Sunday, September 02, 2018

Late Summer 2018 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some late Summer tech reading for you (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

dataA simple spell checker built from word vectors – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
dataApache Cassandra's 10 year Anniversary Special | DataStax - YouTube
dataCounting is Hard: Probabilistic Algorithms for View Counting at Reddit
dataFilter Before You Parse: Faster Analytics on Raw Data with Sparser · Stanford DAWN
dataLower Latency Graph Queries in Cypher with Redis GraphRoi Lipman, Redis LabsTim Davis, Texas A&M U - YouTube
dataScaling SQLite to 4M QPS on a Single Server (EC2 vs Bare Metal) « Expensify Blog
dataSynchronous replication across data center for messaging system at Uber - Mingmin Chen, Hongliang Xu - YouTube
dataThe Cost of Containerization for Your Scylla - ScyllaDB
dataTowards 3B time-series data points per day: Why DNSFilter replaced InfluxDB with TimescaleDB
data,flux,sqlSQL vs. Flux: Choosing the right query language for time-series data
data,flux,sqlThe Design of IFQL, the New Influx Functional Query Language - YouTube
devopsFrom 6 Month Waterfall To 1h Code Deploys - Andreas Grabner - YouTube
funCliff Click - Lessons from a Big Data Machine Learning Startup - YouTube
funFatih Arslan on Twitter: "homebrew users: periodic reminder to run "brew cleanup -s" to scrub the cache and remove downloads from old versions. Just freed 1.8GB of disk space."
funGOTO 2018 • Secrets of Effective Communication You Can Learn (from my Failures!) • Benjamin Mitchell - YouTube
funGrowth Is Not the Only Goal – The Business Behind jOOQ
funInside the Beach House Connecting the World’s Internet - YouTube
funIt’s Time for the Open Source Community to Get Real | Blog | InfluxData
funKarl Isenberg on Twitter: "Even with kubeadm and a team of 6 you can’t get upstream K8s production ready in 6 months. We tried. Hard Problems: - High Availability - Single Sign On - Multitennancy - Resource Isolation - Permission Management - Upgrades - Backups - Package Management - CI/CD Integration…"
funWhich of these books do you own?… "
funSupercharged! Vehicle Physics in Skylanders - YouTube
fun,k8sKubernetes Advanced Scheduling - heating the Netherlands with Kubernetes - YouTube
fun,sysfastcat - A Faster `cat` Implementation Using Splice
golangTobi on Twitter: "This comment on the Go 2 release draft on reddit is spot on. My dislike of Go is very much rooted in the authors apparent misconception of “complexity” and what in turn happens if you want to build a “simple” language.…"
javaAd-hoc Plugins with Gradle – Eugene Petrenko
javaAvoid stepping on page faults while writing to MappedByteBuffer - Google Groups
javaBrics Vs RE2/J
javaContract Tests in the Enterprise Conference - Marcin Grzejszczak - YouTube
javaEvolving the Java Language with @BrianGoetz - YouTube
javaFYI: Changes to Garbage Collection in JDK11
javaGeeCON 2018: Marcin MoskaƂa - Kotlin Coroutines in Action - YouTube
javaInside the Java SDK: Connection Management | The Couchbase Blog
javaJava Puzzlers NG: The strange, the bizarre, and the wonderful - Voxxed Days Singapore 2018 - YouTube
javaLightweight fibres for TruffleRuby. -
javaLoom prototype publicly available
javaProject Loom with Ron Pressler and Alan Bateman - YouTube
javaThe 6 Memory Metrics You Should Track in Your Java Benchmarks |
javaThe Business Behind 5 Years of Data Geekery and 10 Years of jOOQ
javaThe Future of the Java Platform and the JDK: Who is in Charge? - YouTube
javaWouter Coekaerts » The Java type system is broken
java,graalStream API performance with GraalVM – graalvm – Medium
java,graalVert.x native image awesomeness!
java,reactiveDon’t use Reactive Streams in Java 9+ - Jacek Kunicki - YouTube
java,testingAutomatic tests for webservice with RestAssured, WireMock and Testcontainers libraries. · Sysco Middleware
java,testingMarc Philipp — JUnit 5 extensions: from conditional test execution to test templates - YouTube
k8sDebugging TCP socket leak in a Kubernetes cluster – Hasura
k8sMicroservice'ing like a Unicorn with Kubernetes, Envoy, and Istio
kafka,monitorIntroducing Kafka-Kit: Tools for Scaling Kafka
sysEnvoy Internals Deep Dive - Matt Klein, Lyft (Advanced Skill Level) - YouTube
sysIntroducing Envoy-Based Service Mesh at - Ivan Kruglov, - YouTube
sysgRPC Deep Dive – Sree Kuchibhotla & Jayant Kolhe, Google (Intermediate Skill Level) - YouTube

Until next time!