Saturday, July 25, 2009

Resistance to "shady" Algo trading

If you've been following recent technology trends in high speed Algorithmic trading which sort of intersects with CEP/ESP technologies, then you must've wondered at some point about what goes on in those big Wall St companies like Hedge funds and the like.

As an individual investor (if you can call us that) dabbling in the stock market with minuscule amounts of hard earned money - we often ask yourselves if we really are getting a good deal.

It turns out that the mainstream Press has caught wind of their questionable activities. It's no surprise that the Finance industry does this but still when it's laid out in such simple words before you, it's quite horrifying:

1) Senator Wants Restrictions on High-Speed Trading

2) Is Wall Street Picking Our Pockets?


(Update Sep 14 2009):
Recent ban on Flash orders - Gone in .50 Seconds