVM in Rust part 5 - Executing instructions · Andrea Bergia's Website
java,rustLeveraging Rust in our high-performance Java database | QuestDB
java,systemCassandra Performance Tuning Like You've Been Doing It For Ten Years | Apache Cassandra® Town Hall - YouTube
rustAsync Rust Is A Bad Language
rustLearning Async Rust With Entirely Too Many Web Servers
system24/7 State Replication - YouTube
systemConfluent’s Kora Engine awarded ‘Best Industry Paper’ at VLDB
systemGeeCON 2023: Rafal Foltynski, Nick Palmer - Determinedly deterministic and how it can help you - YouTube
systemHot Deploying Low-Latency Services for 24/7 Operation • Martin Thompson • YOW! 2022 - YouTube
systemScaling search to terabytes on a budget | Quickwit
systemTigerBeetle - A Transactional World by Joran Dirk Greef - YouTube
systemTigerBeetle - How We Use Zig by King Protty - YouTube
systemTigerBeetle - Storage Engine by Chaitanya Bhandari, Rafael Batiati and Federico Lorenzi - YouTube's Multi-Regional Architecture: A Deep Dive - monday Engineering
wasmKeynote: What is a Component (and Why)? - Luke Wagner, Distinguished Engineer, Fastly - YouTube
zigGhostty: A New Terminal Emulator Written in Zig - Mitchell Hashimoto - YouTube

Until next time!