Saturday, August 06, 2022

Summer 2022 tech reading

Hi there. Here's some tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
architecture[VDBUH22] Philipp Krenn - The State of OpenTelemetry - YouTube
dataAlessandro Benedetti – Neural Search Comes to Apache Solr: Approximate Nearest Neighbor, BERT & more - YouTube
dataAmrit Sarkar – Kafka Monitoring: What Matters! - YouTube
dataBPF origin story and the future of telemetry analytics - YouTube
dataBuilding web-scale observability at Slack, Pinterest & Twitter - YouTube
dataCitus 11: A look at the Elicorn's Horn | Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 2022 - YouTube
dataETL - Extract Trino Load - A Case for Trino as a Batch Processing Engine - YouTube
dataFast results using Iceberg and Trino - YouTube
dataHakan Lofcali – Cloud-native ETL with Java Quarkus, Kubernetes, and Jib Container Builder - YouTube
dataJo Kristian Bergum – AI-powered Semantic Search; A story of broken promises? - YouTube
dataLet's Optimize Relational Database Access | foojay
dataNon-relational Postgres - Bruce Momjian | Percona Live 2022 - YouTube
dataPetros Angelatos – Change data capture with Debezium…and without - YouTube
dataRadical Speed on the Lakehouse: Photon Under the Hood - YouTube
dataRethinking Orchestration as Reconciliation: Software-Defined Assets in Dagster - YouTube
dataRichard Goodman – Using Solr unconventionally to serve 26bn+ documents - YouTube
dataSF Big Analytics_20220505: How can StarRocks outperform ClickHouse, Apache Druid and Trino - YouTube
dataSFBigAnalytics_20220607: Zookeeper vs Raft: Stateful Distributed Coordination with High Availability - YouTube
dataScaling AI Workloads with the Ray Ecosystem - YouTube
dataSnap: Developing Faster, Cheaper, and Highly Scalable Solutions at Scale - YouTube
dataState of Trino 2021 - YouTube
dataTimo Walther – Changelog Stream Processing with Apache Flink - YouTube
dataTrino at LinkedIn - YouTube
dataUmesh Dangat – NrtSearch: Yelp’s fast, scalable, and cost-effective open source search engine - YouTube
dataWho Viewed My LinkedIn Profile? Apache Pinot vs Druid & Real-Time Analytics | Kishore G., StarTree - YouTube
data,javaOpenSearch 2.0 and beyond with Eli - YouTube
data,systemBonsaiDb performance update: A deep-dive on file synchronization
data,systemDurability and Redo Logging
ebpf,systemMonitoring Kafka without instrumentation with eBPF - Antón Rodríguez - YouTube
fun"With" for records -- Brian Goetz : java
funBreaking Analysis: Tech Spending Intentions are Holding Despite Macro Concerns - YouTube
fun[VDBUH22] Nathaniel Schutta - Fallacies of Software Development - YouTube
fun,systemHow socat and UNIX Pipes Can Help Data Integration - YouTube
javaHearts of Darkness: A Spring DevOps Apocalypse by Joris Kuipers @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaJava Asynchronous Programming Full Tutorial with Loom and Structured Concurrency - JEP Café #13 - YouTube
javaJobRunr - Easy Distributed Job Scheduling by Ronald Dehuysser @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaLaunching 10 millions virtual threads with Loom - JEP Café #12 - YouTube
javaMajor migrations made easy by Tim te Beek @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
javaProject Panama for Newbies (Part 1) | Foojay Today
javaSpring Cloud Gateway: Resilience, Security, and Observability by Thomas Vitale @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
java[VDBUH22] Ixchel Ruiz - Releasing Fast, Easy and Consistently - YouTube
java,k8sBootiful Kubernetes Operators by Cora Iberkleid and Josh Long @ Spring I/O 2022 - YouTube
java,k8sCloud Tool Time - Eclipse Che and DevWorkspace Engine - YouTube
java,k8sFabric8 Kubernetes Client 6.0.0-RC1 is now available! - Marc Nuri
java,k8sSprint 218 - Fabric8 Kubernetes Client JUnit 5 Extension - YouTube
java,langComparing Native Java REST API Frameworks - YouTube
java,systemArtificial Intelligence planning with OptaPlanner | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
