Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(Smaller) Compute Grids face off, some Math and Cassandra at it again

Head over to Dzone to see how these Open Source Compute Grids stack up against each other - GridGain vs Hazelcast (and Hadoop for reference). Compared to Cassandra, Hadoop and Voldemort that's installed on monstrous scales, these are for mere mortals - I mean Enterprise deployments. I say this without any intention of sounding sarcastic.

Oh, talking about Cassandra, did you hear Reddit also switched last week? Cassandra seems unstoppable. I remember just a year ago when Memcached was all the rage. Now it's Cassandra. Big Database vendors (and Storage companies) are definitely taking notice. Last year there was a rash of announcements by DB vendors that they had implemented Columnar storage and MapReduce. It reminds me of Gandhi's quote - "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". Way to go Apache projects!

Note to self - The mathematics behind Hadoop-based systems might come in handy later.

Spring Batch - and you thought you needed Hadoop for scalable Batch processing. Hey, didn't I say - mere mortals and Enterprise? I'm not sure how many people are really using this or how good it is. But I wish we had a simple framework like this when I wrote batch programs for a bank a few years ago.

Ever the heard the term Intrapreneur? Big Companies Can Innovate, if they Act Small is worth a quick look.