Saturday, April 13, 2024

Spring break 2024 tech reading

Hi! Here's some tech reading for your Spring break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
1brc,javaOne Billion Rows Challenge - Jaromír Hamala (QuestDB) - BrnoJUG 2024-03-20 - YouTube
ai,fun,javaBuilding AI-Ready Platforms -Symphony for Developer and Platform Engineer -Thomas Vitale & Lize Raes - YouTube
cloud,securityIntroducing TrailDiscover: Simplifying Access to Security Insights about CloudTrail Events | by Adan | Mar, 2024 | Medium
data213 Scaling Heights Mastering Postgres Database Vertical Scalability with Kubernetes Storage Magic - YouTube
dataA Graph Database That You Can Embed - KuzuDB - YouTube
dataFlink's SQL Engine: Let's Open the Engine Room! with Timo Walther
dataPrefect and ClickHouse: Real-time event driven orchestration - YouTube
dataRamp and ClickHouse: Adopting ClickHouse for real-time OLAP Platform - YouTube
data,k8sWe Tested and Compared 6 Database Operators. The Results are In ! - YouTube
data,relnoteDifferential Storage: A Key Building Block For A DuckDB-Based Data Warehouse
data,relnoteIterating terabyte-sized ClickHouse tables in production
data,sqlHow Figma's Databases Team Lived to Tell the Scale | Figma Blog
data,system(Tigerbeetle) Redesigning OLTP for a New Order of Magnitude - InfoQ
ebpf,javaJVM & TLS: eBPF's Out-of-Comfort Zone - Valeri Pliskin, Datadog - YouTube
golang,systemBuilding a Highly Concurrent Cache in Go: A Hitchhiker's Guide - Speaker Deck
golang,systemMeasuring your system’s performance using software (Go edition) – Daniel Lemire's blog
javaA Better JNI: Project Panama - YouTube
javaDigging Inside the JVM | LinkedIn
javaHello, Java 22!
javaHow fast is Java 22?
javaJava 22 Is Here, And It's Ready To Rock
javaJava 22 and IntelliJ IDEA | The IntelliJ IDEA Blog
javaThe Arrival of Java 22
javaThe unknowns of JUnit 5 (Mike Kowalski) - YouTube
javaWhat’s New in Java 22 in 2 Minutes... More or Less - Sip of Java - YouTube
java,pythonWhat’s new in Truffle 24.0 and Graal Languages | by Alina Yurenko | graalvm | Mar, 2024 | Medium
java,relnoteCommonhaus Foundation: Now Open! · commonhaus/foundation · Discussion #123
java,relnoteJDK Mission Control 9.0.0 Released! – Marcus Hirt
java,systemMaximizing Performance and Efficiency in Financial Trading Systems through Vertical Scalability and Effective Testing - InfoQ
java,systemThe Journey to a Million Ops / Sec / Node in Venice - InfoQ
k8sConnecting Millions of Containers Spanning Dozens of Clusters - YouTube
k8sWhat's New in Operator Framework? - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM & Varsha Narsing, Red Hat - YouTube
k8s,systemZonal Outage Operational Stories - Jyoti Ranjan Mahapatra & Shyam Jeedigunta, Amazon Web Services - YouTube
miscJackson moving into CommonHaus Foundation | by @cowtowncoder | Apr, 2024 | Medium
miscStartup Lessons from 25 Years and Five Startups - Tim Enwall, Fermyon Technologies, Inc. - YouTube
observabilityTelemetry Showdown: Fluent Bit Vs. OpenTelemetry Collector - a Comprehensive... - Henrik Rexed - YouTube
observability,systemHow we Built a 19 PiB Logging Platform with ClickHouse and Saved Millions
rustThe State of Async Rust: Runtimes | corrode Rust Consulting
securityEverything I know about the XZ backdoor
securityThe XZ backdoor CVE-2024-3094 | Snyk
securityWhy Email Breaches Still Happen? - YouTube
securityoss-security - backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma leading to ssh server compromise
systemBeyond Tiered Storage: Serverless Kafka with No Local Disks with Richard Artoul
systemBuilding a custom code search index in Go for | Ben E. C. Boyter
systemEtcd 3.6 and Beyond - Wenjia Zhang, Marek Siarkowicz & Siyuan Zhang, Benjamin Wang - YouTube
systemRelational Data at the Edge: How Cloudflare Operates Distributed PostgreSQL Clusters - InfoQ
systemThe Party Must Go on - Resume Pods After Spot Instance Shut Down - Muvaffak Onuş, QA Wolf - YouTube
testThe trap of testing simple orchestration | Mike my bytes
testTidy First? Kent Beck on Refactoring - YouTube
wasmFast and Efficient Log Processing with Wasm and eBPF - Michael Yuan, Second State - YouTube
zigZig And Rust

Until next time!