Friday, January 26, 2007

StreamCruncher 1.06 Beta is now available!

This release contains 2 new features, both of them have to do with improvements in the Query language. The first addition is the case..when..then..else..end clause. Most Databases support this in the select.. clause. An extremely useful feature to handle null column values, to rewrite column values etc.

The second addition is the first n or top n or the limit m offset n clauses. SC does not validate which clause you should use for the Database being used underneath. If the Database you are using supports the first n clause like Oracle TimesTen, then use it. If you are using H2 Database and you want to truncate the ResultSet, then you should use the limit m offset n clause. Check your DB's manual to find out which clause to use.

Both features in this release work only if the Database being used supports those clauses. Have a look at CaseWhenClauseTest and TopOrLimitClauseTest to see how it works.

The first m or its equivalent clause will prove to very useful if you just want to sample just a few Rows/Events without having to retrieve all the Events/Rows, which is always time consuming.