Monday, November 30, 2009

Road trip to Mt Rainier & Seattle via Weed

Last weekend I went on a road trip to Mt Rainier and Seattle WA via Portland. Portland, OR during Thanksgiving eve and couple that with non-stop rains it wasn't the best time to visit what seemed like a deserted city.

A nice lake on the way to Rainier and the sunny weather mislead us into believing that it would be nice at the summit too. Boy were we wrong..

We headed to Mt Rainier only to find out that the trails needed snow shoes and ski season wasn't going to open until mid-December. Not that I wanted to ski, but bad weather followed us here too. We went as far as the visitor center and still did not catch a glimpse of the summit.

Strangely, Seattle turned out to be nice. It didn't rain for almost 1.5 days straight! If you visit Seattle, make sure you visit the Museum of Flight. My friends who did the Underground Tour said it was also worth it. There were several other places we could've visited but we ran out of time.

We drove past Mt Shastha, CA on our way back and pretended that it was Mt Rainier and justified our long trip to WA.

Mt Shastha from Weed, CA (Yes, Weed is a city in CA and no they don't sell weed).

Until next time....