Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sharding, distributed object graphs and other reading material

[Minor update: June 20, 2011]

Some interesting notes on sharding/data partitioning using SQL:

  1. Database sharding at netlog with MySql and PHP
  2. Distributed Set Processing with Shard-Query
  3. Data partitioning - scaling database
  4. Some previously described here

But, these are more interesting - notes on designing a complex, distributed, object graph:
  1. Beyond the Data Grid: Coherence, Normalisation, Joins and Linear Scalability
  2. Avatara - LinkedIn's home grown OLAP
  3. Some previously described here 

I came across ActiveJDBC (yeah yeah.. I know what you are thinking.. another ORM) but this is simple and only aims to solve the simple (80%) cases. Very unobtrusive.

Some IO related system internals:

A detour:
Until next time!