Sunday, August 30, 2020

Late Summer 2020 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading for your late Summer break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
cloudDevOpsDays Seattle 2019: The AWS Billing Machine and Optimizing Cloud Costs by Ryan Lopopolo - YouTube
cloudOur AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here's how we did it | Blog
cloudThe AWS bill heard around the world -
dataAWS re:Invent 2017: Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS (ABD201) - YouTube
dataAWS re:Invent 2017: Deep Dive on Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier Infrastructure, with spe (STG301) - YouTube
dataBenchmarking Kafka vs. Pulsar vs. RabbitMQ: Which is Fastest?
dataDatadog on RocksDB - YouTube
dataIntroducing Apache Cassandra 4.0 Beta: Battle Tested From Day One
dataIntroducing HerdDB : a distributed JVM embeddable database built upon Apache BookKeeper——Enrico - YouTube
dataMyRocks in the Wild Wild West! - YouTube
dataScyllaDB: No-Compromise Performance (Avi Kivity) - YouTube
funCNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape
go,langEarly Impressions of Go from a Rust Programmer | PingCAP
go,langHow We Created a Realtime Patient Monitoring System With Go and Vue in 3 days - - a personal blog space
groovy,langUsing GraalVM native-image with a Groovy script - YouTube
javaAlexey Ragozin: Lies, darn lies and sampling bias
javaEat What You Kill without Starvation! – Webtide
javaEvent-driven integration on Kubernetes with Camel & KEDA | Tom Donohue
javaFinalizing in JDK 16 - Pattern matching for instanceof
javaFinalizing in JDK 16 - Records
javaHow I Built a Serverless Search for My Blog - Gunnar Morling
javaMicronaut Launch - What's new in Micronaut 2.0 - YouTube
javaSub-10 ms Latency in Java: Concurrent GC with Green Threads · Hazelcast Jet
javaTornadoVM: A Virtual Machine for Exploiting ​High-Performance Heterogeneous ​Execution of Java Prog… - YouTube
javaWhats New in Spring Boot 2.3 - YouTube
java,dataLaunch HN: QuestDB (YC S20) – Fast open source time series database | Hacker News
k8sBuilding a Kubernetes platform at Pinterest | by Pinterest Engineering | Pinterest Engineering Blog | Medium
k8sFOSDEM 2020 - PostgreSQL on K8S at Zalando: Two years in production
k8sKubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020: Standardizing Applications For the Cloud...
k8sKubernetes at Datadog Scale - YouTube
k8sMaybe You Don't Need Kubernetes | Matthias Endler
k8sOpen Application Model: Carving building blocks for Platforms - Cloud Native Computing Foundation
langCoroutines Explained
meshHacking the Mesh: Extending Istio with WebAssembly Modules | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
meshRiding the Tiger: Lessons Learned Implementing Istio – zwischenzugs
perfThe Coordinated Omission Problem in the Benchmark Tools
rust,langMy Bet on Rust has been Vindicated
systemIntel Optane Persistent Memory Usages - YouTube
systemJepsen: Dgraph 1.1.1
systemJepsen: Redis-Raft
systemLeader election in distributed systems
systemStatic stability using Availability Zones
systemUnder the hood of Linkerd's state-of-the-art Rust proxy : rust
systemUsing load shedding to avoid overload

Until next time!