Thursday, July 31, 2008

Windy Hill

Last weekend I hiked for about 5 miles in Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. Just a few miles off of 280N - Alpine Road. I simply loved this place. Although I missed the (Hamm Gulch) trail I had intended to take on my way back, I didn't mind coming down the steep Spring Ridge Trail again. The beautiful view of the Bay Area from up there should not be missed. The best part was the bench that faces the Bay. To be able to sit there and take in the view alone was worth the effort.

The trail markers are confusing, especially if you start from Portola Road. I couldn't find the route to Hamm Gulch. Instead, I went up Spring Ridge and then at the summit, I went down Anniversary Trail, thinking that I'd be able to find the other end of Hamm Gulch. But I missed it completely and found myself trundling down Spring Ridge again! Strangely, I learnt from my co-worker the next day that he too had got lost there before.

Oh yeah, there's a reason why it's called "Windy Hill".


vishvAs vAsuki said...

It would be very neat if your blog's RSS feed were to dispense full articles, rather than just the titles..

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Done. Thanks for letting me know!