java,systemSIMD accelerated sorting in Java - how it works and why it was 3x faster · James Baker
java,systemUwe Schindler – The future of Lucene's MMapDirectory: Why use it & what's coming with Java19 & later - YouTube
java,uiModern frontends using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf with htmx by Wim Deblauwe @ Spring I/O - YouTube
java,uiQuinoa: A modern Quarkus UI with no hassles | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
jvmImprove performance of floating-point number parsing (Schubfach) · Issue #577 · FasterXML/jackson-core
jvmJava at Speed - YouTube
jvm,langLoom and Thread Fairness - Gunnar Morling
jvm,langProperty-based testing in Kotlin and Java with jqwik - YouTube
jvm,langRoman Kennke — Project Lilliput: Shrinking object headers in the Hotspot JVM - YouTube
jvm,langThe Diabolical Developer's Guide to JVM Ergonomics in Containers by Martijn Verburg - YouTube
jvm,langThe future of Java | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
k8sExtending applications on Kubernetes with multi-container pods
k8sNoaa Barki – What we learned from reading 100+ Kubernetes Post-Mortems - YouTube
k8sObserving Fastly’s Network at Scale Thanks to K8s and the Stri... Fernando Crespo & Daniel Caballero - YouTube
k8sThe CRDs that Broke the Camel's Back - Alper Rifat Ulucinar, Upbound - YouTube
k8s,jvmFantastic Java Apps and how to kubify them with Dekorate | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
k8s,securityHow to Improve the Security of Your Applications with Kubernetes Security Scanners | by Que Sengmany | Medium
k8s,securityKomrade: an Open-Source Security Chaos Engineering (SCE) Tool for... Aaron Rinehart & Matas Kulkovas - YouTube
k8s,securityPolicyReport CRD: Manage Admission Control, Runtime, and Scan Reports! - YouTube
k8s,securitySecure access to GKE workloads with Workload Identity - YouTube
k8s,securityThreat Hunting at Scale: Auditing Thousands of Clusters With Falco + F... Furkan Türkal & Emin Aktaş - YouTube
k8s,securityThreat Modelling Kubernetes: A Lightspeed Introduction - Lewis Denham-Parry, Control Plane - YouTube
lang,jvmIntegrating Loom in Quarkus | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
lang,jvmJava on CRaC: Superfast JVM Application Startup by Simon Ritter - YouTube
lang,jvmJulien Ponge — "Simply reactive" with Vert.x, Mutiny, Hibernate Reactive and Quarkus - YouTube
lang,jvmMoving to Java 17 in production by Andrzej Grzesik - YouTube
lang,jvmTake a walk on the client side | DevNation Day at Devoxx UK - YouTube
security5 Open Source Security Tools All Developers Should Know About - Ran Regenstreif, Jit - YouTube
securityFalco to Pluginfinity and Beyond - Leonardo Grasso & Jason Dellaluce, Sysdig - YouTube
securitySLSA • SBOM + SLSA: Accelerating SBOM success with the help of SLSA
securitySteve Poole — Practical steps for creating safer software (Code included) - YouTube
securityThomas Fricke – Optimizing Containers for Security and Scaling - YouTube
securityVault Updates & Future Direction [Abridged] 2022 - YouTube
security,cloudAzure Security Fundamentals - Level 200 - YouTube
security,jvmImplement defence in depth for your Java API:s by Tobias Ahnoff and Erica Löfström - YouTube
security,k8sHarbor, Cosign, and Kyverno for Software Supply Chain Security in Kubernetes | nirmata
sreHow to sleep better at night and survive on-call with Robusta Automations by Natan Yellin - YouTube
systemDragonfly Cache Design · These are the wrong sort of bees
systemHow fast are Linux pipes anyway?
systemLinux Kernel vs DPDK: HTTP Performance Showdown |
systemNomad: Past, Present, and Future - YouTube
systemSave by using Anything Other than a NAT Gateway
system,jvmTuning Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform for Graviton2 using Amazon Corretto | AWS Developer Tools Blog
test,chaosBPMN meets Chaos Engineering | Zeebe Chaos
wasm,systemMD DevDays: WebAssembly, the container killer? - YouTube

Until next time!