Monday, June 16, 2008

Sam MacDonald County Park

There are a few decent trails here. I did the Towne Trail - Heritage Grove Trail loop. It must've been a 4+ mile hike.

The Towne Trail is wide enough for horses. There is also a horse camp on the hills. Naturally, you'll find the whole trail to be littered with manure. A little too much, I thought. I found myself dodging piles of .... This trail is up on the hills, covered with grass. A welcome change compared to dark forest floors with Redwoods towering over you. At this time of the year - the tall grass looked like fields of gold.

Towne Trail leads to Heritage Grove Trail, which you can take to get back to the Parking Lot/Ranger Station. This half of the trail is mostly downhill, in the shade and thankfully, horses are not allowed.

Over all - it was quite good, considering there were just 4-5 people I during the entire hike. The drive up to the park on CA 84 was good also pretty good.