Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guicing up your app with Google Guice

I've created a simple but not completely trivial demo application using Guice. This is something I did to understand and compare Google-Guice with JBoss Weld's CDI RI for Java SE.

This project is a pure Guice project called Guice-Demo (duh) . Here's the source. Well, that's all there is. I thought this would be of some use to other first time users. The project wiki/docs are minimal and I might add some info later on, when I have the time. Until then I hope that the code is self explanatory.

If you are interested in the Java CDI standard, then this is useful. Weld also works on JavaSE but has no control over classpath scanning for injection and makes starts up times slower and somewhat wasteful.

Guice's module creation is very straightforward. It also allows creating multiple Injector instances.

Both Weld and Guice are not very unit test friendly as you will see here.



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