Saturday, February 10, 2007

After a looong time, I spruced up my old Website - Over the past 5 years, I had struggled to keep my bookmarks on my Website uptodate. Exporting from Netscape/Firefox to HTML, then cleaning it up to XML, even wrote a couple of programs to convert XML to a DOM Tree was such a painful experience. So much so that I had entirely stopped updating my Bookmarks....until today.

Today, I bumped into a few cool Tools and Web Services that make Bookmark sharing a breeze. No, I'm not talking about those Social Bookmarking sites, I just didn't like them. They don't preserve any hierarchy, everything gets dumped into a big Tag cloud. I'm talking about Grazr and other OPML renderers. Take a look at this. Cool!! Isn't it?!

In just 4 steps. I'll tell you how:

  1. If you are using Firefox, get this BookmarksSynchronizer plug-in. It allows you to export your Bookmarks into XBEL format (Don't ask me what that is)
  2. Upload your XBEL exported Bookmarks into this YabFog Site, which converts XBEL into OPML (Again, don't look at me)
  3. Save the OPML format file and upload it into your Website
  4. Link your OPML file (the one you uploaded to your Site) through its URL from Grazr
That's it! You now have a super cool Widget to show off your Bookmarks.

This is what it'll look like - My Bookmarks. You can even make it look like it's part of your Web Page, like I have in " > My Favorites".