Saturday, February 04, 2023

Winter 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to HackerNews, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit - my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
architectureHow Starling Built Their Own Card Processor - YouTube
cli2023 Top 5 CLI Tools You Need to Know! - YouTube
cliRust Easy! Modern Cross-platform Command Line Tools to Supercharge Your Terminal | Technorage
cloud,securityA retrospective on public cloud breaches of 2022, with Rami McCarthy and Houston Hopkins | Datadog Security Labs
cloud,securityAWS Goat Cloud Pentesting - YouTube
cloud,securityAWS Phishing: Four Ways - High Signal Security
cloud,securityDetecting Anomalous AWS Sessions From Temporary Credentials - 1 of 2
cloud,securityHunting for signs of persistence in the cloud: an IR guide following the CircleCI incident | Wiz Blog
cloud,securityOrca Security Monitors Multiple Risk Factors Simultaneously - YouTube
cloud,securitySSH key injection in Google Cloud Compute Engine [Google VRP]
cultureEvaluating Cultural Fit + Culturesmithing: Everyone Influences Culture Casey Watts - YouTube
data12 Open Source Projects to Watch in 2023 | Voltron Data
dataAccidentally Building a Petabyte-Scale Cybersecurity Data Mesh in Azure With Delta Lake at HSBC - YouTube
dataBig Data Workflow Scheduling Introducing Apache DolphinScheduler - William Kwok - YouTube
dataBuilding Reliable Lakehouses with Apache Pulsar and Delta Lake - Pulsar Summit SF 2022 - YouTube
dataChange Data Capture and Debezium with Gunnar Morling - YouTube
dataCutting the Edge in Fighting Cybercrime: Reverse-Engineering a Search Language to Cross-Compile - YouTube
dataExtracting, converting, and querying data in local files using clickhouse-local
dataGit for Data Lakes How lakeFS Scales data versioning to billions of objects Amit Kesarwani - YouTube
dataIceberg's Best Secret Exploring Metadata Tables Szehon Ho - YouTube
dataIntroducing Datacake, the batteries included framework for building distributed systems in Rust
dataMorel, a data parallel programming language Julian Hyde - YouTube
dataOpenLineage An Open Standard for Data Lineage Ross Turk - YouTube
dataPulsar @ Scale. 200M RPM and Thousand of Instances - Pulsar Summit SF 2022 - YouTube
dataPulsar's Journey in Yahoo!: On prem, Cloud and Hybrid - Pulsar Summit SF 2022 - YouTube
dataShared Foundations Of Composable Data Systems - Biswapesh Chattopadhyay, Google - YouTube
dataThe Future of Presto's Query Optimizer - Bill McKenna, Ahana - YouTube
dataTigerBeetle: Magical Memory Tour! (Joran Dirk Greef) - YouTube
dataUsing Apache Kafka to process 1 trillion inter-service messages
data,annThe Past, Present, and Future of Presto - Philip Bell, Meta - YouTube
javaBuilding a PostgreSQL Wire Protocol Server using Vanilla, Modern Java 21
javaEMT4J – An Easier Upgrade for Java Applications | Adoptium
javaGeeCON 2022: Arkadiusz SokoĊ‚owski - Valhalla: codes like Object, but behaves like int - YouTube
javaGetting Started With Java Development in 2023 — An Opinionated Guide - Gunnar Morling
javaHash4j: a new hash library for Java | Dynatrace Engineering
javaIntelliJ Super Productivity in 45 Minutes - YouTube
javaIntelliJ plugin that annotates calls that perform I/O (disk, network, external svc, etc)
javaJava 20 - From ThreadLocal to ScopedValue with Loom Full Tutorial - YouTube
javaRunning and monitoring a low maintenance web application | Alexander Reelsen (EN) - YouTube
javaSensible JVM Configuration - Kirk Pepperdine - YouTube
javaStreamlining Large-Scale Java Development Using Error Prone • Sander Mak • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
javaYour allocation rate could be hurting vertical scalability - YouTube
javaZGC: The Future of Low-Latency Garbage Collection Is Here - YouTube
java,ann,dataApache Ignite 3.0 Overview - YouTube
java,dataGeeCON 2022: Andrii Rodionov - Implementing Raft protocol with project Loom - YouTube
java,k8sHow to write tests with Fabric8 Kubernetes Client | Red Hat Developer
java,k8sKubernetes Java Client 17.0 Provides Support for Kubernetes 1.25
k8sBest Practices for Applications on Kubernetes for Both Frequent Updates & Stabil... Hiroshi Hayakawa - YouTube
k8sBetter K8s Prometheus Alerts with Robusta: Live Show (Ep 197) - YouTube
k8sKubernetes Debugging techniques - Ephemeral containers - YouTube
k8sPitfalls reloading files from Kubernetes Secret & ConfigMap volumes
k8sWhat I Learnt Fixing 50+ Broken Kubernetes Clusters - David Flanagan - NDC Oslo 2022 - YouTube
k8s,securityMitigating RBAC-Based Privilege Escalation in Popular Kubernetes Platforms
ml,javaMachine Learning Meets IDEs: A JetBrains Case - YouTube
rustPublishing Rust Crates: a Justfile Workflow -
securityLeaking Secrets From GitHub Actions: Reading Files And Environment Variables, Intercepting Network/Process Communication, Dumping Memory
securityWatchTower | Trends and Top Cybersecurity Takeaways from 2022 - SentinelOne
security,k8sEnhancing Kubernetes security with user namespaces | Wiz Blog
systemHorizontally scaling Kafka consumers with rendezvous hashing・Tinybird
systemMayday! Software Lessons From an Aviation Disaster • Adele Carpenter • GOTO 2022 - YouTube
systemStability Patterns and Antipatterns, Michael Nygard - YouTube
testAn Ultimate Guide To BDD - YouTube
testRailsConf 2022 - Testing legacy code when you dislike tests (and legacy code) by Maeve Revels - YouTube
yamlValidate Your YAML (with CUE) - Earthly Blog

Until next time!