Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making your online reading even more pleasant

What better way to read a whole bunch of articles that you've been saving for later than to "print" it all and read?

I'm a heavy user of Readable and Readability, but nothing beats printing everything into a PDF, logging off and then reading it comfortably on your ebook reader (if you have one, which I don't. Yet). Well..paper if you really have to.

After a lot of searching I found this wonderful addon for Firefox which lets you print all your webpages, html or text files on disk from the command-line. With this tool you can even write a batch file with all your links and print them into PDFs from the command line (via: MozillaWiki).

Once you've generated all your PDFs, you can even merge them all into a giant PDF using this.

And you are all set!


Uma Bharath (nee Jagannath) said...

Hey, thanks a ton! Just what I needed - the readable app and the PDF split and merge - what with the tons of PDFs I have to read/ refer and churn out. Don't have a book reader yet... thanks, again!

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Readability is probably working on another goody to print using Readability styles - Issue 4

Anonymous said...

There is improved Readability version with "Save to PDF" option

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Print Wikipedia articles as a PDF/Book! -