Wednesday, February 27, 2013

YesSQL, JVMs that need to be NUMA aware & other stories

Here's a whole bunch of fascinating reading material I've accumulated these past few months. You can tell there's a lot of love going on for SQL/RDBMS. Then some crazy JVM deployments that make you sit up and wonder. There's also quite a bit of performance related articles on UI/browser technologies. 

Data tier:
Here's a nice tool that I've filed for later. Esp useful if you find yourself doing production/support calls - Your logs are your data: logstash + elasticsearch. Sort of a poor man's Splunk. 

UI (mostly beating the life out of HTTP and JavaScript):
After covering all 3 tiers - DBs, JVMs and UIs, why stop there when you can finish it off by learning something about QA/unit testing? Here are some relatively new JUnit features (they've finally caught up with TestNG):

That should keep you busy for several days. Until next time!