Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas trip to Grand Canyon and Bryce

This weekend I drove up to Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon with friends. Spent a lot of time driving though. The weather was surprisingly good. It had snowed a few days ago, but not when we were there. But it was obviously, very cold. Unbearably so, during the early mornings and evenings when we stayed out in the open to watch the sunrise and set.

The North rim of Grand Canyon was closed for the season. We went to the South Rim. We didn't hike. Don't think the trails were open anyway.

From GC, we went to Bryce Canyon. On the way, we stopped at Page to visit Antelope Canyon. Another wonderful water carved canyon. I forgot to carry my Camera tripod with me and missed a good photo op. But I'm sure it wouldn't have made a big difference (a beginner that I am). This place must be visited during summer when the sun shines into the canyon in narrow shafts and lights up the canyon walls, making for a splendid display.

We should also have visited Lake Powell, Vermillion Caves and other places nearby but didn't have the time to.

Bryce Canyon was an altogether different experience. Hard to believe 3 vastly different looking Canyons can be found within a day's drive of each other. Bryce was open for hiking. We did the Navajo loop. We started from Sunrise point and hiked up to Sunset point. The weather was good here too. The skies were clear with a color so blue that I had never imagined was possible.

On our way back, we tried to visit Meteor Crater but it was closed for X'mas.

Well, all in all it was a very pleasant trip.