Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 tech reading

Hi there! Here's some Thanksgiving tech reading for you to enjoy (As usual, a hat tip to Youtube, Hacker News and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
chaos,k8s,systemDatadog on Chaos Engineering - YouTube
dataAriel Weisberg - 5 Ways Facebook’s Ludicrous Usage Drives Presto Innovation - Percona Live 2021 - YouTube
dataCLoki: Like Loki but for ClickHouse! (SF Bay Area ClickHouse Meetup 26 October) - YouTube
dataHow Apache Ozone Builds Up High Availablity With Raft Protocol - YouTube
dataWhy you shouldn't use GraphQL - LogRocket Blog (Be sure to read the comments)
funType of headaches @memenetes
funkris nĂ³va on Twitter: "principal engineers should be on call there - i said it"
java,build,langFaster Maven builds in Docker
java,build,langWhat I wish I knew about Maven years ago
java,langChristine Flood — CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges - YouTube
java,langConquering large scale visualization challenges with JavaFx and ELK - YouTube
java,langExecutable JavaDoc Code Snippets - Gunnar Morling
java,langFaster Charset Encoding | Claes Redestad’s blog
java,langFaster Maven builds
java,langGraalVM Native Image: Large-scale static analysis for Java - YouTube
java,langIgor Braga, Jonathan Oommen — GC optimizations you never knew existed - YouTube
java,langInstant On Java Cloud Applications with Checkpoint and Restore - YouTube
java,langJean Bempel — Real World JFR: Experiences building and deploying a continuous profiler at scale - YouTube
java,langKelvin Nilsen — Adding generational support to Shenandoah GC - YouTube
java,langMaven, my life is short!
java,langMicro frontends using WebComponents and MicroProfile GraphQL - YouTube
java,langProfile your Java apps in production on Red Hat OpenShift with Cryostat | DevNation Tech Talk - YouTube
java,langTesting Kamelets - Verify event sources and sinks with YAKS - Christoph Deppisch - YouTube
java,langThe future of Lucene's MMapDirectory - Uwe Schindler - YouTube
java,langTo Java 17 and Beyond! - YouTube
java,langZGC | What's new in JDK 17
k8s,chaos,systemPravega Fault Injection Testing with LitmusChaos - YouTube
k8s,securityUsing Kubernetes Configuration Provider to load data from Secrets and Config Maps
lang"Outperforming Imperative with Pure Functional Languages" by Richard Feldman - YouTube
langWhy Eclipse Theia - Marc Dumais - YouTube
rust,lang"Streaming video analysis in Rust using Pravega" by Tom Kaitchuck - YouTube
securityCloud Security Tooling for the Sole Practitioner - YouTube
system"Finding bugs without running or even looking at code" by Jay Parlar - YouTube
systemLarge-Scale Practice of Persistent Memory in Alibaba Cloud - Junbao Kan & Qingcan Wang, Alibaba - YouTube
systemLoad Shedding for Evil Wizards - Tony Allen, Unaffiliated - YouTube
systemThe architecture evolution of Apache DolphinScheduler - Lidong Dai - YouTube
systemUsing TLA+ for fun and profit in the development of Elasticsearch - Yannick Welsch - YouTube
system,chaosFault Tree Analysis Applied to Apache Flink - YouTube
web,langDiagram editors with Eclipse GLSP - 1.0 - YouTube

Until next time!