Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hadoop, CDI, Weld, HSQL and Chuck Norris Java jokes

Big data doesn't get bigger than this...very rarely. i.e if you exclude GOOG, EBAY and MSFT. Facebook now has the largest Hadoop installation, surpassing Yahoo. Hive is the main interface into Hadoop for the Facebook analytics team, it seems.What caught my attention was the 16G heap for the JobTracker nodes and 58G heap for the NameNode.

I still find it hard to believe that the established OLAP and DW companies cannot offer competitive prices and solutions. One of them has docs explaining how they do joins in clusters - SQL Request and Transaction Processing. Just the doc for Join processing runs up to 400 pages. Impressive to say the least!

HSQL has a new re-written core with MVCC and 2 phase locking. This version 2.0 is now about as good as H2. I like the competition.

I've been trying to understand where this new (CDI) Dependency Injection business was heading. After digging up a few articles, I found these interesting: 2 JSRs - 330 and 299. 299 extends 330 as described here. And obviously, Spring, naturally is not very enthusiastic about making JEE easy to use - read the comments in that 299-330 article. JBoss' Weld is the RI.

And here's a bit of fun, courtesy Chuck Norris:
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