Saturday, June 07, 2008

Muir Woods and Muir Beach

If you are planning to do a serious hike and get away from it all - avoid Muir Woods park. It's very crowded at this time of the year. It's more like a showcase for Redwoods and naturally, it's very tame - meaning fit for families with kids, to take to a park on Sundays.

Well, anyway, we continued further along - quickly crossing the boardwalk and onto Fern Creek Trail, then Lost Trail and back to the Visitor Center via Ocean View Trail. The Trail guides suggest that you do this the other way round - i.e starting from Ocean View. But I found it more rewarding to climb up Fern Creek Trail than down. It's quite steep.

Since I was in that area, I thought of driving down to Muir Beach. It's not worth spending time at the small beach. But don't miss the Coastal Trail that starts from the Beach entrance. Again, it's quite steep but you keep climbing until the edge, where you finally get a glimpse of SF City in the distance.


Jerry said...

I loved Muir Beach at one time. I thought it was the most magnificient beach I have ever seen until my last two visits. The beach has been taken over by dogs. Dogs are allowed off leash, and though I am an animal lover, the beachgoers were in for a foul treat.

I hate to get explicit but I sat on a rock looking for crabs and guess what, I sat in dog poop residue. Two of my kids have ring worm from playing on the beach and we were caught upwind from a dogs bowel movement.

The scenery is spectacular, but the people need to reclaim this beach from the pet owners. It's out of control!

Ashwin Jayaprakash said...

Ughhh..that's awful.