Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hiking in Upper Stevens Creek County Park

Upper Stevens Creek County Park is just opposite Long Ridge Open Space Preserve on CA 35. You have to go down Grizzly Flat trail and then back up. There are 2 trail heads next to each other - The North and the South legs. You can go down one and come back up the other.

The trail goes about 1.1 miles down where the North and South legs meet. You can go further down to Grizzly flats junction where it meets Canyon trail. There is a nice stream at the bottom. You can cross it and go further down towards Page Mill. I however, turned around and came back up.

This is not an easy trail. It is about as steep as Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, probably a little less. But the whole trail is always in the shade and is very quiet and pleasant.