Thursday, May 13, 2010

Orient database, Zookeeper, Interest rates, Yield curves and more NoSQL

By now you would've thought that people had stopped developing old fashioned datastores...well think again. I chanced upon another database - Orient. It supports many modes (or claims to) - raw storage, SQL, Object oriented along with ACID transactions.. sounds very interesting. And it's under the Apache License.

We've been reading so much about Hadoop and Cassandra and NoSQL everywhere, but not much about another essential Hadoop sub-project. It's worth using in its own right - ZooKeeper. Check out their recipes page.

Some more ZooKeeper coverage on other blogs:

Voldemort vs Cassandra...Wait.wait...this is not a rehash of that Twitter-Cassandra article that's making its rounds on the interwebs. This is a performance comparison -

Had enough of reading about software? How about investments and interest rates and Fed policies? It's a nice distraction:

Until next time.