Saturday, September 18, 2010

Books I read in the last few months

Blindsight by Peter Watts: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Although the ending was a bit of a let down, the amount of research that has gone into writing this book is impressive. It has a very refreshing combination of bio-chemistry, human vision, psychology and AI.

Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds: A collection of short stories. Generally, I try to stay away from short stories because I feel the characters do not have time to develop and neither does the story. This one however has a continuous feel across stories and is worth reading if you liked Revelation Space.

Eifelheim by Michael Flynn: Another Hugo nominee (I think). Not too bad it you'd rather have the story wander off into a medieval village setting during the time of the Black Death. Certainly not in the same league as the Sci-Fi masters.

Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis: This is not sci-fi at all. It's a 20 year old book about an Investment bank - the infamous Salomon brothers. They say history repeats itself. Just replace Salomon Brothers with Lehman Brothers and add a generous measure of greed and short sightedness. This is a very funny book considering what the book is all about. Well worth the read.

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson: Here's one I tried reading but just couldn't get myself to finish it. For a Hugo award nominee this was a disastrous read.