Sunday, September 17, 2023

Fall 2023 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some tech reading (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
aiBuilding the Astra Assistant - YouTube
cloud,securityFrom soup to nuts: Building a Detection-as-Code pipeline | by David French (@threatpunter) | threatpunter
dataA super simple and highly customizable Modern Data Stack (MDS) in a box using dlt and MotherDuck | by Rahul Joshi | Aug, 2023 | Medium
dataEmbedded databases (1): The harmony of DuckDB, KùzuDB and LanceDB · The Data Quarry
dataScylla Summit 2022: How ScyllaDB Powers This Next Tech Cycle - YouTube
dataWes McKinney - The Road to Composable Data Systems: Thoughts on the Last 15 Years and the Future
funSize Matters - Lessons Learned from Modernizing Large Java Applications | Ben Wilson (EN) - YouTube
golangStructured Logging for the Standard Library - Jonathan Amsterdam - YouTube
javaContinuations - Under the Covers - YouTube
javaCreate an Eco-Friendly World with Green Software Engineering | Ko Turk & Ionut Balosin (EN) - YouTube
javaFrom CPU to GPU and FPGAs: Supercharging Java Applications with TornadoVM - YouTube
javaGenerational ZGC and Beyond - YouTube
javaHow to monitor Quarkus native executables with JFR | Red Hat Developer
javaJava 21 API New Features #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21 JVM & GC Improvements #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21 new feature: Virtual Threads #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaJava 21: So How Should We Construct Strings Now? | by Nataliia Dziubenko | Aug, 2023 | Better Programming
javaJava and GPU … are we nearly there yet? - YouTube
javaMinborg's Java Pot: Java 22: Panama FFM Provides Massive Performance Improvements for Native Strings
javaProject Leyden - Capturing Lightning in a Bottle - YouTube
javaProject Panama - Foreign Function & Memory API - YouTube
javaQuestions regarding Continuations in Java
javaThe Challenges of Introducing Virtual Threads to the Java Platform - Project Loom - YouTube
javaTimefold - How fast is Java 21?
javaUnderstanding Request Latency with Profiling | Richard Startin’s Blog
javaUpgrading from Java 17 to 21 #RoadTo21 - YouTube
javaValue Objects in Valhalla - YouTube
java,aiAaron Ploetz and Mary Grygleski's with special guest, Jake Luciani, on our Weekly Chat on Real-time AI and Java
java,golangWelcome to Jacobin JVM | jacobin
java,rustA JVM in Rust part 5 - Executing instructions · Andrea Bergia's Website
java,rustLeveraging Rust in our high-performance Java database | QuestDB
java,systemCassandra Performance Tuning Like You've Been Doing It For Ten Years | Apache Cassandra® Town Hall - YouTube
rustAsync Rust Is A Bad Language
rustLearning Async Rust With Entirely Too Many Web Servers
system24/7 State Replication - YouTube
systemConfluent’s Kora Engine awarded ‘Best Industry Paper’ at VLDB
systemGeeCON 2023: Rafal Foltynski, Nick Palmer - Determinedly deterministic and how it can help you - YouTube
systemHot Deploying Low-Latency Services for 24/7 Operation • Martin Thompson • YOW! 2022 - YouTube
systemScaling search to terabytes on a budget | Quickwit
systemTigerBeetle - A Transactional World by Joran Dirk Greef - YouTube
systemTigerBeetle - How We Use Zig by King Protty - YouTube
systemTigerBeetle - Storage Engine by Chaitanya Bhandari, Rafael Batiati and Federico Lorenzi - YouTube's Multi-Regional Architecture: A Deep Dive - monday Engineering
wasmKeynote: What is a Component (and Why)? - Luke Wagner, Distinguished Engineer, Fastly - YouTube
zigGhostty: A New Terminal Emulator Written in Zig - Mitchell Hashimoto - YouTube

Until next time!