Saturday, June 29, 2024

Summer 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for Summer (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
ai,funllama.ttf - font file which is also a large language model and an inference engine
ai,java,mlJoel Knighton – Under the hood of vector search with JVector - YouTube
ai,java,mlRunning Uncensored and Open Source LLMs on Your Local Machine - YouTube
ai,mlAI in electronics: Quilter’s journey in PCB design - YouTube
ai,mlDatadog on LLMs: From Chatbots to Autonomous Agents - YouTube
ai,mlJo Kristian Bergum on X: "..retrieval is search.."
ai,mlMingshi Liu, Owais Kazi – Elevating AI Applications with OpenSearch's Flow Framework and RAG Tool - YouTube
ai,mlPerplexity CTO Denis Yarats on AI-powered search - YouTube
ai,mlShort Musings on AI Engineering and "Failed AI Projects"
ai,mlTeo Narboneta Zosa, Chingis Oinar – Robust AI Search Ranking for Radical C2C Marketplace Growth - YouTube
ai,mlTransforming Search with Perplexity AI’s CTO Denis Yarats - YouTube
ai,ml,sqlSpringAI, llama3 and pgvector: bRAGging rights! - DEV Community
ai,ml,sreScaling Meta’s Infra with GenAI: Journey to faster and smarter Incident Response - YouTube
cloud,securityfwd:cloudsec 2024 North America - Day 1, Breakout 1 - YouTube
cloud,systemNormalization of CSP audit logs with open standards. How to search everywhere at once. - YouTube
data186: Data Fusion and The Future Of Specialized Databases with Andrew Lamb of InfluxData - The Data Stack Show
dataBegun, The Catalog Wars Have - by Chris Riccomini
dataCommand Line Data Processing: Using DuckDB as a Unix Tool – DuckDB
dataData Productivity at Scale - YouTube
dataHow to Get the Most out of Postgres Memory Settings | Tembo
dataSanjeev Mohan, SanjMo & Tony Baer, dbInsight | Databricks Data + AI Summit 2024 - YouTube
dataTrino Engineering @ Microsoft - YouTube
data,relnoteMukul Karnik & Hariharan Gandhi – Delivering the next wave of innovation with OpenSearch - YouTube
data,systemAccelerate performance at scale: Best practices for Trino with Amazon S3 - YouTube
data,systemYingjun Wu - S3 as the state store for stream processing systems - YouTube
docker,relnoteWhat's New in Podman 5 - DevConf.CZ 2024 - YouTube
golangGo evolves in the wrong direction | by Aliaksandr Valialkin | Jun, 2024 | Medium
javaDevneuxs 2024 - Spring off the HTTP High Dive into an Optimized Connection Pool - John Coyne - YouTube
javaEfficient containers with Spring Boot 3, Java 21 and CDS by Sébastien Deleuze @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
javaEssential Information on Virtual Threads · SAP/SapMachine Wiki
javaGraphQL Java and Spring: The Latest Features by Rossen Stoyanchev @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
javaRadu Gheorghe, Rafał Kuć – Heap sizing and GC tuning for Solr and friends - YouTube
javaSpring I/O 2024 Keynote - YouTube
javaSpring Tips: Spring Modulith - YouTube
javaThe Future of Java Performance in Serverless: Native Java, CRaC and Project Leydens @ Spring I/O 24 - YouTube
javaThe good, the bad, the native by Gregorio Palamà @ Spring I/O 2024 - YouTube
java,k8sImplementing Kubernetes operators in Java with Micronaut by Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal Arnaiz - YouTube
k8sLars Francke, Jannik Heyl – Lessons learned writing 10+ Kubernetes Operators - YouTube
miscCoatue’s Laffont on AI Darlings and Opportunities in Today’s Markets - YouTube
miscMaking an impact through authenticity and curiosity | Ami Vora (CPO at Faire, ex-WhatsApp, FB, IG) - Lenny's Podcast
miscRedefining the Silicon Valley Startup with HashiCorp Co-Founder Armon Dadgar - YouTube
mlAnsgar Gruene, Dharin Shah, Alexander Butenko – Text to Context: How We Introduced Hybrid Search - YouTube
mlDoug Turnbull, Charles Njoroge – Learning to Rank for Reddit Search: A Project Retro - YouTube
mlIndex 2024 Talk: How DoorDash Personalizes the Shopping Experience - YouTube
mlLuuk Kaandorp, Vincent Peijnenburg - The Power of the Bonus Card: Road to Personalised Search - YouTube
ml,systemCorey J. Nolet, Vivek Narang – cuVS and Lucene: GPU-based Vector Search - YouTube
rustDioxus Labs + “High-level Rust”
securityCisco Secure Firewall: Intelligent Security Powered by Talos - YouTube
securityCisco XDR Detection Analytics and Gen AI - YouTube
securityOverview of Fortinet Universal SASE - YouTube
systemA Cost Analysis of Replication vs S3 Express One Zone in Transactional Data Systems — Jack Vanlightly
systemApache Kafka Done Right - YouTube
systemArkadiusz Trawiński - Log messages processing using NLP tools | PyData London 2024 - YouTube
systemBatch Data & Streaming Data in one Atom (with Jove Zhong) - YouTube
systemHow FourKites runs a scalable and cost-effective log analytics solution to handle petabytes of logs - YouTube
systemIlan Ginzburg – Search in the Cloud: separation of compute and storage - YouTube
systemMemoryDB: Speed, Durability, and Composition. - Marc's Blog
systemMultiple Regions, Single Pane of Glass - WarpStream - Stream More, Manage Less
systemReimplementing Apache Kafka with Golang and S3 - YouTube
systemStefan Sprenger - Taming the cost of Kafka workloads in the cloud - YouTube
zigWhat's Zig got that C, Rust and Go don't have? (with Loris Cro) - YouTube

Until next time!