Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reprieve from the rains (a.k.a hiking in Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve)

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve is a pretty nice place to go hiking without having to do too much driving. It's just a few miles off 85 South. Adjacent to Almaden Quicksilver County Park. I did the Woods trail (back and forth - 2.7m one way).

Not too crowded unlike the trails in and around Portola valley. Just a few cyclists and a few horse riders. Speaking of horse riders - this rainy season is probably the best time to go there. All the horsesh** on the trails gets washed off and the flies and smells don't linger on, making it enjoyable for hikers.

You have to drive for 6 miles on Hicks Road. I wonder why they named it like that.

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