Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hawt diggity! So many key-value stores!

A short list of in-process, key-value stores, mercifully not calling themselves NoSQL.

HawtDB - yet another key-value store. It's old fashioned B-Trees and it uses the same code base as ActiveMQ's file storage system.

SimpleDBM - as the author himself claims, it's fun to implement the old algorithms and see for your self.

Babudb - why another one, of course.

If someone thought of Lucandra (Lucene + Cassandra), then you ask how come there's no Prevayler + Lucene? Of course there is one. It's called Nodb. I wonder what happened to Prevayler.

And some other things I liked:

JD Java Decompiler - better than any I've seen so far.

If you love Apache Camel, then you'll love MycilaEvent. A simple and elegant in-memory publish-subscribe system.

Oh, before you go there's Seaglass - helping even the ugliest Swing UIs look insanely cool. If you thought Nimbus LF in Java 6 was good, this is even better. Remember the awesome Alloy LF but had to pay for? Good thing Seaglass is open source.