Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sanborn-Skyline County Park (this time for real)

This is another nice park that intersects the fabled Skyline trail. The entrance is on the way to Big Basin and very easy to miss which I did a few weeks ago. So, this time I made the correct turn and made it about 2.5 hours before what looked like a Wedding party about to start. There must've been about 25 cars lined up at the gate that I saw while heading back home.

Well, the park itself is quite big and very nice. I wouldn't mind attending a party on the lush lawns and cozy picnic spots. There's a $6 parking fee. It's manned so, you don't have to worry about exact change, I think.

There was only 1 "long" trail that was open. I started on the Peterson trail, which is quite steep. It then merges with Sanborn trail and then goes all the way to meet the Skyline trail. It's about 2.4 miles to the Skyline trail, may be a little more. I continued for a few minutes on Skyline. Stopped for a snack and then headed back on the same Sanborn and Peterson trails.

Every time I go hiking under the Redwoods, I've noticed a sweet, mildly smoky, intoxicating smell usually where there is a patch on sunlight. I've tried stopping to get a second lung full and never managed to find it again. It's been driving me nuts. This strange, ephemeral smell always reminds me of the weird Picnic at Hanging Rock movie.

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A-kay said...

We did pretty much the same hike today and went there after reading about it on the bahiker site - it was a pretty good hike. Nice to find another bahiker follower :)