Saturday, February 17, 2024

Late Winter 2024 tech reading

Hello and welcome back. Here's some tech reading for your Winter break (As usual, a hat tip to Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter feeds, which are my usual sources).

Tag(s)                  Link
dataF2023 #24 - SingleStore Database Overview (CMU Intro to Database Systems) - YouTube
dataHow Netflix Delivers Key-Value and Time-Series Storage at Any Scale - Joseph Lynch & Vidhya Arvind - YouTube
dataScaling search to 0 with AWS Lambda | Quickwit
dataUUID Benchmark War | Ardent Performance Computing
designPipeline-oriented programming - Scott Wlaschin - NDC Porto 2023 - YouTube
golangDebugging the Golang Profile-guided optimization issue
golang,systemScaling Golang to 192 Cores with Heavy I/O · Jaz's Blog
java#1BRC Timeline | tivrfoa blog
java1BRC—The Results Are In! - Gunnar Morling
javaData Oriented Programming in Java 21 by Nicolai Parlog - YouTube
javaData Oriented Programming in Java 21, Solving the Countdown game - JEP Cafe #22 - YouTube
javaEclipse Serializer – Biggest Security Flaw of Java Is Eliminated | Florian Habermann (EN) - YouTube
javaFOSDEM 2024 - Ruby on the Modern JVM: Fibers, FFI, and More
javaForeign Function & Memory API - A (Quick) Peek Under the Hood - YouTube
javaGo-like selects using jox channels in Java
javaGunnar Morling on the 1BRC (live from Voxxed Days CERN) - YouTube
javaJVM Performance Comparison for JDK 21 – Ionut Balosin
javaJava's Plans for 2024 - Inside Java Newscast #61 - YouTube
javaML in Java, YES it's possible! by Mohammed Aboullaite - YouTube
javaPerformance and Scale - Domain-Oriented Objects vs Tabular Data Structures - YouTube
javaPractical Performance Analysis - YouTube
javaThe Panama Dojo: Black Belt Programming with Java 21 and the FFM API By Per Minborg - YouTube
javaThe TornadoVM Programming Model Explained - YouTube
java,systemDown the Rabbit Hole · brettwooldridge/HikariCP Wiki
miscA reasonable configuration language
miscMeet Your New BFF: Backend to Frontend without the Duct Tape by Noam Honig - YouTube
miscSafe and reliable production changes for fast moving teams; and how Rivian recently got this wrong
mlNeedle in a 930M Member Haystack: People Search AI @LinkedIn - YouTube
open sourceFOSDEM 2024 - Maintaining Go as a day job - a year later
pythonRye Grows With UV | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
rustAllocation-free decoding with traits and high-ranked trait bounds - Ferrous Systems
rustRust Tooling: 8 tools that will increase your productivity
rustThe bane of my existence: Supporting both async and sync code in Rust | NullDeref
rust,pythonuv: Python packaging in Rust
securityThanksgiving 2023 security incident
security,cloudBeginner's Guide to AWS CloudTrail for Security - Full Course - YouTube
security,cloudBuild an Effective AWS Cloud Security Program in 2024 - YouTube
security,cloudConditional Love for AWS Metadata Enumeration
security,cloudEvading Logging in the Cloud: Bypassing AWS CloudTrail - YouTube
security,cloudIdentifying and Reducing Permission Explosion in AWS: A Graph-Based and Analytical Approach - YouTube
security,cloudScaling Identity & Access in Multi-Account Enterprises: Complexities & Strategies for Effective IAM - YouTube
security,cloudSecure your SaaS applications like this! - YouTube
security,cloudTales from the cloud trenches: Amazon ECS is the new EC2 for crypto mining | Datadog Security Labs
security,k8s,cloudDetective Controls in K8s Environments – Wrangling Security Data Out Of Your Clusters - YouTube
systemAn overview of Cloudflare's logging pipeline
systemDonal McBreen - Solid Cache: A disk backed Rails cache - Rails World 2023 - YouTube
systemExperiment with S3-FIFO eviction policy · Issue #29 · Yiling-J/theine-go
systemOut Of Memory Shenanigans | Epsio
systemReducing Logging Cost by Two Orders of Magnitude using CLP | Uber Blog
systemReducing Logging Cost by Two Orders of Magnitude using CLP | Uber Blog
systemThe bitdrift ring buffer: time travel, science fiction no more - bitdrift Blog
systemconnect() - why are you so slow?

Until next time!